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  1. My 16yr old son is going to thorpe park today He went on the nationrail website last night, chose a journey and bought the ticket to be collected this morning. He collected the ticket this morning then wasn't allowed to use it as they said it was an off peak ticket and has had to purchase another ticket which was more expensive! The ticket he bought was from Hertford East to Staines and was about £11 (he has 16-25 railcard) and was getting the 6.58 train from Hertford East . A slight complication was that he was actually getting on at Cheshunt which is a few stops later, but he is returning to Hertford East tonight. There is anomaly in our area is that it is cheaper to travel from Hertford East than Cheshunt into london, although it is further down the track on the same line., so when we buy tickets we always ask for tickets from Hertford East to London and the ticket office are quite happy to sell us those tickets and the barrier normally accepts them. Obviously need to get money back for one of the tickets, what is the best way of going about it.
  2. How are we supposed to know about SILK. My son wasn't told about even though they knew he had no more money, they just took his ticket off him.
  3. An update After letters back and forth to rpss, who finally referred me to first capital connect. I paid my sons penalty fare because i didn't want to incur any more costs. Fcc admitted that my son was not trying to defraud the company, but basically they have to treat everyone as guilty. Still couldn't really come up with an adequate reason for withholding his return ticket other than to prevent further fraud. They sent us a voucher for the price of a return ticket. I involved travelwatch who couldn't get a straight answer either.
  4. He honestly didn't have anyone else with him other than girlfriend. I was told by the inspector at my station that they may look at the cctv camera. It's fair enough, he shouldn't have lost his ticket, but I am still annoyed they took a ticket he had paid for from him Also does anyone if they should have treated him differently as a minor under the age of 18. They did not fill in the penalty form in correctly.
  5. But how would two of them got through the ticket barrier at the start of the journey with just one ticket.
  6. It was just me hypothesing what could have happened to the ticket, my son didn't say that's what happened. He has no idea what he did with the ticket.
  7. Well he dropped it somewhere then, he had to go through the barrier to get to the platform.
  8. From what I can gather my son showed him the return ticket as well as other tickets he had bought that day. We live in Cheshunt and to get to stevenage he goes to hertford east then walks across town to Hertford North station, so he had a return ticket for that journey as well. He showed the inspector all 3 tickets, but the inspector kept the return ticket from stevenage to hertford north and handed back the Cheshunt tickets. I spoke to an inspector at Cheshunt this morning and he said it was standard practice to keep the return ticket and it is illegal to travel with only one part of the ticket., which sounds nonsense to me. They did say to my son at stevenage that he could have given the outward ticket to someone else, but he was traveling with his girlfriend who had her own full set of tickets from hn to s. Son says there is no more information, he is upset because he feels he is being accused of fraud, when all he did was lose his ticket. I suspect he didn't pick up his ticket when he put it through the barrier when they were at hertford north.
  9. He paid by cash I am also concerned that they took the return part of the ticket off him, so that he would have had to pay again for that part of the journey, if we had not gone and collected him.
  10. My 16 yr old son was travelling between Hertford North and Stevenage. He bought a return ticket using his 16-25 railcard which cost £4.20. When he got to Stevenage he couldn't find his outward ticket, although he did have it to get through the ticket barrier at Hertford North. The ticket inspector at Stevenage said that the return part of the ticket wasn't enough proof that he had bought the ticket and that he could have given the outward part to someone else. He was with his girlfriend who had both parts of her ticket. He was fined £20 although he didn't have the money on him, but they insisted on taking £6.20 the price of a normal single right there and then using his connect card, his account had no money in it that day but they said it wasn't a live system and it would be taken the next day. The price with a 16-25 card is £4.10 single and £4.20 return. Then they took the return ticket, which meant that he had no way of returning home as he did not have the money to buy another single ticket to get home. They also didn't bother to ascertain his age and did not tick the under 18 box on the penalty notice nor include details of parents etc I have appealed but not sure where we stand.
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