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  1. On a slightly different point. I have written to the garage from where the seller bought car and I advised them I was the new owner . I gave them the details and asked if the car had ever been reported for gearbox faults. They are hiding under GDPR . I said that it does not apply to getting details on a car I own. Can the garage refuse as they are saying I must get permission from previous owner.
  2. Pleaded and begged to increase %, asked at least 6 times but to no avail. The gatekeeper to CEO will not entertain anything else, not even getting repairs from an independent garage. I feel so stupid.
  3. I agree with you , I should have contacted seller sooner, but I thought, I would be wasting my time with a private seller, secondly, I could not find details of the seller. I will have no choice , but to accept the 40% otherwise I will have no working car at all. The difficulty is £6K I have to find and the bitter taste it leaves with a premium car which I thought would last through my retirement.
  4. Hi , I have never once said I would sue for depreciation, I was merely pointing out how much I would be losing in total in 18 months. I am looking at the original advert which, I think, said it had no faults on its test. I had no independent inspection other than the HPI check. However , within 6 months , I did point out gear problems to the garage when it went in for Service . They said they could not find anything wrong. It was serviced without fail. Now garage deny , I ever mentioned to them. They must have a recording on the phone.
  5. If I did go for the seller in County Court , would have to state under what legal grounds I was sueing them? Or would it be general that I had lost almost £16000 in less than 18 months , eg £10,000 for gear box and £7000 on depreciation value. I would need to keep claim under £10K for small claims.
  6. Bankfodder, Thank you for your reply. I would agree with most of what you say. However, this is a premium brand and car and you would not expect a gearbox to fail at 22,000 miles. Maybe at 150,000 miles. I have included a reply on what has happened. "Please find diagnostic report/ fault read attached Diagnostic checks carried out and supplied to Fred below: Checked to find faults stored p1707-77 and p0850-29, inspected connectors to valve block and control module to find intact and no backed out pins, removed valve block cover plus valve block found sw
  7. Hi, I picked the car up from the seller's house. The logbook was in their name and they had it from new. The dealer confirmed regular service etc. I did not know the guy ,no friend or relation.
  8. BankFodder, I too was shocked at the figure. The garage where I get the car regularly a JLR dealer garage , quoted that figure. The Auto Trader valuation is around £20K I bought the car from private seller in Auto Trader. The manufacturer is JLR thanks
  9. Hi I am confused as to which button I should use to reply to people , is it the sticky note or the reply button. Sorry for this .
  10. Hi, Yes I got quote from JLR garage who said to supply and fit new gearbox £9680, diagnostics £280 . I have tried on the internet to find out life expectancy of gearbox on evoque , but no luck yet. Kind regards
  11. Bought car Privately. No warranty on car , was 3 years old. I have had it 1.5 yrs now. It is regularly serviced and well looked after. It has now done 22,000 and suddenly on motorway started losing speed, pulled over. The car will not go into any gear. Had to be towed into JLR garage. They found swarf in the gearbox and so the whole gearbox needs changing. Total cost approx £10,000. Garage asked JLR to contribute as a goodwill gesture. JLR Coventry HQ said no. I wrote to the CEO , they then agreed to contribute 40
  12. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  13. I remember watching the TV programme some time back on Building societies and interest rate charges on mortgages and mistakes made, the same on banks - I have not checked for last 6 years - so could I not be overcharged ? or mistakes made? thanks
  14. I have read some of forum notes but I am unclear about whether mistakes made by bank or building society. 1) I have current account with bank, no overdraft, never in red, no unpaid cheques or DD - do I need to worry? 2) Building society Mortgage - never missed a mortgage payment ( goes by DD) do I need to be concerned about anything eg interest rate etc? I did get stung for termination and going onto a tracker. 3) Have building society saving account - do I need to be concerned ? thanks
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