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  1. Battery Management Systems are present on all cars these days Jag are no exception if in doubt check Yuasa Website.
  2. The Battery will need replacing and the ecu will need programming to tell it a new battery has been installed I work for a major national car parts company we see this often.
  3. As someone who used to work a civil service department with a great deal of overlap with HMRC believe me the headlines the press relate to are designed to scare people into not committing benefit fraud. Quite frankly Both HMRC and DWP do not send people to prison. I would recommend quite simply ring Tax credits and explain you made a mistake you won’t be the first person to do that in these stressful times of COVID. They will understand and the most likely outcome will be they will reduce your tax credits until you have paid the overpayment off. I used to work in benefit fraud teams for DWP only the most serious cases where intent to defraud the government has been proved. in twenty years I only once saw someone go to prison as a result of a unrelated matter. take time think clearly be honest with them and you will be fine.
  4. To give a bit of background DWPs predecessors the Benefits agency administered social fund loans from the early 1990s. At this time none of the government departments had a massive amount of technology everything was done on paper for example I live in Halifax and back in 1995 I had to sign on as unemployed for 1 month between jobs. I made a claim for unemployment benefit at the office in Halifax which meant my claim was processed at Halifax Benefit Centre as was. ThenPaperwork would have been stored in a file store which occupied the top floor of the building. every Benefit Centre had this back then. Over the intervening years a lot of local benefit centres were closed and most of the historical paperwork got shredded I.e Joe blogs claimed jobseekers in 1974 four pages detailing his claim not needed anymore so due to this process a lot of old paperwork never got transcribed onto the various legacy DWP systems. the notes on the systems from those times aren’t probably extant now as the jsaps sytem notes have to be pruned every now and then as it is limited to 2 pages on Notes.
  5. The social fund system exists on what is called the JSAPS computer system that was designed in the early 1990s and exists on mainframe computers at major DWP sites such as Quarry House in Leeds. The details on those systems go all the way back to 1992. In short (I am a former Civil Servant from DWP) you need to SAR them as there is a chance from that long ago that the details may not have been processed through the computer system but processed on paper (this happened a lot in the 1990s) I doubt any paper records from that time still exist I also doubt DWP would ever be able to enforce repayment especially as you are reliant on Benefits.
  6. Back in the day I worked for DWP we got ours around July or August
  7. Wigwambam let me tell you of my experience about two years ago I got scammed on ebay due to a high value item I sold the purchaser then did a chargeback stating the item had not arrived. Typical really despite me providing proof that the item had been signed for they debited my PayPal account by £1900. spin forward to now I closed the bank account linked to PP and got a few texts from a company called Alkninka then went and blocked those also I occasionally get spam mails from BPO Collections House which I ignore. Paypal operate in this country however as far as jurisdiction is concerned they are based in Luxembourg there fore they can’t take to to court even more so when you consider what happens at the end of January. they may instruct a DCA to try and persuade you to pay however, due to the jurisdiction issue they won’t take you to county court they can’t since Paypal don’t pay taxes in this country and they are based in Luxembourg this would be fatal to any DCA claim. put this down to experience and get on with your life pointless worrying over a Paypal debt.
  8. Speaking from past experience you could do as DX100 states offer them a low full and Final payment about 50% as a starting point if they accept this it is imperative that you apply to the county court for a certificate of satisfaction for both debts effectively if later they either sell the debt on or try to collect the rest of the debt that will stop them in their tracks.
  9. Well time has gone by now EE are in default of SAR. Just got a letter from the lowlifes today stating ‘please contact us to arrange payment” it’s taken them five months to come up with this I’m going to sit this one out Until such a time as they try court I have a robust defence for both accounts now thanks to the forum members.
  10. Well I emailed Lowlifes yesterday about the EE Account explaining that £252.88 of their supposed amount is EOC charges they came back today with this. Good Afternoon.. Thank you for your email. Account Number: ... – Original Client: EE Limited – Current Balance: £390.17 Your amount owed is broken down as follows: Open date: 11/03/2012 Last payment 30/03/2017 for £52.66 DD rejected – refer to payer Airtime debt value £137.63 – made up of phone charges and accrued bills. Early termination penalties £252.54 Your bill is made up airtime debt and early termination penalties. This happened because you stopped paying your Direct Debits. The Handset you take on each contract or upgrade is incorporated into the monthly fee. EE generally offer 24 month contracts. Your account indicates you were on plan which would have ended 11/03/2018. Upon entering your contract by use of the sim, you accept the terms and conditions outlined in your agreement. A full copy of the terms and conditions are outlined on theEE website: ee.co.uk. Based upon this information we believe the balance to be valid and owing and cannot agree to dismiss the charges. I’ve placed your account on hold for 14 days to allow you time to review these details and advise your intentions. Now my thinking on this is that there was no ancillary contract for the Handset so that matter they refer to is immaterial in law. Also they also seem to think CRA 2015 and Ofcom Guidance don't override their policy. I have been looking at the PDF's that Andyorch kindly provided and Im pretty sure that I now know the points I can counter this with. I am quite Happy to pay the airtime arrears of £137.63. am I right that £252.54 termination charge is unfair under CRA 2015? and Ofcom Guidance
  11. Thanks for that Andy my apologies for not noticing that.
  12. Hi DX, I took this out in December 2017 and yes I signed two documents digitally at a 02 shop. One was the contract for airtime and the other was for the handset agreement. The Sar Return has both contracts attached quite comprehensive compared to the account EE has supplied,
  13. Hi Andy Thanks for that sadly those links don't work I have checked to Unfair terms section of CRA 2015 but could not find anything relating to mobile phone contracts? am I missing something here?
  14. Hi all, Received the SAR Return from 02 this morning. I have gone through it all and it looks like the amount lowlifes are claiming is composed of £118.10 airtime use and £252 Handset charge. I thought I had paid off the handset when I entered the contract however checking my bank records I only paid a deposit on the handset and this was a 02 Refresh deal. I got a email from lowlifes yesterday stating they are still trying to get the information from 02 to answer my complaint. In Light of the SAR return can anyone suggest what I do next? In siting on this until lowlifes come back with a response to my complaint. Lowell have now purchased a old EE account now in short Im giving them both barrels. I sent a sar to EE who only responded with a copy final bill however, happily the final bill makes clear that the debt relates to unpaid charges to the end of contract which I am going to counter this with CRA 2015. Can anyone point me to the the provisions about mobile contracts in CRA 2015? I had a look yesterday but couldn't see the provisions.
  15. Cheers DX starting to feel a bit more confident about killing this prior to litigation.
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