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  1. Suggest you make an appointment with your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) for a benefits check-up. They will be able to advise about the situation with student loan. They will also be able to advise on the different types of debt and which ones are priority (such as Council Tax).
  2. You can find the CEO's email address on the website here: http://ceoemail.com?q=Nationwide
  3. Have you now contacted XLN or have they contacted you?
  4. Thanks for your posting - The relevant contact at XLN (Director of Account Management) isn't listed there as the site is for CEO contacts. I suggested to the XLN contact that the OP could contact me via DM to get the email address. Hope that makes sense.
  5. I contacted the XLN CEO on your behalf. He immediately passed the issue to the Director of Account Management. The XLN Telecom Director of Account Management told me by email 'I have requested CARS to immediately remove the customer from their contact list and they have confirmed all activity has been ceased with immediate effect.'If you contact me by direct message I can provide you with the email addresses of the XLN CEO and Director of Account Management. Hope that helps!
  6. You can find contact details for the Halifax Bank Managing Director on the website here: http://ceoemail.com/?q=Halifax%20Bank Hope that helps!
  7. Yes, it's still Graham Beale. You can find his email address here: http://ceoemail.com?q=Nationwide Hope that helps!
  8. Scottish Power staff member Julie joined the forum as user julieh2206 and contacted the OP via DM. You would be amazed at what can happen behind the scenes when the company's CEO gets involved...! [/url]
  9. "So they breached the DPA?" No, at no point have I received any personal information. I don't know the name, address, or any other personal data about the person who had their electricity cut off. All that I know is that I contacted Scottish Power and pointed them to the message in the forum here. They got to work behind the scenes and solved the problem. And all I've been doing is trying to help...
  10. Please, don't be worried or puzzled. I contacted Neil Clitheroe, CEO of ScottishPower retail and he set his team to work on it. One of them joined the forum especially to resolve this issue. Hope that helps!
  11. Scottish Power staff member IM contacted me at 16:30 on Sunday afternoon to say: "I can confirm that electricity supply has been restored to the property." Another victory for the Consumer Action Group and its members!
  12. I directed Neil Clitheroe to the posting in the forum here. He took it from there. HTH!
  13. You can find the e-mail address for Scottish Power chief and lots of others here: http://www.ceoemail.com The retail CEO's e-mail address follows the same format as the Chief Corporate Officer.
  14. I contacted Neil Clitheroe, CEO of Retail and Generation at Scottish Power, by e-mail at 00:35 Saturday morning for you. He replied at 21:19 Saturday saying: "I have emailed my team to sort this out urgently and get the customer reconnected over the next few hours. Not too sure why this would happen but I will dig deeper into the root cause on Monday." Hope that helps! And please let us know the outcome, thanks.
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