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  1. If the settlement was in conjunction with the FOS then I would have "thought" it cast iron. S.
  2. I doubt you'll hear anything prior to the 28 days passing It will be interesting to see what happens after that deadline S.
  3. I believe the poster is meaning BarclayCard rather than a certain solicitor... there are many more Barclaycard threads with people in similar situations in the barclaycard forum on this site S.
  4. Received mine couple of weeks ago, No default has ever been recorded just a status of 6 since just after my last payment (2010). I wonder if this is connected to selling the debt on or possibly starting the 6yr SB date from cause of action (Termination/Final demand) S.
  5. Horrible bank to deal with, well shot of them Congrats Happy New Year to all.
  6. Just in total shock, Martin was the reason I joined the site team, I had troubles with credit card debt and through his and another site team members advice was able to get myself sorted, I vowed to help anybody I could and to be asked by Martin to join was a true honour which I hope I lived up to in my short stint. Unfortunately I've not really been in touch since leaving the site team and thats to my regret and my loss as his humour and wit will be sorely missed, I'll fondly remember the site team meetings especially the social part. My sympathies to his wife and family & the CAG site team. RIP S.
  7. Apologies I've not kept up to date on the site or this case.... They are correct in what they can do even though you say the account is in dispute, basically everything up to obtaining judgement against you, McGuffick shows that, are you certain they responded properly to the s78 request, if they didnt then Carey vs HSBC is your sword. S.
  8. Hi, This was the McGuffick case vs RBS I believe. S.
  9. A consent order for the claim to be dismissed will be asking you to either give up your right to claim back costs or will ask for your agreement to pay x amount, that will be contained in what they term the "schedule" of the consent order. A notice of discontinuation means the other side thinks they have no likelyhood of winning or possibly just not financially viable to proceed, in which case they advise the court they are discontinuing the claim. By doing this they leave themselves open to a costs claim to be brought against them for any costs that the other party have incurred up to the point the notice of discontinuance is served. HTH S.
  10. Bev, both those attachments show personal info that shouldt be revealed on a public board. The letter.pdf file shows the address when you first go in to the PDF, I suspect you did the removal in the PDF editor you used, you need to do it outside in word and then create the PDF to remove the info properly. The IMG.pdf file holds far too much info (addresses/amounts/account numbers etc. Please take them down sharpish! S.
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