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  1. Thank you very much, guys. You have put my mind at ease. Opened it and it was final statement on car that I handed over after lease finished with a T&C booklet. Appreciatively Yours
  2. Unbelievable. Next time one of ECP is being roughened up, I hope refuse to enter into the implicit contract
  3. By the way, I started receiving these from a couple of PO boxes. Nothing else except the return address as Returned Mail Registry, St William House, Tresillian Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 5BH. I think I am just going to send it back to the sender. Get enough junk already. Let's hope someone can enlighten us.
  4. I have just received post from them. Need to know what it is. I have been returning mail if I did not recognise sender or it was missing or it was PO Box with postcode. Could not find anything on google. Is this a [problem]. should I open or should I return it?
  5. Is there some URL that I can go to and check details of my CCJ such as details like amount date and payment arrangements. Thanks in advance
  6. I don't think I can lay my hands on these documents except to say that I was not present. In terms of loss - refurbishment cost 125K plus 40K interest repayment... sold building bare because the buyer want none of the fittings. Court proceedings are on hold and I have complied with all deadlines.
  7. Thanks capquest worst knightmare for your reply; it is very much appreciated. I have been busy dealing with the court papers and their solicitors. Yes, we did have Horizon and even at that time I felt the software was 10 years too late. Field management agreed with me that it was using technology of yesteryear and was buggy and rushed. Higher management was arrogant to say the least. I could not help finding problems with it (my background was software Project Management-QA) hoping that they will take feedback on board. They in turn increasing felt I was ban
  8. I have now received claim through CCMCC (PO Box 527, Salford M5 0BY). Claim is dated 17th June, 2015 (Form N1) but I received it last week because our place has builders in and post comes via next door neighbor. They claim £1600+£1200 interest at 8%+court/legal fees of £200. (Reason: shortage in audit, suspension and dismissal) They have chosen court in Bristol which is around 200 miles from where I am. It was a heavy handed vendetta by Post Office that cost my business and put me in red by over £175,000. I spoke to their solicitors who sai
  9. True but at the time I was fast running out of cash and did not defend or anything. Post Office were and probably still are a law onto themselves. Anyway, fast forward to now 'Should I write to Dacbeachcroft to say I sahll be defending it?'
  10. Here is the scanned letter. Another question 'Should I respond to the letter?'
  11. I ran a Post Office till 2006. This was a period when Post Office Ltd was closing down whatever they could. at the last Audit they found a discrepancy of around £3500. I wasn't present at this Audit. They tied to discuss this audit while I was driving to meet a flight. I said I could not discuss anything until I got back. They will not take no for an answer and I said in that case you do whatever you wan to do. They closed the Post Office and that was £150,000 down the drain that I had spend modernising it. Delays in their winding down procedures cos
  12. Sorry for delayed reply. We were moving house and didn't get round to connecting my PC or getting paperwork out of boxes. Just as well I didn't get round to doing anything because on Monday I received letter of apology from MKDP saying it has all been a mistake due to internal error. Thanks to everyone on the forum.
  13. Shocker this morning. Received a letter this morning to say As judgement has been held in excess of a month, the are intending to apply for a charge against property. Should I ask them to clarify what judgment are they referring to. Can they ask for a charge on property when they lost the claim. Thanks in advance
  14. Hi, Just over 2 years ago I had a breakdown on my car and called the AA. Luckily I was in slow moving traffic. AA diagnosed it to be broken Auxiliary Belt. Their recommended repairer is Halfords Auto Centres. So, the car was taken there and fiasco started. They diagnosed it as auxiliary belt broken. So, far so good. A day later they asked if they could do the service as this is due. I said OK. Another day later, they called back saying radiator, then expansion tank and then something else needed replacing. Again, I said OK. Then a few days later, I phoned for update and the guy sai
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