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  1. Hi Erika, thanks for your responses Erika - I agree entirely with you and have no intention of paying!! However, I know that they have no intention of taking me to court, and eventually they will be able to take it out of my pension - even though this is over 20 years away, I am angry at the principle of having to pay this money at all!!
  2. Hi, sorry for the delay in replying but I've been awaiting further response from my MP. Really disappointed to be honest, received a letter from the DWP Minister advising that decision is right, money has to be paid back, the original claim form etc cannot be traced etc.. It seems to be irrelevent to everyone that I KNOW NOTHING about the overpayment and the details do not relate to my own (ie. I was not living at the address, I was not married etc). However, the letter does also state that my details have been recalled from the collection agency asI have made a late appeal which is now bein
  3. Thanks for your advice Erika - I have contacted my MP as advised. I got a surprisingly quick reply asking for my National Insurance Number and advising me that he would raise it with the Minister responsible. Sounds promising, but I will let you know how I get on!
  4. Hi, I know that this issue has been raised several times, but I would still be grateful for any advice that can be offered to me, as I really am at the end of my tether! I received a letter in October 2007 from Debt Management, advising me that I had been overpaid Income Support in 1996 and so owed DWP £740! (sound familiar?). I have absolutely no knowledge of this overpayment, and contacted them in October 07 to request further information, advise re statute of limitations etc (I am currently in full time work), but received no further contact until I got a demand from CCS Collect, which wa
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