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  1. Thanks I whittle over things like this. Paragon say they have noted the system so whatever happens it will not be logged as none payment by me. I just do not trust them to get it right.
  2. I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. Apologies if not. I have a mortgage with Paragon. I recently changed current account from Natwest to Santander. I called paragon and gave them my new bank details. Mortgage payment was due out on the 30th May. The money never left my Sanatander account. Called Paragon the day after payment should have cleared who advised the dd mandate was active and all up and running correctly. They re checked my new account details... all fine. Paragon said it could be delayed due to Monday having been a bank holiday. Told me to call back today if it had still not debited my Santander account. I called Santander to see if they could advise what was happening. They advised Paragon had never set any dd up!! Called paragon today as its still not cleared and they advised it had been paid and they had updated my account with the new balance after payment! I am not sure what steps to take next, as one day they will realise its not actually been clearing and it will cause all kinds of issues. Any advice good people of CAG on what could have happened and how to get it sorted?
  3. I have just looked at my credit file and in the last two weeks 15 separate insurance companies have done a search on it. I have not contacted anyone for any insurance purposes, nor been on any comparison sites. I do not need insurance. Should I be worried? Could it be identity fraud? What other explanation could there be?
  4. Last credit I applied for was 8 year ago. I just find it bizarre that they can do a "credit application search" when you are not applying for credit or anything that has the facility for credit. I called them and the bloke said they didn't do them for savings accounts put me on hold for about 20 minutes and came back and said they did. I wanted to look at switching mortgages as well
  5. Hi I have been trying to build my credit rating back up and I have been succeeding. It had even moved back up to the "good" rating on Experian. Anyway I am now in a position where I could open a savings account and actually put money away. I decided to open an instant access savings account with Nat West, so no overdraft, not a current account but to my surprise they did a credit search that has left a footnote on my credit score and knocked my score back down to "fair" So it seems that by wanting to be a customer and hand money over to them I have now paid the price by my credit report being damaged. Is this usual for opening a savings account?
  6. Ha didnt realise I had already updated.... just ignore me
  7. Just an update. The larger claim has now dropped off my credit rating and the smaller one is due to drop off in a couple of months. This means my credit report is looking much better now. It will be three years in August since I received the summons I am feeling much better that I will not hear about it again now!
  8. Well the £3k one is now no longer on my credit file, with the other one due to drop off in June. I'm now getting letters from Robinson Way for a debt that is not on my credit file - Experian or Equifax... bin bound!!! Do they just pick an address, a figure and send out threat o grams?
  9. everything on both credit reports accounted for. Probably just chancing it.
  10. Received a letter from Robinson Way today. £1350 due to Lowell apparently. I have checked Experian and Equifax and there is not trace of this debt existing. One to be filed in B1N?
  11. Thought as much. My fault for not being better organised. I will take it on the chin. Thanks anyway
  12. I hope someone can help About 6 months a go I ordered some building materials. I have only just got round to using them and it turns out that they have sent some items and I have paid for these items and I never ordered them. Can I insist they take them back and refund them even though some 6 months has passed please, or am I going to have to just take it on the chin? I should have checked everything before now really and its not for a vast amount but just wondered where I stood legally Thank you Thank you
  13. Letter received saying they had bought balance of £194.07 from Capital One and wanting me to make payment. Logged on to Experian, no debt for that amount and nothing for capital One (or Lowell). All creditors showing on CR I am aware of. Should I just bin and ignore? Thanks Guys.
  14. After three years, you would have thought they would have twigged it was just costing them in postage... oh well, more fool them. Will no doubt be back next year to update you with the same!
  15. Well they really are desperate gits... they are still sending them over a year later. Offering me a 75% discount. It really is risible. Luckily my parents see the funny side now
  16. So just to clarify, even though the claim has in effect stopped the stat barred clock and put everything on hold... as of December, this defaulted account will not show on my credit file, or be visible to any potential lenders that run a credit check on me?
  17. Many thanks Andy. As the put they claim in before the 6 years stat barred period, can they now pursue this supposed debt for as long as they like?
  18. Ps Excuse my ignorance but what is a credit marker please?
  19. Not sure how I would find this out, as all correspondence I have sent to them has been ignored. This summons has been stayed since August 2012!! I really do not know if it is wise to contact them.
  20. No updates again. Looked on my credit file and the default was dated December 2008. Does this mean after this point it is statute barred, or because they started the claim before that, they can just pursue it whenever they want?
  21. Just an update again to say there is no update. (I am keeping up with these updates, so others in my position can be rest assured there has been no movement on my cases as yet, so hopefully it will be a similar situation on theirs)
  22. Just a quick update to let you know there is nothing to update! Both claims have now been stayed for over a year and not a dickie bird from our friends at Sigma.
  23. Thanks. I realise they will probably not start litigation as there is no account on my credit record and they have been sending these letters over 2 years now! I just wish they would stop sending them to my parents. You got to hand it to them they are persistent!
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