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Cabot visiting on Monday - please help

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I have received a letter this morning from Cabot dated 2/10/07 stating that they will be visiting on 15/10/07 (next Monday!!!!!!) between 8am and 8.30pm.


It says if not convienient then to call them - which I am loath to do but this is the first contact I have had with them - no idea which debt it is so maybe I should call them?


Obviously I am going to CCA them but I can't get it posted until tomorrow and then there is another postal strike (I think) on Monday so am scared stupid so please help if you can.

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Don't worry.


Someone from Cabot visiting is about as likely as Gordon Broon seeing through his glass eye, or 'Swiss' Des Browne understanding the military.


It's a standard DCA tactic - I imagine the letter didn't expressly say 'visiting', but more likely 'calling'; sufficiently vague to allow it to be read as either turning up or telephoning. The chances are they will do neither - they are just trying to intimidate you into phoning them - which, of course, you should not do.


The OFT guidelines are quite specific - DCAs cannot call upon you unless they have made an appointment. You are, of course, under no obligation to agree to an appointment. Any DCA caller is also obliged to leave if asked to do so. Remember, DCAs have no legal authority whatsoever, despite their bluff and bluster. If anyone did turn up, just ask them to leave immediately, and if they don't, call the police.


You can ignore the letter - it's just part of the 'Threat-O-Matic' output.

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Just in case you read this first, I'll copy'n'paste my reply to your other thread:



Debt Collectors don't tend to follow through with their threats of a visit, but Cabot are a large organisation so I wouldn't rule it out.


As stated above, they've got no legal rights. They can visit you with your consent but you are perfectly within your rights not to let them in.


If you feel uncomfortable opening the door, talk to them through a letterbox or window, but limit your conversation to politely but firmly telling them to leave.


If they refuse to leave, inform them that you will call the police.


If you believe that matters are escalating, call the police and report a breach of the peace.


Remember, above all, that YOU are in control and you have the law on your side.


Send the letter [including the text posted by sequenti in t'other thread] off Recorded Delivery. It won't make it any quicker (especially with the stike action) but at least you'll have proof of delivery.

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  • Barclays: WON!!! It took four months but was totally worth it!
  • Cabot: I'm still waiting for an enforcable agreement, more than a year after requesting it. Go on, Uncle Ken, take me to court if you dare. You know you want to!
  • Elephant.co.uk: VICTORY - they admitted there was no debt!
  • Ashbourne Management (gym membership): Finally got my default removed and out-of-court settlement; I'm not finished with them yet!

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