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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I've been having a tortuous time with Vodafone the last few months, it initially started at the tail end of November, when my phone inexplicably had no signal, reboots the lot, no luck. After 3 phone calls to Vodafone it was finally established a cancellation request was made by me (?!?!?! most certainly wasn't!), for the phone number. It took a further 2 weeks of constant phone calls before I eventually got onto someone who appeared to know what they were doing, and 24 hours later the phone was working again. HOWEVER, it has yet again happened, on the 21st of this month. The number was yet again deactivated, and my phone is now unusable once again. And has been for the last week, in total I've had 3 weeks without service. I really cannot continue with this level of service unreliability, as I've had to buy Skype credit (so the issue is now is financially damaging) to make phone calls. I'm at a bit of a loss what to do, when I call up, I've gotten to the point where I know the customer services advisor im talking to has absolutely no clue what is going on, and is effectively passing the buck when saying it will be active within 2 or 3 days. I'm now saying, look I know you have no idea what to do, can you pass me onto someone who does. Even the next person i'm passed onto is clueless! I'm rather at the end of my tether, and ideally if i can terminate the contract and move onto someone else who can actually provide a reliable service i'm quite happy to do that. But suspect that Vodafone would moan and threaten the early termination charge even though as far as I am aware, the contract is currently being breached by themselves. They specifically state a reasonable time period within the contract, although this really does not give any indication, I would think when I am told by a customer services advisor (have recorded phone call), that it will be 2 days (or the 10's of other occasions where different time frames have been given), that this is the reasonable time period. So in a nut shell, I have a dead phone, with no resolution on the horizon as I've been unable to get to the chaps who know what they are doing. I'm really not quite sure where to go from here! Any advice would be most appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hi, hope this is the correct section of the forum. Sky have disconnected my brothers phone without permission or warning, he's not even a sky customer. When he complained they said it would be 2 weeks before it could be put right (industry standard) and they couldn't guarantee he would get the old number back. He needs to complain in writing so who does he contact and what legislation relates to this please. BT have given him a different number for now, but it's going to be a real pain if he has to advise everyone of a new number, and he will no doubt miss calls in the meantime. Surely if a provider makes a mistake of this kind they should put it right immediately, pay compensation etc. Thanks for any advice Wooks
  3. Hi Can someone help me please. My daughter called me a few hours ago-about 7.30pm saying the she had just arrived home from work and found a letter from Scottish Power through her door. The letter states that they have disconnected her elec. supply / they think the house is unoccupied ect and to call a number to discuss this. I have contacted the emergency number at SP and they have advised that the number is for the revenue protection dept and that they are closed until Monday. When I asked what this dept was responsible for - they advised that it deals with issue of meter tampering! She has been in the flat for about 18 months or so and has a pre payment meter- that she has to buy elec. on a key type thing as she uses it. The meter reader called a while back and read the meter & I know she has not done anything to the meter - in fact she has to stand on stool on tiptoe just to reach the bottom of it where the key goes in to register her elec. She has had no notification from SP about the meter/ of any disconnection etc So at present she is sitting in darkness / unable to cook any food/ do her washing or even have a shower & with her freezer defrosting rapidly. She cant contact anyone as phone & lap top has to be plugged in to work and her mobile has no power. left She is obviously really upset and I think she said the letter says something about taking access as well so she wouldn't come here in case they come back tomorrow and try to get into her flat! She works shifts and is terrified that SP will turn up when she at work!! How can they do this -- ie turn of the power without getting access to the property? Are they allowed to do this without notifying her that they were going to do this? What can we do - as she hasn't done anything to the meter and now she will have no power until Monday which is 2 full days away. Can anyone advise. Thank you Elaine
  4. Hey There I have been in dispute with the energy company about missing payments I sent them with regards to my business premises, and have refused to send them any money till they sorted it out (they claim i have 9k arrears, but its acutally about 5 since i refused to pay anymore), I got a letter last week stating they were going to have the supply disconnected, and last week was just a bloody nightmare with the bank and bin suppliers etc so I forgot about it. I went to deal with it today, and they have already been in and changed the locks. Now they claim that they had a warrant, but I'm pretty sure I still have 7 days to reply and they never issued me with a warrant. Is this legal? P.s. I'm in Scotland. Cheers
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