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  1. 6ys from the point of discovery ( if of course it was feb 07 you discovered the mistake) so that still gives you 3 yrs.
  2. One word ****e cya my last post too much has gone on behind the scenes lately and now this sillygirl as 4 smartphones you are right as im using one now and it is painfully slow anyway cya all take care
  3. agree bad advice given most of these are small debts and given that you have £250-£300 spare each month your debts are maintainable
  4. whilst the above is true they do have to fully comply with your request and that should include a log of all activity on your account whether by you or them This log will give a date the DN was issued
  5. locutus i think this thread is worthy of a sticky i say this because many disabled would find this useful as in my case a stroke survivor who has memory problems and finds it (or did) a real pain to remember where stuff is It took me 30 mins yesterday to locate disk defag so you can see just how useful this button on the desktop will be
  6. nothing further to add by me emandcole that's a good letter and brings the facts to the attention of the court. Peedee what is happening here is tipical of Optima Legal and its about time the courts brought them to book. PF
  7. Hey all, Welcome to RIP OFF BRITAIN AS A POLITICIAN RECENTLY SAID perhaps we all should be using those three words in all correspondence whether by letter or oral. After all if its ok for a politician to use the term its ok for us too. It is indeed time to ram those three words down the financial industries throat as well as the Government, utility companies and any business that rips off the consumer. It time to make them all realise that the consumer is king. http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=RIP+OFF+BRITAIN&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB
  8. Hey Locutus, Thanks for that tip it is the most useful one I've ever been given everything is assessable from the desktop now and I do not have to go searching for what I need. PF
  9. Case No: xxxxxx MBNA Europe Bank Ltd –v- Peedee Dear Sir or Madam I am writing to oppose the claimants (MBNA Eurpope Bank Ltd) application for Summary Judgement as I have had no official notification of the hearing and I have not received a copy of the Summary Judgement from the Claimant or the Court. I would also like to bring the following points to the courts attention I entered my defence via Northampton county court on 24th February 2010 I received confirmation from Northampton CC on 1st March 2010 that my defence was filed I was
  10. ay you what never as welcome was offering only the 8% stat interest and you can safely bet that his interest rate was a lot higher than that. This as I have said is a damage limitation exercise they know that the claim is worth a lot more, but they are relying on a consumers lack of knowledge. Welcome will shortly be going down the pan with cattles and do not have much money certainly not enough to fairly redress every person they have fleeced.
  11. I do believe jordan must off been feeling the pressure last night just as we have every day that phone rings So ill mark that as Jordan 0 Cag members 1 He will not be back as it was like being beaten up by a gang of hoddies. Well Done all that another DCA minnow that has had a bad day at work today lol
  12. Once you have the S.A.R info I can then help you work out what you are owed. If it comes to under £5000 that's great as you can use the small claims route if it is over £5000 then it will be fast track or multi track. But remember you have to thing the bigger picture in that £1500 may seem a lot of money to many but it is very likely you claim would be doble that if not more. This is because contractual interest does indeed mount up very quickly. PF
  13. One problem with that is they will most certainly make you sign a full and final and this will exclude you from making a further claim Been there seen it happen, you need to tread very carefully with this and always seek guidance before you do anything even if you choose not to take that guidance. As I have said the FOS is the wrong path for you as they will not entertain the contractual interest you have paid they will also expect you to sign an acceptance form without you knowing what welcomes offer is. You need to get all info relating to all the accounts you have had with
  14. Correct sar them for everything they hold about you agreements, policy documents, comms logs etc the lot You are in a good situation in that they have admitted the financial wrong in black and white so if they do not play ball fairly forget the fos as that will take 12 mths plus just go straight to court as that will give you a fairer outcome
  15. not so sure they as a business will be able to give you the credit as they would need a credit license is this the case have you checked
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