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  1. Is there some URL that I can go to and check details of my CCJ such as details like amount date and payment arrangements. Thanks in advance
  2. I don't think I can lay my hands on these documents except to say that I was not present. In terms of loss - refurbishment cost 125K plus 40K interest repayment... sold building bare because the buyer want none of the fittings. Court proceedings are on hold and I have complied with all deadlines.
  3. Thanks capquest worst knightmare for your reply; it is very much appreciated. I have been busy dealing with the court papers and their solicitors. Yes, we did have Horizon and even at that time I felt the software was 10 years too late. Field management agreed with me that it was using technology of yesteryear and was buggy and rushed. Higher management was arrogant to say the least. I could not help finding problems with it (my background was software Project Management-QA) hoping that they will take feedback on board. They in turn increasing felt I was bane in their lives. When we decided to modernize the place they underestimated disruption by 70% and arrogantly stuck to it costing me goodwill/business and threats of violence and actual vandalism by locals. They ultimately closed PO - and dragged process to 6 months (PO's draconian procedures) despite me begging them to give me their decision quickly. Even the investigators (privately) thought what was happening did not make any business sense. In short, they throttled me slooooow...ly I have written to them giving my side of the story viz. , that I was not present, my offer of stepping down was ignored and that it cost me £165,000 net. Their response came back today saying the debt is still payable and have sent me 10+ pages asking me to tell them about my financial health. I don't want this agony any longer. I don't have the money to pay it all. If I had the money I would pay them just to get rid of them and get some peace in life. 9 years later and I just about earn enough to pay my bills. Court proceedings are on hold pending agreed settlement. I am at a loss as to what I can do. Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I have now received claim through CCMCC (PO Box 527, Salford M5 0BY). Claim is dated 17th June, 2015 (Form N1) but I received it last week because our place has builders in and post comes via next door neighbor. They claim £1600+£1200 interest at 8%+court/legal fees of £200. (Reason: shortage in audit, suspension and dismissal) They have chosen court in Bristol which is around 200 miles from where I am. It was a heavy handed vendetta by Post Office that cost my business and put me in red by over £175,000. I spoke to their solicitors who said the court action is on hold while we try and reach settlement. I don't know why they have gone to Salford when they are based in Bristol. now that I have received this County Court claim what do I need to do? Do, I acknowledge it or get into a dialogue with their solicitors? Or should I counter claim losses incurred? How do the 14 day and 28 day deadlines work? All advice gratefully received. Thanks
  5. True but at the time I was fast running out of cash and did not defend or anything. Post Office were and probably still are a law onto themselves. Anyway, fast forward to now 'Should I write to Dacbeachcroft to say I sahll be defending it?'
  6. Here is the scanned letter. Another question 'Should I respond to the letter?'
  7. I ran a Post Office till 2006. This was a period when Post Office Ltd was closing down whatever they could. at the last Audit they found a discrepancy of around £3500. I wasn't present at this Audit. They tied to discuss this audit while I was driving to meet a flight. I said I could not discuss anything until I got back. They will not take no for an answer and I said in that case you do whatever you wan to do. They closed the Post Office and that was £150,000 down the drain that I had spend modernising it. Delays in their winding down procedures cost another £15,000. I was paying back on a monthly basis and had paid off 50% and then I lost my job and offered to pay £1/month. They accepted and now I have had their solicitor's letter that says: "The current arrangement can continue subject to review as required. Our client will issue court proceedings to secure debt. Assuming you file no defence to the claim our client will proceed to obtain judgement against you and may enforce judgement in due course" What does it mean and what can I do to defend myself considering the rogue handling of the audit (they had done one 2 weeks before this one as well) Thanks in advance for everyone's help.
  8. Sorry for delayed reply. We were moving house and didn't get round to connecting my PC or getting paperwork out of boxes. Just as well I didn't get round to doing anything because on Monday I received letter of apology from MKDP saying it has all been a mistake due to internal error. Thanks to everyone on the forum.
  9. Shocker this morning. Received a letter this morning to say As judgement has been held in excess of a month, the are intending to apply for a charge against property. Should I ask them to clarify what judgment are they referring to. Can they ask for a charge on property when they lost the claim. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, Just over 2 years ago I had a breakdown on my car and called the AA. Luckily I was in slow moving traffic. AA diagnosed it to be broken Auxiliary Belt. Their recommended repairer is Halfords Auto Centres. So, the car was taken there and fiasco started. They diagnosed it as auxiliary belt broken. So, far so good. A day later they asked if they could do the service as this is due. I said OK. Another day later, they called back saying radiator, then expansion tank and then something else needed replacing. Again, I said OK. Then a few days later, I phoned for update and the guy said all is fixed and the mechanic has taken it for a test drive. Then I had a call from them saying the car is blowing white smoke and coolant is leaking. 'It is probably the head gasket.' At this point I got annoyed and asked if they had done any pressure test on oil and coolant system. To which their guy replied 'No, we didn't have to because coolant was gushing out as we were pouring in' 'Then why did you do the service and why did you take out for a test drive', to which he had no answer. Anyway, 3 months later we had a call to say the car was ready. We collected the car and the manager said 'We burnt our hands on this one; we can repair fords and vauxhalls but BMW! is a different game. The car came back with service clock not set, heater not working and oil and coolant leaks. To cut the story short, the car has spent most of the time (80~90%) with Halfords. Over the 2 years, each time it has gone back to them it has come with another fault but the original fault still not fixed. This time it went in and a month later came back, on Recovery Vehicle' with 'Tell Tale light' coming on and car entering into limp mode. So, I sent it back and 2 weeks later they delivered, supposedly fixed, on a Recovery Vehicle still with the same fault. Again I sent it back. Nearly another month later they delivered it back to me. This problem was fixed and after being driven for just under 100 miles the same fault is back. I contacted them and they came back saying they will replace the component that they changed as it will be under warranty but if any other component is causing this fault we would have to pay. I maintain that their diagnostics testing was not thorough and I want them to have the car fully diagnosed by BMW because I don't want to have to wait for another year to see if they can fix it.. I emailed their Customer Services over 2 weeks ago but so far have heard nothing. Does anybody know who I can write or what I can do to get some action.
  11. Received the Order in March but we were flooded out - still busy trying to get things sorted out with the house. Claim was ordered to be struck out on grounds that the Claimant did not attend and did not comply with the order. Thanks to you all. Shani
  12. Thank you everybody for all your help, advice and good wishes. I was at the court this morning. I won. The judge said I don't have to pay this. They have 30 days to lodge an appeal. Let's see which way the cookie crumbles. Once again thank you for all the hard work. God Bless everyone on this forum.
  13. Thanks Slick132. Just in time for me. At 4:30 at work today I was told we have Auditors coming tomorrow. So, I have only got tonight to work this out. Many thanks. Much appreciated.
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