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  1. Originally Posted by Mrmagoooo the date was on the letter I received after I passed my last medical. My last med was 06 that's a 5 year gap. Mine is march 2011 im on ib. dread to think what is going to happen.
  2. Cheers LR, I saw the clip in the video thanks for that, if you here any other worthwile news on this please let us know thanks.
  3. The link Incapacity benefits ? the reassessment process - DWP Incapacity benefits – the reassessment process From October 2010 Jobcentre Plus will start reassessing the claims of people who are receiving Incapacity Benefit, Income Support paid on the grounds of disability and Severe Disablement Allowance to see if they are fit for work. We will write to customers when their benefit becomes due for reassessment to tell them about the changes. We will also phone them to answer any questions they may have and find out if they need extra help. They do not need to contact us before they receive this letter. Customers will then be sent a medical questionnaire to complete and return and this will be used to decide if they need to attend a Work Capability Assessment. It is important that customers provide as much detail as possible when completing the questionnaire as this will be used to help decide if the customer is entitled to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). If they need to attend an assessment, the customer will be phoned to arrange an appointment. They will not need to attend an assessment if a decision can be made on the information provided on the medical questionnaire. Using the information from the questionnaire, the Work Capability Assessment and any other evidence provided we will then decide if they are entitled to ESA. People will continue to receive their current benefit, as long as they meet the conditions of entitlement, until we have reassessed their claim. If a customer does not return their medical questionnaire or attend a Work Capability Assessment when asked, this may affect their benefit. doe's anyone know if it it will be at a reduce rate of income support or ib when you are on appeal at the moment i get £90+.
  4. Hi Andy- wishface. (sounds as if you will get your money) it is the true fact the only way to get payment the same day is by a giro at the job c plus. 3 days ish to your bank, i had the same trouble as wishface at xmas, the payment people were realy good and told me to collect at you JCP. hope this helps
  5. oh dear the best way to solve this problem is shoot us all, my god what a crap country this is.
  6. Existing incapacity benefit claimants look set to be assessed on their fitness to work using a test widely criticised as flawed, it has emerged. Though the work capability assessment (WCA) will be subject to review annually, the timescale for the first of these has not yet been set, making it likely that existing IB claimants will be subject to the current version of WCA when reassessments begin in October. Earlier this year a DWP report found that many Jobcentre Plus staff felt disabled people were incorrectly being certified fit to work under the current version of WCA. And yesterday a report by Citizens Advice Scotland found 70% of appeals against assessment decisions were successful. See full story Incapacity benefit claimants to face 'flawed' work assessment - 27/05/2010 - Community Care
  7. People are becoming more aware of the wlefare reforms and disabled people are working with non disabled people to raise awareness of the cuts, the poor quality of training courses and general harrassment DAN Defend Welfare action in Manchester, 16th June 2010 www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2010/06/453850.html 'Protesters against compulsory “work-for-your-benefits” schemes succeeded in shutting down A4e’s Edinburgh office today Wednesday 16th June. A4e cancelled all appointments and stuck up a notice declaring their Earl Grey Street office closed for the whole day, as demonstrators gathered outside. www.indymediascotland.org/node/19721
  8. Hi KK, I agree it's now time full some butt kicking as you say, were to begin is the Q8)
  9. Oh conniff i think if it was upto me i would have shot the lot of them at birth.
  10. Well been saying this for a wile now we need someone that knows how to start a demo, we all keep trying to find ways of sorting this out but direct action is now needed!
  11. The latest words from Mr Cameron "There is no way of dealing with an 11% budget deficit just by hitting either the rich or the welfare scrounger." That's what is needed yes try and turn the whole country against the sick and vulnerable. This man and his crony pals and puppets from lib dems are going to bring disaster to this country. "villifieing the sick and the disabled and also promoting aggression, verbal and physical, against us" There must be some laws against this sort of constant abuse. If derogatory, abusive terms are used to describe a particular race it is racism and not tolerated. We are such an easy target thats why they get away with it. Isn't this incitement or something like? Incitement. "deliberately provoking hatred of a racial group" Well the government are "deliberately provoking hatred" of the sick and disabled. As for the "welfare scrougers" insult by DC, I'll choose to perceive it as more useful fodder for EHRC to be going on with. His comment must surely be bordering on Discrimination by association. Also I believe the decision makers for benefits are supposed to be impartial and make choices using only the facts, I don't see it possible for them to ever be able to do this with Mr Smith and Cameron vilifying people on Welfare.
  12. THERE TAKING THE P**S Welfare payments such as child benefits, disability benefits, housing benefit and unemployment benefit would not increase for at least a year under the Chancellor’s plans. Full Story George Osborne considering freeze on benefits to save £4.4bn - Telegraph Were getting it from all angles.
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