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  1. Sorry I cant offer any advice JB, just want to say good luck and this is absolutely disgusting. What the hell is this country coming to what a mess.
  2. Thanks Hendo. I did tell them on the phone yesterday I appealed and they said it was on the system. They still sent me that letter though thats what I cant understand. Unless theyre just waiting for my sick note to go on the system. I just had a look at the copy of my sick note and realised he only gave me it for 2 weeks, backdated from the 2nd so Im still up the creek as that only covers me till the 14th! Im getting really fed up now with all of it. I mentioned the assessment and appeal to the doc, I went to show him the list where they gave me no points and he didnt want to know, he wou
  3. Yes I appealed, my pathways got my appeal in last Friday. I got the letter yesterday acknowledging it along with the letter saying Ive been overpaid and wont be getting my payment.
  4. Just a quick update and a question if anyone can help... I rang them back and I had to go for a crisis loan, they told me the reason theyre holding my payment back and said I might have been overpaid was because they decided I failed the medical on the 2nd, and my last payment was on the 10th. My sicknote didnt run out until the 10th anyway, and theyre saying they overpaid me from the 2nd to the 10th. Are they allowed to class this as an overpayment if they failed me on the assessment on the 2nd and my sicknote was still valid until the 10th? And why did they send me the payment on
  5. Especially when theres a recession and the Government is needing ££££ The DWP seem to be looking anywhere now and using anything to get it...
  6. Just rang them, theres no details on the screen he said so he couldnt tell me anything, when I told him my appeal was in, and my sick note from the 2nd he said they hadnt posted my sicknote (I handed it in at my jobcentre, the man said it would be on the system within the hour) and thats why I havent been paid. I rang the place I took the sicknote and a lady told me yes we DID post it and whoever told you it would be put on the system has given you the wrong information. So I dont know whats going on. Im going round in circles
  7. You might all remember they sent my payment two days late last time as they said they were doing "maintanence work" on my claim. And I got the letter eventually saying I failed the assessment. Today they sent me a letter saying I was due a payment from the 2nd to the 10th, but they have not sent it as "we are holding details of an over payment and are checking whether any recovery must be made, arrears payments due will be sent to you as soon as possible and we will tell you why any money has been held back"" They said if I havent heard from them after five days to contact them. Theyre bei
  8. Lesley its probably too late now but in future any correspondence you have with Atos (complaints) try to do it in email, then you have proof of everything thats said. Theyre very "forgetful" these people and records of people ringing sometimes get "lost"
  9. Its the "handouts" thing that gets me. Like we are all beggars and spongers. No wonder we get bad press when words like that are used
  10. Hi Perusal, Im in the same position as you, I just got my appeal handed in today and didnt have a clue where to start or what to say. I couldnt even think straight let alone start on the appeal form. What I did was took a day out and had some rest. Then the next day I started going over everything - starting with the examiners report. Do you have a copy of the the report from the assessment? If not you will need a copy so ring the DWP if you can and ask for it. That might take a while though so you will have to get the appeal form in to stop interruption of your payments ASAP. Make sure
  11. No youre not picky, thanks for letting me know it will keep me from getting my info from the wrong place. Im a bit dumb sometimes sorry.
  12. I didnt realise, I didnt see anything about it belonging to Ireland
  13. I couldnt have done it without your support so thank you all very much, and thanks to HB for the great template. Been to see my Pathways to work advisor today and she was very impressed, (shes lovely) she said normally people just fill in the page on the form and nothing else, and that what Id written was excellent. I havent wrote down everything, just the main points although I did forget one or two things they will come in useful if my appeal fails. It was meant to be my last meeting today with her, Ive told her I want to carry on going because I dont want to sit at home vegetating and
  14. Hi again, Thanks again for the advice and links - are they welfare rights? I hope they have all my records and I hope they will be of some help even if they were from years ago, but even if not, if they have the records they will have proof of me having a seizure at the surgery and hopefully the injury to my face. My poor friend bless him he thought I was dying in front of him, he cried when I next saw him hed been so scared. Rightsforme this might sound a strange question, I hope you dont mind me asking...PTSD, what are the symptoms? I get what I can only describe as flashbacks, I
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