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  1. Don’t you think it’s prudent to know the facts. OP paid for a vehicle check, simply ask them to investage before you start accusing this, accusing that, threatening this threats that, assuming this, assuming that. I really cannot believe your approach, it’s like let’s start a war before you have an enemy. I agee the garage should of sorted it, it’s poor service..but have you even asked the retailer ? Common have you follow my initial advice and asked them ? You are starting and assuming WW3 before you even know where you stand. Get the truth, if it’s clocked do your w
  2. Im not trying to antagonise you BF. You’ve given your help, advice and opinion, am I not allowed to give mine ? I’m just giving balanced advice. Can’t OP take whoever’s advice he pleases, as per your own terms and conditions, you are “all” laymen, non experts, non professionals.
  3. If it is a clerical error isn’t a defect it’s simply a simply a clerical error. And yes, DVSA will delete or amend the error when confirmed. Simple I would hold back trying to reject a vehicle over a potential clerical error until you know the actual facts first. Diving in all guns blazing, threatening this and that won’t change the fundamental facts. When you know exactly where you stand then you can make and educated decision on which route to follow.
  4. DX. The registration is on the HPI check with the mileage and MOT info. If you look at that report properly, you can see the ownership of the car hadn’t changed at the moment of the discrepancy. The far greater majority of cars are clocked prior to their first mot birthday, NOT when it is in perfect view for every database to see. If you actually study the overall mileage it looks IMO clearly like a simple clerical error, yes it drops down but then it leaps by up by 46k (in a year) !! There is no concerning reason for it because the keeper hadn’t changed. If I was the O
  5. There might be a very simple answer to this, kilometres recorded as miles, it happens all the time, but the previous owner misses it and confirms mileage correct when sold. You need clarification on the mileage error, get your facts / case correct before jumping head on. Ask your retailer the source of the car and was the mileage warranted correct to them, they might have done their due diligence correctly. Just saying.
  6. It must be difficult when you are hopping from so many different threads
  7. The warranty is probably worthless. How old is the Landy, which model is it ? Mileage ? What’s the registration? Did you get the car inspected prior to purchase ? Land Rover general leak oil for Britain, especially as they get older, however if it was leaking significantly it should have been pointed out to you. Most Landy owners understand their characteristics, wear n tear should be expected, you haven’t purchased a new car. The retailers moans about your car are irrelevant, he is the professional and you are the layman.
  8. As advised in the OP’s first post its 4.5 years old.
  9. Morgan, you can only reject within 30 days if you can “prove” the fault was present at the point of sale. Be warned.
  10. Bankfodder, don’t you think you should start to give the correct advice about the 30 day right to reject rule. As per section 19 subsections 14 & 15 and as explained so eloquently by ReasonableRon.
  11. I think there should be an immediate acknowledgement by the team that misinformation has continually been preached as gospel about the 30 day right to reject rule. Get it out in the open, put it to bed and make a fresh start giving balanced advice.
  12. People used to believe the earth is flat.... and I am sure there are still a few people that still do......
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