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  1. I think there is a difference between items which were bought for investment and those which were bought for use, or as a hobby. Im not talking about diamond necklaces and such - but the sort of costume jewellery that your grandmother (and mine) used to just wear for everyday. These things were not bought for "investment" but to give the owner pleasure. Same with the other items "girly" items I collected over the years. At the time there was little monetary value involved but these items are now "collectable" and have rocketed in value if you know where to sell them. But unless yo
  2. No i have been very careful not to exceed the savings threshold. Obviously if you have amassed a collection over many years then you are not going to have kept the individual receipts for all those items. Try asking your grandma to prove how much she paid for items she bought 10, 20 30 years ago. In my case I am fortunate enough to have written a book and several articles illustrated with my collections and dated over 10 years ago, so I can prove that I had large collections of items back then.
  3. Thanks. I know you have to be careful not to let the total "profit" exceed a certain sum in a year as one would still be liable for CGTax - I believe the sum is £11100 per annum.
  4. Does selling your own possessions that you have had for some years (eg jewellery, collectables) count as "income" for housing benefit purposes. Say you have amassed a large collection of something when you were younger and are now gradually selling it off on Ebay to pay for bills, household items etc.
  5. I phoned up the office just now and asked about the reason for the letter. The poster who said it might not have anything to do with my pension was correct - it concerns another issue which I was able to explain. The compliance officer was very nice and because of my mobility and agorophobia issues has swapped it to a phone interview at the same time. Because he explained to me what it was about I will have time to assemble certain documents before hand. I can look through them and anticipate what he is likely to ask. I also told him I was happy to send him by post anything he wanted to see i
  6. Ive already drafted a letter offering them a phone appointment and asking them to inform me in advance of the reason if different from above.
  7. Ive already drafted a letter saying that I believe they were given the relevant documents and information last time so I can see no point in being put into a situation which will damage my health. Ive stressed my mobility issues and lack of transport and also offered to do a phone interview if they simply want to hash over old ground. This just sounds to me like some jobsworth. And why a totally different office from last time? This one is even further away than the previous one they wanted me to visit.
  8. I claim housing benefit, CT and DLA. I am mobility impaired/housebound and also suffer agorophobia and panic attacks. Back in April I got a message to go to a compliance interview at local jobcenter about my HB. I wrote to explain that I am mobility impaired and suffer agoraphobia if I leave the house. I only go out to essential medical appointments. The letter asked if there had been any change of circumstances I had not reported to the local council. If so I was to discuss it with them. On examining my paperwork from with local council I discovered that
  9. There is a follow up to the above. I never heard back from Bank of Scotland and decided to quietly wait for the debt to become Statute Barred in May 2014. More recently I heard from Lowells that they have purchased the debt from BOS. I sent them the "who are you I have never borrowed anything from you I demand proof" type letter." They returned a bunch of old credit card statements and a copy of the SAME document (the application form) which I originally received from BOS. I have heard via the newsletter that Lowells are getting nasty and sending quite a few people statutory d
  10. I recieve packages twice monthly from USA via DHL and have done so for some 5 years. When I recieve a duty/VAT invoice I pay it at once either by phone or online. However several times they have failed to send me an invoice. Or I check up under my account no on their online payments system and it indicates nothing owing. So I have no means of knowing that I owe them money. Recently because of this I recieved a letter stating I owed £85. I immediately phoned, paid by debit card, and was assured my account was now "clear". However the invoices for which I had paid were still showing o
  11. Yes thats what I assumed! What I have appears to be a "photocopy of a photocopy" from A&L's dead records. I am also in doubt as to whether this is even the correct agreement. The default was concerning an A&L credit card but what I can read of this document refers to a "Keyway" account. This as I recall is a very old type of A&L account which eventually in the course of time became simply an ordinary current account. Indeed I still have this account! So I am pretty sure its the wrong document entirely. Perhaps there are some members with aged A&L accounts/experience
  12. I have a very old debt (1995) originally with A&L currently with Arrow Global/Rockwell. I paid off this debt until May 2009 through a CCCS DMP and it has been passed through several DCAs. At that point I stopped paying. It it currently with Arrow Global and being managed by Rockwell. I was sent a letter by Fenton Cooper on their behalf. I recently sent a CCS request and have been sent in response a very indistinct and blurred photocopy of what looks like my original agreement. The photocopy has reduced the pages which were originally A4 to about A5 size. This was supplied by San
  13. Can you not find out who the client is and check if the debt was included on your IVA? Surely that would have been the responsibility of whoever supervised your IVA. Assuming that the debt WAS included then you should no longer be getting chased for it.
  14. I have a very similar sounding letter from Freds - the second such. Its for a disputed debt with Arrow Global for which I CCA'd another company back in December 09. It will be SB in 2 years so I guess they are going to just keep passing it from one DCA to another in hope that I will pay up. He he.
  15. A few months ago I got one of those postcards from a DCA (Westcott) addressed to "the occupier". I rang the number (using an unregistered mobile) and gave the impression that I was the landlord who owned the property - without actually saying that I was. "I own some property in XX and Ive had this card addressed to "the occupier" asking for me to get in touch with Alex" Well I do own some property in XX - I didnt say it was a house! I asked what they wanted and the chappie said " We are trying to get in touch with one of your tenants on a personal matter. Do you have a te
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