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  1. The point is as I've said time and time again. I have a vehicle that I can't sell, I've bought a car that is unsellable due to a failed Hpi, if a vehicle has a discrepancy be it for whatever reason the seller needs to disclose it. the report states "DISCREPANCY" it is not hpi clear. It was sold as clear.
  2. Hi i understand it MAY be a typo but my number one concern is that i can't sell the car, i have bought a vehicle that after 5 months i can't sell the car - to me that is a major issue, a big issue. I'm very peed off. The car was sold as hpi clear, the finance company said they will check the vehicle is fine before they released funds.. How, when i did a vehicle check report the fail was staring me in the face? 2 traders checked and they said its got a mileage discrepancy we don't want it. If i tried to sell the car with a dodgy gearbox it wouldn't sell, the same as the cloud over the mileage issue. If there is a mileage issue ie discrepancy this must be disclosed by the seller, this wasn't or i would of walked away. No one told me, should they of? yes they should, law!
  3. I'm close to the 6 month window so it's up to the finance company to fix this error. To me it's very significant as it will have a negative effect selling the car. Vehicle was sold hpi clear. It's not. It's a problem.
  4. Thank you for your reply dated 4th April 2019 I notice that you say that you will revert to me in 28 days. I'm sorry to say that this timescale is excessive. I have supplied you with all the documents you need to make a rapid decision and I'm not prepared to be saddled with this vehicle for any longer than necessary as I have to start preparing myself to purchase an alternative vehicle with an accurate mileage, which is not recorded with a mileage discrepancy and which does conform to its description. The vehicle which I have purchased through yourselves is clearly defective and as such, I am rejecting it under the Consumer Rights Act 2015. I require you to make immediate arrangements to collect the vehicle from me and to let me have a refund of my purchase price plus my reasonable ancillary losses which so far amount to road tax, insurance, servicing and a new MOT Accordingly, please treat this letter as my formal complaint. You have eight weeks to produce a resolution failing which you are required to provide me with a final response and we will then escalate the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Please Respond by Return. Regards
  5. I have written the letter that you suggested earlier and it's being sent recorded tomorrow. I will keep you posted as I've never been through this situation before. Again many thanks for your help.
  6. I agree with you BankFodder it's up to the finance company to put things right, I bought the car in good faith. I'm suspicious as when I spoke to the finance company they said they have just done a hpi report and they can see they did one when I bought the car and said to me there is NO discrepancy showing, clearly there was as i did one and it clearly showed up, so why the deceit? I have done a little homework and its not 100% guaranteed that the mileage can be put right with no flag. So the ball is in the seller's court.
  7. I am no expert but Bankfodders explanation of the 6-month rule sounds spot on, it's better to be safe than sorry. There is a defect as I was told by 2 traders they would not touch my car with a mileage discrepancy so to me that's serious. Why was I not told about this mileage discrepancy when I purchased the car? why didn't the seller get it removed? Why am i feeling nervous about selling the car?
  8. so if it is a mot input error it can be removed showing no discrepancy on the hpi system then?
  9. Hi I bought a second-hand Jaguar XJ 5 months ago on finance with a deposit. I asked the finance company for a settlement figure as I was going to sell the car as I'm looking to move house. A trader said he could buy the car and settle the finance but he called me and said he does not want the car as it's flagged on the Hpi report as a mileage discrepancy. I did a check and it says MILEAGE DISCREPANCY FAIL in 2015 there is a discrepancy of minus 26000 miles. It may be an error but it does not help me in selling the car. When I selected the car from a trader the finance company told me they will check the car out before they give finance on it so I felt reassured. I was not informed of a recorded discrepancy or I certainly would have not bought the car. The trader who was going to buy the car said it would be difficult to sell due to this cloud over the car even if it went to an auction they would disclose the car having a mileage discrepancy. I emailed the finance company and I had a call a couple of days later, the person basically lied and said its not on the hpi but I said it is as i have it on my pc showing clearly a fail due to a mileage discrepancy. He said could I send him a copy which I did via email. A week later I emailed asking what is being done and I had an email stating they are looking into it. I wrote to consumer direct who told me to complain to the finance company and send them a letter which I did. The finance company has now sent a letter saying they are investigating this. The letter was a template from consumer direct they also said i must complain to the finance company and they have alerted trading standards and given me a case number. I feel pretty peed off and worried as i have a car i will have difficulty selling as its a Jaguar XJ 5.0 and it was not a cheap car. Any advice would be appreciated
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