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  1. Update... I sent the SAR to motonovo and they replied after a week saying they have passed the request to the relevant department, i have given them 1 month to get me the requested information in the original SAR request letter to them.
  2. thanks, i found it, i will send a recorded letter as well .
  3. i will send one recorded post, where can i find the template please?
  4. I sent an email stating. I am formally requesting a subject access request relating to the alleged telephone conversation you have with me about the mileage discrepancy being disclosed to me before i bought the car on finance. i ask you to provide all of the information about this recorded call as it is required to disclose under the data protection act
  5. I sent a SAR request by email Friday to Motonovo. They said in the letter.... The broker supplied a recording of a telephone conversation which took place between me and the broker on 31st October 2018 and i acknowledged i am aware of the mileage discrepancy found on the hpi check. I was NOT aware the car has a mark on a hpi and the finance told me they are looking into a discrepancy so when they funded the car i took it that everything was cleared up when i collected the car. Nothing in writing to say i am aware, nothing mentioned by the dealer.
  6. I received the letter which is absurd they claim i first complained about a clutch? which i never complained about any such thing. They now say they have a recording from the car dealer and not themselves stating i was told the car has a mileage discrepancy and is on the hpi register this is untrue. I spoke to the ombudsman who said they are looking into this and to add any further info via an email they sent so I have done this.
  7. thanks, BankFodder i will take your advice and keep you posted
  8. i told the ombudsman i was not aware of any discrepancy until the finance company said they are looking into one, only then will they fund the car. I said i tried to sell the car but it's on the hpi register and i would not of bought the car if i was aware of this. When the finance company released the funds i was at ease as i would of thought there was no issues with the car
  9. I did it a few days ago when they said they needed a further 4 weeks i gave them the info they requested to start the process. i have a case number to make any updates
  10. Thank you for the info i have already contacted the Ombudsman they are looking into this. the problem is the car is on the Hpi as a mileage issue. i think this should be a good case to answer. i will be sending a sar request email to them now.
  11. They told me over the phone today that they have a call recording and they are sending a letter to confirm they are rejecting my claim and i can go the financial omb as an option if im not satisfied with the outcome
  12. sorry. no i am not recording calls as i dont have the facility
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