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  1. Thank you dx, just wondered about it. I've always lived in England. Regards
  2. Good evening, I've received a reconstituted agreement for an old Bank of Scotland from Cabot who now has the debt. However at the bottom of the 'agreement' it states: "This agreement is governed by Scottish law." Out of curiosity does anyone know if this means that it can't be pursued through the English courts?? I live in England. Sorry if I have posted in the wrong place. Thanks in advance. Molly
  3. Hi, Well I'm sorry if I upset you Brigadier..didn't mean to. I know, and a lot of other people know now, that the buyer/seller assignment are usually sent by the buyer and that they are entitled to do so. However not everyone knows and, in my opinion, are being tricked into believing that the assignments have been sent by the OC. Also, in my experience, the two NOA usually arrive in the same envelope, but in this case we are getting them separately to make them look more authentic. Hence mona's post above. Obviously I would not rely on this issue in court, and obviously I would not
  4. Hi I too had a 'fake' NOA today.. Check the envelope.. posted from Lowlife in Huddersfield... I also scanned the barcode etc with my phone and.. yep.. Lowlife's reference numbers. In fact I have decided that my dog chewed up the letter and I can only see the Crap1 logo and my address, so I'll write to Crap1 and ask them what they want and to send me a copy of their letter which they sent to me..he he. I had loads of help here with this one, years ago now, and know that it is so not enforceable. So might as well have a bit of fun. Regards Molly
  5. Good morning Thanks so much BB... letter going out today... Regards Molly
  6. Interesting that BB... but how do I go about that? Do I write to the bank?...this happened around 2006... Thanks for your input Molly
  7. Thank you Andy.. I'll do that now and get in post. I'll probably have to come back with this for more help knowing what Cabot can be like Thanks so much again Regards Molly
  8. Ok.. I have a SAR from 2009..was regarding a CC that was already paid off when they sold it Lowell..got sorted quickly! However they..the bank.. also sent a lot of other stuff relating to the bank account and loan..guess it won't hurt to send for a full updated SAR? Will do that this afternoon.. As for the assignment, the short answer is I don't know for sure.. The NOA from the bank, in the same envelope as the welcome letter from Cabot, gives notice of sale, however it also states: Agent Ref: Cabots no. Client ref: Bank account number So it really is a bit confusi
  9. Thank you Andy, It was the bank that added the loan to the o/d and at the same time closed both accounts. The account number stated on so-called NOA is the Bank Account Number, which I quoted with Cabot ref number. Regards Molly
  10. Thanks renegadeimp... That is really what I'm after... though it appears as if they regard the whole amount as an o/d, and no didn't give permission. So I suppose I should inform Cabot that the majority of the debt is for a regulated loan and CCA again? Thanks. Molly
  11. Hi ME_too Thanks for your input.... no not FD but that 'ethical' bank the Co-operative. Still leaves me with the question of whether Cabot is obliged to comply with my CCA request or not? Anyone please? Regards Molly
  12. Oh definitely a Fixed Sum Loan Agreement Regulated by The Consumer Credit Act 1974....with the same bank as the current account was held....when the loan defaulted the bank just shoved it onto the bank account and closed the lot! Molly
  13. Hi fkofilee, Thanks... I agree... I have managed to see Cabot off with a BIG stick (CAG) before in regards to another company...lol What I need to know now though is whether they ARE obliged to supply the CCA or allowed to just try to fob me off with it's an o/d nonsense? I was going to send them In Dispute letter but want to be sure of my facts first. Molly
  14. ty renegadeimp....but I don't understand?... the whole account was closed shortly after the loan was added.. and passed for collection to Equidebt.. which of course no longer exist. Any idea where I go from here? Please. I have got the SAR.. and PPI has been repaid. I'm just puzzled by Cabot's insistence that it is ALL an o/d? Regards Molly
  15. Hi, I am in need of some advice please: Years ago I had a bank account and a loan. Defaulted on the Fixed Sum loan agreement which was then put on to the current account.... taking the balance to £12.000 + overdrawn.. i.e the original o/d was at £800+... loan amount £12.000. Been making agreed token payments since. The account has recently been sold to Cabot. Sent CCA to Cabot who replied that as it was an o/d they do NOT have to send any agreement. Is that correct please? In my opinion, and I may of course be wrong, the loan would still be covered
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