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  1. Shall I send it to the woman who wrote to me re the complaint? whose letter I never received
  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply - and the advice
  3. Right, this is doing my head in now, help would be much appreciated. To date - new DCA passed BOS debt, sent letter saying it was in dispute, they replied saying they would look into it, today reply received saying it is not in dispute (please help me God) and enclosed a copy of a letter dated 2007 from HBOS (as now are) compliance officer regarding my complaint. They (HBOS) say the account is not in dispute, I requested CCA and supporting documents from Blair, Oliver Scott and these were sent to me on such and such a date therefore my complaint has been answered and £xxxx is outstanding. Do these people not read the actual letters or are they just dumb. I have no idea how to respond now, this letter was apperently sent 2 years ago but I did not receive it, I'm of a mind to just send the letter in post 27 by 42Man to both this compliance person and copy it to new DCA? Would that be ok?
  4. Could anybody please help with regards of what I can now write to BOS, sent the "bemused" letter to new DCA but it seems BOS are not taking me seriously as they just keep passing it on? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks, they didn't respond to my complaint (see 42mans post - not the bemused letter one, the one he posted before - post 27, thats the one I sent). Sadly its not so good for me, not being SB yet as I made payments, not sure when I stopped though? So have sent "bemused" letter to new DCA but unsure of what to write to BOS???
  6. Here we go again, 2 and a half years later and its passed to another DCA - e-mailed "bemused" letter today, have had no further correspondance from BOS after my complaint letter - is this ever going to go away?
  7. Thanks again 42Man but have sent that to the DCA's it was passed to and they have passed to back to HBOS/Blair Oliver Scott, I should have made myself clearer - the statement I received today was direct from HBOS, as in a normal monthly statement. I havent had one of these for months so I think I need to reply to the statement if thats makes sense, the paragraph about Disputing The Agreement was on the statement. As far as i am aware Blair, Oliver Scott are their in-house debt collectors/solicitors so I think your first letter is the one I should send, yes? Sorry to be a pain.................
  8. Oh sugar, which letter to send.................................. Thank you both though but now I'm stuck. I like letter one, but do I need to make a formal complaint ?....................not very good at this or making decisions..................... P.S. BTW, I donated last Friday so please don't think I'm not appreciative of the CAG
  9. Thank Andy, how do I say that the CCA they sent me is not a true and enforecable CCA?
  10. Gosh, just seen the date on this thread and cant believe it was so long ago, so now to an update of sorts and a plea for help if anybody would mind........................ This was passed to yet another 2 DCA's who I then sent the letter HAK kindly posted, the last been in May, and each in turn passed it back to BOS..................................until this morning when I have received a statement, like the normal monthly statement you receive every month havent had one of these for months but ho hum, anyway, statement arrived this morning, they minimum payment is the whole balance and they want it paid by 3 November but strangly on the bottom of the page that is entitled "SUMMARY OF ACCOUNT" is a paragraph I find, well, I'm not too sure but it says Dispute Resolution If you have a problem with your agreement please try to resolve it with us in the first instance. If you are not happy with the way in which we handled your complaint or the result, you may be able to complain to the FOS. If you do not take up your problem with us first you will not be entitled to the FOS. We can provide details of how to contact the Ombdsman ???????????????????How on earth do I respond to this? Totally confused as I have tried to resolve it by saying there isnt a true CCA. Please can anybody help me with perhaps a letter I can reply with - any help much appreciated, and what do people think of this statement and the paragraph after?
  11. Just an update, no reply from Ruthless for asking for a copy of their complaints procedure - no suprise there then! In fact no contact at all but upon reporting them to TS, I find that TS are not willing to help, I guess my next port of call if the OFT, is this correct?
  12. It is a total con, I agree but at one time most mortgages, in the majority sub prime mortgages would only be offered if this was included. But like you say, where did it all go when it strongly appears not to have helped the mortagee in any way shape or form. Beggers belief I truly believe that you CANNOT trust any finanical organaistaion anymore but what are people to do, the law certainly doesnt seem to protect the majority of people, hence why the rules around CCA's are so important to many of us as , as far as I am aware, its our only chance of fighting back. If it wasnt for forums like CAG I would imagine that there would be serious implications for people in debt, who in the most, for no fault of their own, are unable to repay their debts in the normal way. How many sucicides relating to debt and repossession do we not know about, how many families have fallen apart and see no way forward. i would be very interested in seeing the exact figures. Though not a long term, regular user of CAG, it has certainly helped me no end in dealing with the barstewards who call themselves DCA's, at a time when my husband was seriously ill. CAG helped me to fight back and I only wish people in dire situations could find these forums in time, which are for many, like myself, a lifeline. I'll stop ranting now and be away to my bed.
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