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  1. OK thanks. I was thinking of using the old fashioned pen and ink method - I prefer it most of the time. Thanks again, Sue
  2. The CCJ I had was reported in my Noddle account. It had the judgement date, amount, court name. There was also an entry for the bank account the CCJ was related to. This had the balance history so I could see the payments I had made. HTH, Sue
  3. CWK, what info did they ask you for to ensure you were you and/or they were updating the correct files? Thanks, Sue
  4. All of them? I have recently moved house - last time I moved I informed my bank, Halifax, who then informed the CRAs and I didn't need to do anything else. This time, I have informed Halifax, but the address shown in Noddle hasn't changed. Given the idea that one of the DCA could slip in a court case, I think it would be wise to get the details up to date. Do I just write them a letter stating my old address and new? And full name and dob? Is that all it will take? Thanks, Sue
  5. Thanks, Andy, so I have to write to the court with a copy of the certificate. What about the land registry marker? As the charge order was obtained in a court, I guess I have to write to that court too. Will the court then advise the Land Registry? Thanks again, Sue
  6. A few years ago DG Solicitors took me to court and got a CCJ against me and also got a charging order against the house. In October '14 I cleared the debt. DG sent me a Notice of Satisfaction. Do I now have to do something, or will DG Sols update the court / Land Registry? A second problem is that the Notice of Satisfaction is incomplete. A sentence says "We confirm final payment of the above account was received on ." but has the date missing. I have asked DG to correct this, but I haven't received a new notice yet. So, if I have to do something for the court/land registry, will this certificate be acceptable? The CCJ still appears on my Noddle report, though the bank account the debt was associated with has dropped off. Thanks, Sue
  7. Thanks. So when they said they had "closed our file" as in the letter quoted in the OP, that actually means nothing!? I should've known. Sue
  8. Well, I was thinking I wouldn't hear from Lowells again, but I have received a letter from them which says: What are they hoping to achieve by asking for the statements? I've not read of them doing this before, is this standard procedure? Is it a file-and-forget type letter, or should I be doing something about this? Thanks, Sue
  9. I think there was 9 years left on the other mortgage, now about 6 years. I'm planning for both to be paid off at the same time. Interestingly - there are no negative markers on my credit file about the mortgage not being paid in time. I tend to agree, CB. Easier to think that 3 years down the line, though. Thanks, Sue
  10. Hah - no, I don't think they did return the £1 - the buggers! What should I expect to see happen on the credit file? I use Noddle, so it takes ages to update :/ For info and for others who may be in a similar position ... the account was opened in 2000, defaulted in Mar 2010 and Lowells have been pretty well ignored by me since Aug 2011 - until I sent a CCA request in May '14. Sue
  11. Back in May I CCA'd Lowells regarding a Barclaycard debt. I have received a letter from them saying Woo Hoo! Regards, Sue
  12. I've just looked back at my posts - post #10 ... I was angry wasn't I lol
  13. It doesn't look like you started your own thread, so I'll answer here. It will hopefully be useful to others who find themselves in a similar situation. Three years on, despite HSBC declining to extend the term, they have done nothing to try to force the issue. My understanding is that the loan goes into "forbearance". I have continued to pay the monthly amount, plus an amout that would clear the loan at the same time as the other loan (ie I'm doing what I wanted to do in the first place). I get a letter from them once a month to say the loan is overdue and I need to take steps to pay in full. I ignore those letters. I get a call from HSBC mortgage department, but I don't take them. When this first started I was quite panicky - but now, I'm more relaxed about it. I think the key is that I am paying it off. Of course there may be subtle differences in my situation. Your experience may be different. Good luck, Sue
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