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  1. Hi, Rightly or wrongly, I've been ignoring communications from Cabot Financial about an account worth in the region of £350 that was bought from British Credit Trust. It dates from a personal loan agreement connected to (but not secured on) a car bought back in about 2008. The sum passed on is no different to the original amount. Last payment was over 3 years ago (so not SB). Today I've received a letter from Shoesmiths LLP Solicitors stating "We act on behalf of Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd under instructions from . " - it does literally say that in the first line/paragraph including the full stop. They go on to say that, unless an agreement is reached within 14 days of the date of the letter (dated yesterday), they are instructed to issue a claim in the county court for recovery of the sums involved and to seek legal costs in addition. They go on to say how it MAY result in a CCJ, that this may affect my ability to gain credit in the future and, if a judgement is obtained, then they will be I strutted to enforce the judgement which may include an application for a charging order (I don't own any property) or other appropriate method of enforcement. Further on they say they may be able to accept a sum lower than e amount owing or agree to regular payments based on a review of my financial circumstances. Just looking for advice really..... Thanks in advance
  2. I used to see my GP 2 weeks before my sick certificate was due to end, got the new one then sent it to them 1st class recorded delivery - the only time my certificate was 'lost' resulting in my ESA being stopped it was a time it hadn't been sent recorded delivery!! They always ended up on their system in good time when sent that way and money was unaffected.
  3. Am still waiting for ticket details from colleague but client's relatives are speaking to management company for property to get ticket withdrawn. I was trying to post a picture of the sign from the car park!
  4. I have converted to PDF and think I've saved it to my laptop but, for some reason, when I search for it to upload it to here, I can't find it. Can I email it to someone to help me or is there another way to upload it? Many thanks from a not so computer savvy person!!
  5. Have taken photo of their sign in the car park - how do I post it so everyone can see it please?
  6. Thanks for the explanation of GPEOL. there is no charge for a permit, no charges for parking in the car park - it's a mix of residents parking spaces for the flats then some for a wine warehouse and some for a hairdressers which are in the ground floor units of the block - these spaces are clearly marked with the shops names. My colleague was parked in one of the residents spaces, middle of the day and visiting a resident. Ok I will tell her to hold off doing anything for now - they're asking for/demanding £65 if paid within 14 days or £130 between days 15 and 28. They also say on the ticket that charges will rise if it is not paid by that time. I will explain she needs to wait for the next stage of the process when she should receive a letter through the post which will be some time after 4 weeks from now. I have asked her to get pictures of both sides of the ticket and send them to me and then I will post them up - not so easy as she's not due back over here this week and I'm on live in so over here all the time. She will hopefully be able to do it via email today.
  7. So, the fact she was visiting a resident (who is an owner occupier) of one of the flats, means she had permission to park there or does she need to contact the management company to ask them to force Ace to cancel the ticket? Sorry for the questions - what is GPEOL?
  8. Am posting on behalf of a friend/colleague. She came over to a clients house today to visit (domicillary care worker) and, as there were 2 of us present but only 1 parking pass, she didn't have one in her car. She got back to her car to find a parking charge notice from Ace Security Service for trespass and not displaying a valid permit nor having permission to be on the private land. She was parked in an allocated space for the block of flats where the client lives. I've looked for threads about this company but not come up with much. The family of the client have said to ignore it as it's a speculative invoice and she was visiting with permission. I, too, would be tempted to ignore but I'm not my colleague who isn't British and isn't so clued up about Private Parking Companies. I did see that Ace say on their own website that they aren't members of the BPA!! What I want to know to support my colleague is what the current advice is regarding these speculative invoices from Ace? and what they, as a company, are like in regards to chasing up these speculative invoices? Many thanks in advance!!
  9. First thing you need to do is get copies of all information they hold about you including payments made and readings taken. Probably the best way to get this is to send them a SAR requesting all information - there is a charge of £10 for this. You also need to know what the opening reading was when you moved in (or moved provider to NPower if that wasn't when you moved in) and what your leaving readings were make sure both start and end readings are actual readings and not estimates. Then you need to compare the amounts being charged for based on their bills with your readings. People with more knowledge than me will be along soon to help I hope.
  10. Our recent experience of the 111 'service' has left me in little doubt as to it's ineffectiveness. My 83 year old father was staying with my sister as mum was in hospital following surgery and I was at my live in job caring for an elderly person with dementia so could not help. Dad became unwell displaying strange behaviour including falls, not being able to walk from his bedroom to the bathroom, not being able to follow simple, clear instructions, confusion and talking oddly. Sister rang me for advice and I said get a GP house call for him as could be a UTI or chest infection, he is frail so not able to get to walk in centre, and sister was home with 3 young children and him. She rang 111, spoke to a nurse and was told a GP would attend within 2 hours. An hour and a half later a GP rang saying he understood she wanted an appointment to attend he local walk in centre; so, she repeats no and why she feels he deserved a home is it, that the nurse earlier had agreed it was appropriate in the circumstances and that she couldn't get him there. In the end he backed down and said they'd put him on the visit list and someone 'should' be out within the next 2 hours - no acknowledgement that they'd already been waiting almost 2 hours by this time. Another hour plus passed and another phone call from a different GP - basically the other guy had just put dad at the end of the list of people to be called with the intention of them persuading patients to rock up at the OOH surgery in a town a twenty minute drive away!! This GP was horrified that she was the 3rd person from 111 they had spoken to and that, by this time it was well over 3 1/2 hours since my sister had rung 111 to request a call out, dad was most definitely poorly and no-one was doing anything. The lovely GP arranged to come out herself as she said dad should have been a priority for a house call let alone wait 2 hours to be seen. She arrived within 3/4 hour of ringing them - remember she was based around 20 minutes drive away, had to find their house and do whatever before leaving the OOH surgery. She diagnosed a UTI with possible start of retention, gave not only a prescription but had brought a course of appropriate antibiotics with her so he had he first dose given by her! She arranged toting them back in the morning (herself) to check on him and advised that, if he didn't pass urine in the following 8 hours then he was to be taken to A&E by ambulance. Thankfully he was much improved after my sister pushed fluids with him overnight and with antibiotics started. Suffice to say though, I wouldn't be trusting NHS111 service with my dad's care in future and my first port of call would be A&E with him!!
  11. The number is registered to him and bills go to his address but I have use of it. I have had MH call me o. It before so guess they've passed it on as my contact number!!
  12. There is no PRA letter - it was a phone call on a mobile number registered to my 82 year old father asking for me. At this time I don't know what it refers to it's just an assumption that, as they're part of the same stable as MH, that it involves one of the 2 accounts held/now owned by them.
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