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  1. First, contact the Ombudsman - they really do a great job - enclose evidence, detail it well - state it is now more than 6 months since you first complained to the company requesting a refund, & they have not responded. Also state your details had been forwarded on without your permission or knowledge to another site. That's the first criteria. The second thing is, please take it kindly, is that as long as those companies are used, they will get rich and the borrowers become poor and stay poor. Stepchange are a brilliant debt help charity, and they do not charge. They contact all the companies that are owed money to, and often the interest gets frozen & repayments are affordable and according to your income. Hope this helps.
  2. Hope you got your refund..that isn't the proper address, I googled the postcode as I live nearby & was going to call in there!! I sent a recorded delivery letter to the 7 St Petersgate address, but they just ignored it. Which gave me the ammo needed to contact the Ombudsman, who, after 2-3 long months, eventually got it back for me:)) I printed off proof of delivery, and enclosed it with all "screen shots" of their stupid answers, along with their offer of "we have another loan ready for you"..!!!
  3. Hi, I can very happily say "YES" Eventually the refund from Loans Direct appeared into the bank account. After endless perseverance, both from me, and the Ombudsman. First I filled in an online form for the Ombudsman, then I sent it off with ALL relevant evidence. Waited, and waited. The time for L.D. to respond eventually ran out, after them informing the Ombudsman that they would refund it. They were given a final ultimatum of another 14 days, before it would be taken further, then just before that date, it went in. Yippeee - honestly, persevere & it will pay off. Maybe phone the Ombudsman - you should be given/have been given a ref. number to quote as well, for when you submit everything. Enclose all your evidence right at the beginning as it's a time saver. ALSO I was ripped off by a number of them - loan wizard ..loans gogo, loanzoo - I went throiuygh a different route for them, wrote directly to the bank (Halifax) - they didn't want to know, saying it was my fault..and they have a different criteria to follow etc. RUBBISH! they MUST follow the guidelines of the F.C.A. which clearly state it is for the banks to prove that you were negligent, and that for you to have given your dtls is not actually proof you acted irresponsibly. Got over £400 refunded eventually..(chargeback ) but they are MOST reluctant to do it. Again, it is PERSEVERE, refer to F.C.A. rules about it. It takes time - a lot of time - but eventually it is worth it )
  4. Head office Loan Direct Paragon Housse 48 Seymour Grove Manchester M16 OLN Registerd office is Loan Direct uk Ltd 7 St Petersgate Stockport Cheshire SK1 1EB ph number is 020 3432 8019. Have fun! by the way, spoke to helpful guy at the F.C.A. - yes, he confirmed that, contrary to what Loan Directs own t & c state, namely- this type of service is exempt from the The Financial Services (distance marketing regulations) 2004, the section 11.(b) of that particular Act of Parliament - is not true. IT DOES APPLY TO THEM,! confirmed by the F.C.A.
  5. LOANS DIRECT - the ONLY working number (thanks to http://www.saynoto0870) is 020 3432 8019 - I asked what is their refund policy - all she would say is, phone them, if you have problems logging in (you will have) they will get you back online, you fill in a form following their guidelines. good luck - I'm in the process..need ideally their address for recorded delivery letter as well. Anyone got it? Just answered my own question..it's both the refunds dept, P.O.Box 215 Prescot Liverpool L35 1WA ans Customer Services, The Finance Facility, P.O. Box 215 Prescot L35 1WA
  6. So sorry about your breakdown, I've just rooted out the email address and phone number of the O.F.T. hopefully they will be able to constructively advise/help on how to legalise an agreement therefore giving peace of mind. Also, if you have borrowed any money say from a friend or relative, get them to write a letter stating this, and this will be included in all your outgoings, keeping repayments to something manageable. They do need reporting to the O.F.T. for improper checks...it's the kind of complaint that helps close bad lenders down, if you are up to contacting them. Hope this helps. For general enquiries and guidance on the work of OFT, phone 08457 22 44 99 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 08457 22 44 99 FREE end_of_the_skype_highlighting or email enquiries@oft.gsi.gov.uk.
  7. Hi, hope this will be helpful. On this occasion, for what it's worth try to get them on the phone. If they are a "responsible" company they will agree to a plan. the O.F.T. says they must not ignore that kind of request. If you go ahead (I know from bad experience) and just decide to pay e.g. £10 a month into their s/c and account number, using your cust ref. number as a reference; unless it is agreed you run the risk of getting a default on your credit rating. You can check it yourself anytime, it's free for life- called Noddle. If they won't speak to you, and ultimately you get a default, contact in advance of that the O.F.T. explain everything to them. Then if the worst happens, you can get back to the O.F.T. and ask to get it removed.
  8. googled it and sent an email. Will post on here if I get a response etc..
  9. https://www.gov.uk/government/policies/making-consumer-credit-markets-fairer--6 This helps give us a real voice in helping things to change for the better. Also, you don't put your personal details on..
  10. Thanks for that. Great news that it doesn't even have to be applied for to get removed. No mortgage ideas or anything in the planning so the 6 yrs wait won't matter really. Ideally it would have been better to be able to pay them what's owed plus 1 months interest but from what everyone says about T F it's not worth the time and stress so it can go on the back burner now, & just deal with the ones who behave themselves properly.
  11. Following it through...mis-selling normally applies to ppi - in which cases people got all their ppi money back. mis-selling of loans?...would everyone get all their interest charges back? Lovely thought that, everyone would suddenly become wealthy, and the economy would improve immediately as more cash can be spent properly...
  12. Son says he hasn't had any ph calls from them. Well he has changed his phone. Emails? don't know as yet but don't think so..now then, as they've dumped a default on him, what happens when 6 years has gone by and there has been no communication between them? They can't then claim the debt, but can the default then be removed? Plus, if everyone on here wrote to the OFT they would have to be struck off...and if/when struck off does that mean all debts are wiped as well? ... nice thought...
  13. That had occurred to me...but....first they would need someone to take them to court for a test case presumably... e.g. credit rating score of 1 out of 5...and just because you are working they give you a loan. So much for them doing proper credit checks! Martin Lewis should be the one to know if they can be done for mis-selling they would all be guilty and that would be the end of them...
  14. Good point. Personally, despite the bad press he got (unfairly) it's really brought it all out again. Wonga and all the others need to be banned on ethical grounds alone..Heard the Archbishop on the radio and he wants to open credit unions in many C of E churches...we'll watch that space... will now try googling his email info..
  15. p.s. surely if everyone who has had bad dealings with toothfairy complained to the O.F.T. it would happen? power to the people not bully boys...
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