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  1. Following an endowment maturity I tried to make a large overpayment to my C&G mortgage this week. I'm in the position where the mortgage is in base rate plus and non-fixed so figured a payment of £25,000 would take me close to almost completing my mortgage - certainly on taget to sort it over the next 2 years. I call C&G get given the bank account and sort code to pay into, go onto my online banking and get a can't pay using this method. Call C&G again get told I can go into branch and make the payment using my debit card... so off I go. Branch say I can't make that amoun
  2. My endowment was attached to the original mortgage from Barclays. I had to get a "Letter of Disclaimer" from Barclays saying they had no interest in the loan any more as I moved to a repayment mortagage about 15 years ago that paid Barclays. I continued paying into the endowment so the money all comes my way, but it appears I have a lot of hoops to jump through so it becomes mine! Barclays phone support was awful. trying to ask me for security details from a 20 year old account that was closed 15 years ago. It was impossible to satisfy them with an answer. However, a visit to branch with
  3. For a minute there I thought it was related to getting the money back you're in credit with them. Terrible company - 3 months later and they still have £400 of my money.
  4. Hmm, well I have the policy booklet and it doesn't say anything about it being optional, neither does it say it's compulsory - it's all about making a claim, definitions and eligibility. But the letter I have with it does say: So I guess that's clear, I could have cancelled the policy if I understood that it wouldn't affect my mortgage application, which I didn't.
  5. Thanks for that I can't tell if it's a first pass standard rejection though, I'm not at all familiar with the process. I have had another thought though. I believe I had a life policy with Scottish Widows which was taken out to protect the other directors, we all did. So not sure it that's relevant at all. My complaint basically laid out that the bank manager and colleague turned up at my home to help me with a remortgage, but as part of that process they certainly required me to take out PPI as I would be unlikely to be successful with the mortgage application if it wasn't protected
  6. PPI Complaint... Denied Got the response today that the bank are rejecting my claim. So I guess the next step is the ombudsman.
  7. Thanks for the response. I was originally quite daunted by the prospect of trying to claim. But after reading for some time on here I decided "what's the worst that can happen?", I get nothing - so I don't have anything to lose by trying. I went onto what I thought was the site for Lloyds, downloaded the complaint form and started filling it in when I realised I needed one for C&G. So went to C&G downloaded the form and was surprised they're the same form from FOS. So now this has me thinking, all these PPI Clams Management Companies taking a big slice for doing little more t
  8. Back in 2004 I thought things were getting a bit tight and I'd not long started a new job, I remortgaged to help finance paying off some loans. But at the time got talked into PPI and I thought it was a good idea to protect my repayments. But, the new job saw me join a company as a Director and so was self employed taking a moderate wage and annual dividends. So being self employed does that immediately exclude me from eligibility for PPI? I also find we're still paying it! :o So I've cancelled it as I now work in local Gov't where sickness would be paid for about the period PPI woul
  9. Noodle has been useful. But I'm guessing I have older loans or the wife has as not everything is on there. Certainly the last 5 years or so is, but we consolidated and moved between cards regularly to get that far. I'll have to put her onto noodle to and see if there were things in her name only.
  10. Man, you guys are awesome. So happy to be on this bus when there are such helpful people.
  11. So I should go sign up with Equifax/Experian or the like then? Will I get that detail from the first free 30 day type of sign up? No papers any where - she destroyed all the evidence I think once we cleared a debt she didn't keep anything unless it was the current loan used to pay the previous one.
  12. Up until 3 years ago I was totally uncaring about my money. Just buy what we wanted, when we wanted. If the balance at the bank was greater than the overdraft then play on. I've been fortunate to have reasonably paid jobs and left everything financial to the wife. Big mistake. I found out we'd been playing a lot of borrowing to pay off loans and finally escalating it to the point of the cash point refusing any money. No cash, no credit - Oops. A lot of reading on here helped me sort that lot out and now we're back in the black, and have learned how to stay that way. So we've had
  13. I should have come back on here sooner. Thanks for your reply. First Direct did in fact eventually refund my money. I spoke with a very understanding lady who said she would do what she could, she said it maybe impossible, but she'd try. I being the pessimist doubted any good would come of it. A few months later and I get a mysterious payment into my account - no explanation, no letter follows and when I called they couldn't tell me anything other than it had be repaid. Maybe they even paid it back without getting it from the erroneous payee? I guess I'll never know. But in the week
  14. Well this is still going on ... Every time FD contact me they say "have I tried contacting the recipient?" FFS how am I meant to do that? All I have is an account number. I know it's my mistake, but if this had been a multi-,illion pound transaction would I still be struggling to get my money back? Surely the banks have some mechanism in place to recover a wrong payment?
  15. Well I thought I'd post - well, not an update. I guess it's an anti-update. No news. no contact - nothing since around this time last year. Maybe I should whisper as I don't really want them the remember. Chances are that because it's Christmas, karma might decide to kick me in the teeth. Let's hope not.
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