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  1. hi, yes its been a while, hope your well. Not sure why they made contact again, maybe one last throw of the dice to try and claw something back...not happening though, became SB in Feb 14!! take care
  2. hi out of the blue ive been contacted by first credit recently offering a 95% reduction. Given debt now statute barred, I have neglected to reply!!
  3. ok, ill just put their name on and post it back today thanks
  4. Ive had the CCA and postal order returned by Marlin with a covering letter asking me to amend the payee details to them. The original was blank (which was stated in the letter) so clearly they could have simply written their own name in it. Obviously I can now do it but wonder if there is any reason why they have done this (possible to buy more time to speak with Lloyds?) and in particular returned the original letter. Am being too paranoid?
  5. Response received from Restons yesterday just saying request sent to client who will respond direct. Ill just wait to see what, if anything they come up with
  6. Hi yes it has but I just get impression that Restons are far more likely to issue than the others I have dealt with that tend to huff and puff before going away. I can get the letter off to them tomorrow, do I send them the £1 fee but payable to Caboot for them to forward on? thanks again for your time I can
  7. Thanks, I fully expect them not to be able to produce an agreement and really don't want to have to deal with a summons if I can avoid it. If I send CPUR request and hopefully get them to admit there's no agreement, I'm hoping they'll be less likely to issue. What do you think? Thanks again
  8. I've received a letter today from Restons asking for full payment by 17th Dec or they have instructions to issue. They also invite me to send an income and expenditure sheet or phone them for a substantial saving!! I don't hink this is one to ignore but what's my best way forward? Lloyds admitted they cannot find the agreement and the copy they sent to satisfy CCA had an incorrect address. Is it an idea to send Restons the letter posted by Cerberusalert in #2? Regards
  9. Hi my credit file lists default as oct 10, I think the last payment was more like April/may. The problem I've got is I no longer bank with them and don't have the statements to be certain
  10. It's not SB for about 15 months. Would it be advisable to enter into dialogue with marlin now or wait until I hear from restons? I'm pretty sure they will not have agreement as if lloyds found it prior to selling it then surely they would have kept it and chased me themselves. Re the assignment/ selling of it, is there a procedure lloyds and/or Cabot should have followed? I Have the letter at work still Thanks
  11. Hi, not had anything for some time until notice of assignment to Cabot who in turn instructed Marlin I've ignored everything as they have sent it to a new address with details as to debt without checking I am the correct person. Today I have had a letter from marlin ad sing that as I've not made contact they are instructing restons solicitors. I'm aware that Cabot and marlin are the same company and guess restons are their in house Sols, but wonder if I should do anything, I've still not had a copy of the agreement since lloyds admitted they couldn't find it and the copy they tried to pass off detailed an address I didn't live at when the card was taken out. As they haven't yet established I am who they think I am, is it best to see what they do or should I be a bit more pro active?
  12. Hi Over the last few weeks this one has reared its head again. It hasn't reappeared on credit file since Feb 12 and whilst I haven't got papers with me I'm certain it becomes SB in next couple of months (I was initially on payment plan) I have received letters from hoist saying rob way have instructed them which I simply ignored but today have a letter from bpo collections saying they are instructed by capital one. This was definitely sold to rob way and I have uninforcable CCA a defective default notice with the account being terminated. I have letters from cap one confirming sale and that they no longer have copy of default notice(I do) Is is best just to see what bpo do. They are offering massive discount so I think this is probably a last attempt to get something or do I need to respond initially advising cap one sold alleged debt? Many thanks
  13. No letter about change on name and also the entries prior to March re lack of payments have also disappeared. Oh well I'll sit and wait with my fingers crossed Thanks
  14. It is annoying not knowing what to do but I think if they had anything they or one of the many that have tried to collect money would have taken us to Court by now. Just checked credit file and now owner since March is Cai finance ltd. I've never had correspondence from them and am hoping it stays like that!! With any luck we'll both soon be off the hook!! Good luck
  15. Hi babydoll, I've not heard anything for some time although the owner on my credit file appears to have changed to a company whose name escapes me , I'm at work at moment. Mine becomes SB early next year so am leaving sleeping dogs lie How are you getting along?
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