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  1. Hello again! So who from the old team is still here??
  2. Get out of BWFC you clown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I may just do that. Its about time I let you lucky people see me! :)
  4. Saving the world one conflict at a time!! How are you??
  5. I agree 100%. As a serving soldier it warms your heart to know that (most) of our nation are behind us. A nations thanks to Wooton Basset.
  6. Hello friends, I am fine thank you. Extremely busy at work. Good to see the old (and I mean old crew are still around)! I shall be around much more in future, just to warn you all? any meets planned soon?
  7. My God!! its been so long since I was last here!!! How are you all???
  8. Mmmm, I never mentioned colon, dashes, perentheneses and semicolons. The point was made regarding apostrophes in the spoken context. I am mearly stating that when English is spoken an apostrophe can not be distinguished. I would imagine that when English is written people can understand the context in which the sentence is written. Indeed your initial point on this thread clearly states that the use of the apostrophe (written) in its correct context is all but lost. And as for the you tube clip, nothing to do with apostrophes as far as I can make out. Just two people that should take a breath once in a while.
  9. I listened to the Jeremy Vine programme on Radio 2 the other week, they were debating the apostrophe and its use(s). In the end a chap said we should just do away with it, as in the spoken context you can not differenciate if an apostrophe is being used or not. To be honest I kind of agree.
  10. Happy Birthday, did you get half a telegram from Liz???
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