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  1. Thanks - appears as though the policy is assigned to the building society so it will go straight to them - although they've asked me to leave the bank details blank so that they can fill in their details when I receive the forms from Aviva.
  2. Hi, I've just received a letter from my building society letting me know that they have applied for te payment on maturity of my endowment policy. I know it's not enough to cover the mortgage which does not require paying back until 2016. The endowment matures in November 2013 and I assumed the money was paid to me so that I can try to increase the sum before the mortgage is due to be paid off. My question is can the building society do this - I thought Norwich Union/Aviva paid me the endowment money. Any advice gratefully received. Gary
  3. I'll contact them and see what they have to say - I'll keep the forum updated.
  4. Thanks - our situation is £3800 credit limit reduced to £2400 with £3600 balance a difference of £1200 so I'm guessing the over limit charges are going to be high - which of course we cannot afford. A good way of getting extra money for them. I'd rather they just cancelled the card to prevent any more spending and let us pay the balance off in monthly stages.
  5. Hi, My wife received the letter reducing the limit on her card - they've reduced it to less than the current balance - is she going to get a large bill next month or be slapped with overpayment charges? Thanks
  6. Hi - Thanks for advice - MBNA have cancelled the £1 direct debit - guess my wife will have to call them to see what's going on. Will keep you posted.......
  7. Hi, My wife has a debt with MBNA and after talking with them they worked out they could only take £1 per month from her per month due to our financial situation. We paid the £1 every month and there were no problems. Today she received a letter from Debt Clear Recoveries & Investigations Ltd saying the debt had been passed to them for recovery and she should call them immediately. She did this and they insisted they wanted the whole amount cleaaring (around £10K) and if she did not pay they would send bailiffs to recover goods and they also suggested they could arrange a remortgage to cover the outstanding amount. Having read through this thread I gather they are in breach of OFT guidelines - they have not sent anything through in writing - they are waiting for a call back - would appreciate anyone's thoughts on how to approach this. Thanks
  8. You are correct - no signature at all. Thanks for advice.
  9. Hi, Links to Agreement they sent - have removed first name, surname, DOB address and postcode - all else was blank. http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz39/sgs2009_photo/Photo0001.jpg http://i811.photobucket.com/albums/zz39/sgs2009_photo/Photo0002.jpg Cheers
  10. Hi All - received this today from HSBC - can anyone explain it to me - is the debt enforceable - they seem to say they do not need to supply the original CCA merely a copy of what it might have looked like but I would aprreciate any advice! Letter reads " Further to your letter of .......please find enclosed copy documents as requested. Section 78 (1) of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 requires us to provide ".. a copy of the executed agreement (if any)...." Regulation 3 (2) of the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of Documents) Regulations 1983 allows that certain items may be omitted from such copies, including the signature box and signature. Therefore, the copy of the executed document we must suppy is a copy but need not be a photocopy of the signed agreement. Regulation 7 of those regulations also requires us to provide a copy of the executed agreement, as varied, where there is a power to vary the terms of the agreement, which there is with this this card agreement and that power has been exercised to vary the agreement, which again is the case with this card agreement. We therefore enclose an up to date copy of the terms and conditions applicable to your account, a copy of the latest variation notice issued in respect of your account and a reconstituted agreement form compliant with Regulation 3 of the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of Documents) Regulations 1983. This variation shows that the terms have been varied and therefore in accordance with this legislation the up to date terms and conditions are the appropriate information to produce. In addition to this, please find enclosed a signed statement of account validating any debt outstanding. Yours etc" They included a copy of statement, a Credit Card Application Form with some of my wife's details filled in (name, address DOB - not her writing) T&C's. Have they fullfilled their obligations to provide the CCA as requested - she originally banked with Midland Bank and doesn't remember signing anything with HSBC when they took over Midland - she just received a new card. Thanks
  11. Thanks - today she received a letter from HSBC noting that a payment hadn't received and they "were very concerned" They then went on to say that if payment not received further action would be taken to recover the amount owed. The letter ends stating that "as the account is closed do not use the card" and that "payments must be made within the terms of the Credit Card Agreement" - quite interesting seeing as there is no CCA!
  12. It's about 25% of the balance so I may follow your suggestion re SA - they cannot supply agreement as they stated in reply to the request that they didn't have it so sent a new one for her to sign - she didn't! Thanks
  13. Thanks - not sure why they are offering the refund though - they effectively closed the account some time ago so the balance has been reducing since she has no card and cannot spend on the account it's just lately she has struggled with the monthly payment, then they offered this.
  14. Hi All, My wife has an HSBC credit card which she has had for a number of years (it was actually a Midland Bank card before they were taken over). She lost her job and so was unable to make a couple of payments and began to get the numerous phone calls from overseas. Each time she had to go over the same ground as no one seemed to note anything down. Anyway in the end she requested her CCA with them - they replied and stated that they did not have the CCA but did send another one for her to sign - which she ignored (hopefully the right thing to do). She missed another months payment and had the usual calls but yesterday (14 Aug) she received a mound of paper from HSBC showing all the monthly statements dating back to 2004 with an offer of reimbursement of all the overdue charges they had applied to the card since that date - an amount just under £900 - the offer based on her "agreeing that she makes no further claims or takes any legal action on this matter. It is a gesture of goodwill without prejudice to our right to impose and recover default charges in the future" She hasn't taken any action other than request the CCA. My question is should she accept the payment which will be crdited to to her card balance or continue to pursue the unenforceable debt? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, Try this: Pictures by sgs2009_photo - Photobucket Hope it helps! SGS
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