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  1. As I stated previously & as per letter put through my daughters door on Friday - they disconnected the supply as they thought the property was empty. My daughter works really long hours and is very seldom at home during the day- when they called at her house there was no answer. The reason I am contacting the housing association is that they gave us a void inspection sheet when she moved in stating that the meter & RCD had been checked. Incidentally the same void inspection sheet also advises that the gas fire was checked and replaced - all good you would think , except the flat do
  2. Hi David -- Yes the main issue has been resolved and a new meter was fitted yesterday . Thank you Elaine
  3. Thank you Stu 007- Really good advice- I will make sure I do that. I don't have a facility to record calls but I think I will go to their offices in person, ask for copies of the required records and have someone with me. Thank you Elaine
  4. Thanks You so much -- its such a relief. Your help has been amazing. Elaine
  5. Hi dx ( and others) I was the original poster and spend quite a while on the phone yesterday trying to get this resolved. Im so sorry that I didn't get back to anyone on this site yesterday but it was nightmare of a day. I spoke to various people at SP yesterday and eventually after about 4 or 5 calls - managed to speak to a really helpful girl call Elaine. She was really fantastic and so helpful, even arranging to call me back when I arrived at my daughters house to try and resolve the problems. I can confirm ( as stated above) that when I arrived at my daughters house today wi
  6. Thank you DX- I really appreciate you taking the time to reply. Elaine
  7. Thank you so much-- I just didn't know what to do. My daughter would never dream of tampering with meter- this was the meter that was in the flat when she moved it. SP had reading from it when she took the flat ( its Housing ass) and it has been read since then & as I said it was a pre-payment meter which she was quite happy about as it helped her manage her bills. thank you again Elaine Ps I was going to contact a solicitor 1st thing in the morning- do you think I should go down this route or wait to hear from SP??
  8. Hi Can someone help me please. My daughter called me a few hours ago-about 7.30pm saying the she had just arrived home from work and found a letter from Scottish Power through her door. The letter states that they have disconnected her elec. supply / they think the house is unoccupied ect and to call a number to discuss this. I have contacted the emergency number at SP and they have advised that the number is for the revenue protection dept and that they are closed until Monday. When I asked what this dept was responsible for - they advised that it deals with iss
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