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  1. I can't believe this thread is still active lol. Anyway, in response to Bobcat2, regarding the free dmp, I can assure you that my wife has never paid a penny to payplan, all of her payments have gone to the creditors. Additionally, regarding the freezing of interest, all but one creditor froze this. Yes we've had the odd issue with a couple of creditors, but that's mostly to do with when the payments are taken, and when they expected them, so a quick call every few months sorts that out.
  2. From the link you give, clicking on "Find out more about Student Saver tickets", lists the student tickets available, ie Midlands Student Saver, Leicester City + Student Saver, Stafford Student Saver and Sutton & Birmingham Saver. Back to your link, clicking "Buy Student Saver tickets online" takes you to a page which allows you to buy any of the available adult, child or student tickets available for each zone. Student tickets are offered for the above listed zones, and not for other zones. They have made it clear on their site which zones these tickets are offered for, so I d
  3. Depends on the reason for the delay. If it was cable theft like you say, then the Conditions of Carriage exclude compensation in these circumstances.
  4. Which was clearly how it appeared to the staff on the day. Ignorance and/or stupidity is no defence.
  5. Your behaviour both here and in the real world would seem to suggest otherwise. Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.
  6. Why should the court care about the person? The courts care about facts, ie. a 'person' pleaded guilty to committing an offence. That is all they need to know. How is one criminal different to another when they have committed the same crime? How are you somehow better than the other people in that court just because you have money, and what right do you have to pass judgement on them as you have done? The basic fact is that you committed a crime. Whether it was a mistake or not, it remained your responsibility to ensure that you were using a valid ticket for travel, just the same as it is
  7. probably true. My point was that he should just get on with his life, possibly in a different direction for now, and when he's grown up in, say, 20 years time, he can try to get his life back on track.
  8. I think it must be some kind of surreal dream. I've just read through this thread in one sitting, and note that the pass belonged to his friend/gran/sister, he used it 10 times/4-5 times/once by mistake, he's guilty and accepts it/he's not guilty. WHAT IS THE TRUTH???? Billy Liar? Billy Elliot more like, the way the facts seem to be dancing around. Just for the record, I was convicted of a criminal offence when I was young and stupid. I pleaded guilty, accepted what I had done along with the consequences, and I was offered a job in a school a few years ago, having clearly mentioned this
  9. @moobag85, don't forget that they are there to help you, not the other way around. Perhaps call them as soon as you finish work, or take a day off to get things sorted. Trust me, you won't look back. We struggled for a long time, and it was having to find £700 for a vet bill that finally pushed us to sort something out and we're so glad we did.
  10. I totally agree with the above. My wife has a DMP with Payplan, and after a few issues at the beginning (all down to the creditors, not Payplan), all seems to be working out good now, and we're a LOT better off each month. yes, they will set a minimum monthly payment based on what you can comfortably afford, but all of the money will go to your creditors unike with other fee charging DMP companies.
  11. Why is it that in such situations, people always try to find any way possible to blame the TOC. Your son is a big boy now, and needs to take responsibility for his own actions. Nobody else is to blame here. Sorry it's not a helpful post, but these things just annoy me.
  12. Thanks oasisyoungy. She went with payplan, and all seems good so far.
  13. As an update for anyone in a similar situation, I have just called the benefit enquiry line who basically advised that pretty much our only option is if my wife's doctor signs her off as unable to work, then she can claim Employment and Support Allowance. ALso advised to get her DLA re-asessed. Any independent advice still welcome though
  14. Hi. Had great help on other sub-forums here, and hoping for more help here please. My wife has cerebral palsy, and works 16 hours per week (office based). I also work full time. Recently however my wife has found her disability is affecting her physically more and more, and such is her disability, she is likely to get worse as time goes on. She now finds working and looking after 2 young children a huge strain. When she returned to work after the birth of our second child, she found that she would be unable to work any less than 16 hours as otherwise she would lose the disabled eleme
  15. Thanks spots1. Will keep updating with anything that may be of use to others. Recieved paperwork from Payplan today, but unfortunately they listed our tax credits wrong, forgot to list council tax as an outgoing, and forgot to list my wife's disability living allowance, so have to call them on Monday.
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