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  1. Sorry I cant offer any advice JB, just want to say good luck and this is absolutely disgusting. What the hell is this country coming to what a mess.
  2. Thanks Hendo. I did tell them on the phone yesterday I appealed and they said it was on the system. They still sent me that letter though thats what I cant understand. Unless theyre just waiting for my sick note to go on the system. I just had a look at the copy of my sick note and realised he only gave me it for 2 weeks, backdated from the 2nd so Im still up the creek as that only covers me till the 14th! Im getting really fed up now with all of it. I mentioned the assessment and appeal to the doc, I went to show him the list where they gave me no points and he didnt want to know, he wouldnt even look at it. He cut me off in mid sentence and said he doesnt get involved with these and its something I have to do myself. I tried telling him about the lies in the report and asking for a letter and he asked what for, I said medical evidence or a letter stating my conditions, he said theyre supposed to ask for that, then he asked me what I was there for. I felt very very uncomfortable and just asked for the sick note and left. He gave me it for two weeks for back ache. He wasnt rude or anything but he was definitely annoyed I asked for help with the ESA. And now I have to go and ask for another sick note, backdated yet again. I feel a nuisance everywhere I turn I really have had enough.
  3. Yes I appealed, my pathways got my appeal in last Friday. I got the letter yesterday acknowledging it along with the letter saying Ive been overpaid and wont be getting my payment.
  4. Just a quick update and a question if anyone can help... I rang them back and I had to go for a crisis loan, they told me the reason theyre holding my payment back and said I might have been overpaid was because they decided I failed the medical on the 2nd, and my last payment was on the 10th. My sicknote didnt run out until the 10th anyway, and theyre saying they overpaid me from the 2nd to the 10th. Are they allowed to class this as an overpayment if they failed me on the assessment on the 2nd and my sicknote was still valid until the 10th? And why did they send me the payment on the 10th if I had failed the assessment and wasnt entitled to it?
  5. Especially when theres a recession and the Government is needing ££££ The DWP seem to be looking anywhere now and using anything to get it...
  6. Just rang them, theres no details on the screen he said so he couldnt tell me anything, when I told him my appeal was in, and my sick note from the 2nd he said they hadnt posted my sicknote (I handed it in at my jobcentre, the man said it would be on the system within the hour) and thats why I havent been paid. I rang the place I took the sicknote and a lady told me yes we DID post it and whoever told you it would be put on the system has given you the wrong information. So I dont know whats going on. Im going round in circles
  7. You might all remember they sent my payment two days late last time as they said they were doing "maintanence work" on my claim. And I got the letter eventually saying I failed the assessment. Today they sent me a letter saying I was due a payment from the 2nd to the 10th, but they have not sent it as "we are holding details of an over payment and are checking whether any recovery must be made, arrears payments due will be sent to you as soon as possible and we will tell you why any money has been held back"" They said if I havent heard from them after five days to contact them. Theyre being funny now. I failed my assessment from what I can make out on the 2nd but my appeal is in, my sicknote covered me up till the 11th anyway, and to make certain I got another sicknote from the 2nd and put that in as well. Can anyone make any sense of this please because I cant.
  8. Lesley its probably too late now but in future any correspondence you have with Atos (complaints) try to do it in email, then you have proof of everything thats said. Theyre very "forgetful" these people and records of people ringing sometimes get "lost"
  9. Its the "handouts" thing that gets me. Like we are all beggars and spongers. No wonder we get bad press when words like that are used
  10. Hi Perusal, Im in the same position as you, I just got my appeal handed in today and didnt have a clue where to start or what to say. I couldnt even think straight let alone start on the appeal form. What I did was took a day out and had some rest. Then the next day I started going over everything - starting with the examiners report. Do you have a copy of the the report from the assessment? If not you will need a copy so ring the DWP if you can and ask for it. That might take a while though so you will have to get the appeal form in to stop interruption of your payments ASAP. Make sure you write on the GL24 that you want your ESA payments to continue at the assessment rate. When youre up to it sit and have a think about how your depression affects you, what you cant do because of it etc and once you do, you will find it a lot easier to start writing everything down. Theyre not shy in stopping benefit so dont be shy in holding anything back because of embarrassment (I did last time - big mistake!) Hope this help, good luck!
  11. No youre not picky, thanks for letting me know it will keep me from getting my info from the wrong place. Im a bit dumb sometimes sorry.
  12. I didnt realise, I didnt see anything about it belonging to Ireland
  13. I couldnt have done it without your support so thank you all very much, and thanks to HB for the great template. Been to see my Pathways to work advisor today and she was very impressed, (shes lovely) she said normally people just fill in the page on the form and nothing else, and that what Id written was excellent. I havent wrote down everything, just the main points although I did forget one or two things they will come in useful if my appeal fails. It was meant to be my last meeting today with her, Ive told her I want to carry on going because I dont want to sit at home vegetating and she seemed quite happy with that. Now I just need the appointment with Welfare rights, Im going to ask them to point me in the right direction of a solicitor who will help me take action against this nurse, not just for the medical but for the report as well. Im not going to let this drop no matter what, even if she only gets her wrist slapped she might think twice about doing this again. I found this - I hope its useful for some of you...Its a guide for them when they are completing their reports. http://www.dsdni.gov.uk/print/esa-medical-reports-guide-to-completion.pdf
  14. Hi again, Thanks again for the advice and links - are they welfare rights? I hope they have all my records and I hope they will be of some help even if they were from years ago, but even if not, if they have the records they will have proof of me having a seizure at the surgery and hopefully the injury to my face. My poor friend bless him he thought I was dying in front of him, he cried when I next saw him hed been so scared. Rightsforme this might sound a strange question, I hope you dont mind me asking...PTSD, what are the symptoms? I get what I can only describe as flashbacks, I see myself in the hospital when we are told to expect the worst for my dad, and my breath is literally taken away. It only lasts for a second but its horrible and it comes from nowhere. Its like Im back there and I feel that blow all over again, then its with me for hours does that make sense? I keep thinking Im a bit nuts Im going to set about this appeal form now, I think Ill just put the main points in, then if they turn me over to the tribunal I will take everything I have to them.
  15. Thank you rightsforme thats very helpful, did the welfare rights get your old medical information for you or did you have to get it yourself? Years ago when I first started having fits, after I had the first one I ended up in hospital having my head stitched then was given a letter to take to the doc, I actually had a grand mal fit in the doctors surgery, (cant beat that for evidence!) came round and the doc had a compress over my eye (I fell face first into the corner of a wall and it was swelling up) I didnt know where the hell I was, anyway I was carted off to hospital there and then and they kept me in for a few days and did tests. Only thing is this is about 20 years ago, and Im at a different surgery now. I dont know if all this will be on record somewhere? The depression got worse after my dad died which was sudden and shouldnt have happened (hospital blunder which Im sure lead to his death) Ive not been the same since and thats when all my new illnesses started and the old ones kicked off again.
  16. Thank you all so much. Ive woken up today in fighting spirit, I have a double doctors appointment booked for Tuesday and I will tell him everything. Paul Im taking Phenytoin (epanutin) for the fits and this is noted on the report. 45002 This is what worries me about the compulsive treatment, my rhuematologist wanted to start me on strong meds, (chemotherapy) the side effects and the risks are horrendous, some of the risks include death These meds work for a lot of people but Im absolutely petrified and wont take them, a lot of people refuse this treatment. Im worried I will be marked down as refusing treatment. Ive been playing my pain down a lot because Im so frightened of having to take it. The Rhuemy was good and he understood fully, but obviously the DWP wouldnt be so understanding. I dont know where I stand with this one. I dont think the DWP can force surgery but it seems meds are a different matter. Im interested in this thing at the bottom of each page about my condition in the summary where it says "due to medical knowledge of the condition"... I dont for a minute believe she has enough knowledge of all these conditions, theyre all totally different conditions. Would a nurse really have enough knowledge of epilepsy, psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, thyroid disorders and depression, and all the effects of the conditions to be able to influence the DM fairly? I doubt it. Maybe thats worth digging into? I couldnt think at the time what the bone scan was called what I went for, it was called isotope, I said to her "maybe it was isotonic" (I knew it sounded something like that) she said "yes thats it" So that shows what her medical knowledge is. Paul like you Im going to take this as far as I can, all these things in the report I need to go through, theres another thing she said about my daughter cooking for me and stuff shes said "however the claimant has good function in both her elbows and hands which should not impair her ability to prepare some meals for herself" I told her sometimes I dont bother to eat meals if Im on my own because Im always tired, and I cant stand or sit for long without pain because of my back and hips. How convenient she left this out. And I dont have good function in my left hand she heard my thumb joint crack loudly when she made me do the pincer test. What do I do with this when I go to CAB with the report? Will I write on a seperate sheet all the inconsistencies or will I write it on the actual report? I dont fancy having to write all this report out there is so much to disagree with it would take me forever. Hb I had a feeling prozac wasnt a mild antidepressant, I was suicidal before I started taking it and you cant get much worse than that, I couldnt imagine a mild antidepressant lifting me out of the state I was in. Thank you all again.
  17. Im really sorry for your son what a nightmare! Targets sounds about right...Ive no idea where IB is concerned, with ESA you get a letter saying you have to phone for an appointment for the medical, if they do the same for IB and he hasnt had a letter saying he has to ring then he hasnt made any appointment to keep. Sorry I cant help but good luck.
  18. Ok thanks. Ive not really got any supporting evidence thats part of my problem also as I dont bother going to the docs much, just for this new stuff recently. Ive not had a word mentioned about my depression since I got the prozac and that was about 12 years ago. I just take it, it keeps me from topping myself so its working... thats the way I look at it I knew my dog would be mentioned as well, my daughter mentioned him and her ears pricked up, she told her though that she walks him and stuff but shes still mentioned I have a dog I got him as a rescue before I was ill and hes family, no way will I dispose of him just to "prove" to them I cant work. I might mention this in my appeal because kids take more looking after than a dog, what happens if you have kids and need ESA? Do they say "well if you have kids and can feed them you can work"
  19. Thank you so much I could cry. If I didnt have the pain from the P/arthritis I would have the fatigue to deal with - its been such a smack in the mouth I got diagnosed with the arthritis, thyroid and psoriasis all at once then I have to deal with these muppets. Not once has she tried disputing my conditions but what she has done is failed to note the complications that go with them, shes noted what Ive "stated" but her findings and opinion mean my ESA is stopped. All the things that I have are on their list, and there is a description or it sends them to NHS choices (I dont know what thats about) Ive got my daughter ringing to make me an appointment tomorrow, whoever I see with this I will stick with. Its the pestering for sick notes I hate, they never seem to want to give them for long so I have to keep going back, its silly I know but this stresses me. I cant understand why they give 0 points to people that have things that are on the list saying 15 points. I just dont get that are they not breaking the law? Im going to appeal, is the GL24 to go to tribunal? Ive read they look at it anyway again if you want to go straight to tribunal?
  20. Hi HB Im appealing about the decision they made, while the nurse said she recommended a return to work in 3 months (even after her lies) the DM failed me outright, I got 0 points for everything I know I should have 15 points for fits, but dont see a neurologist so thats gone against me... I should have 15 points for sitting and standing but didnt get them Im not sure about the rest, the depression and stuff, the nurse has more or less said Im fine and just taking a mild anti depressant. She said it appears I choose to stay in the house and not see anyone but family. It makes me look a liar! Thank you, to all and anyone who can help and has been in this situation. I dont think I can do this alone.
  21. Thank you so much, for the replies and for the document. Im thinking a bit more clearer now Ive had a bit of time out. Could anyone tell me first of all if they know if fluoxetine (Prozac) is a mild antidepressant? This is important I think as the nurse has said Im taking a mild antidepressant. Theres one or two contradictions in the report (and I`ll write it exactly as she did with the poor grammar and spelling) - Usually goes in bath when someone is in the house due to fits, but will go in th bath when alone at home. (!) Usually stays in pyjamas but can changes them every few days She said I could sit in the chair with no problems which is a lie because not only was my back and hips hurting I had a flare of the Psoriasis, (sorry about this ) which is horribly itchy and sore with it being in the place it is. She hasnt bothered to note that I have Inverse (genital) Psoriasis which is different to the psoriasis elsewhere! I couldnt sit without changing position and fidgeting constantly. She said I rose from the chair three times without assistance, I didnt need assistance but neither did I rise three times from the chair, I did once for the physical then left the room straight after! Shes left one of my steroid creams off the list of meds I took The lower limb activities, Standing and sitting - none of the above apply Bending or kneeling - none of the above apply Ability to lift left leg while lying down is normal Ability to lift right leg while lying down is normal Power in both legs is normal I was in agony doing all of these things!! :eek: Shes stated that examinations of my knees show no abnormality. No they dont, that could be because Psoriatic arthritis is an inflammitory disease. I never even mentioned my knees! She said I bent and squatted normally, I nearly fell over my back and hips were killing me. She panicked and told me "Be careful!" Now I know this is my word against hers and I probably dont stand a chance, but I did complain about the medical and the pain it caused so that must mean something!? I even went to the doctors I was in agony with my back! She says I was well kempt, neatly dressed, yet mentions I was still in my pyjama top! And what does it mean when she says spinal curves are normal?? Does this mean she checked my back? She didnt even look at it, I had a big fleece jacket on and it stayed on! Please help me with this I feel like Im fighting it alone its horrible, especially with no medical back up.
  22. Thank you. The nurse isnt disputing my conditions, just the impact they have on my day to day life which is more or less zero. My doctors is a practice, with a few doctors I could see one when I go and then not see him again for years. I have no reviews for anything, only have to go back for blood tests for my thyroid in a couple of months because that was picked up just recently. I complained about the medical to the DWP and Atos only days after it was done, and also contacted my MP. It looks like its medical evidence I need, and thats what theyre going to use against me, its going to look terrible me going to the docs when I never see them saying "This is how everything affects me, give me a letter so I can stay on benefits" Has anyone else had to do this? I honestly think theyre going to think Im lying or I would have been back and forwards to the docs like the nurse has said.
  23. Thanks for the reply Patrick. I cant even think straight at the minute. It was a nurse who did the assessment, shes a qualified adult nurse. She recommended a return to work in 3 months, the DM has failed me outright. I dont see my doctor much, dont see my specialist for arthritis until October, dont see a neurologist and dont have a psycologist or anything so I have no back up whatsoever. not a single person knows how all this affects me day to day. I dont know what Im going to do. I cant work full time yet have no way really of proving it, if I start demanding to see specialists now for my other conditions theyre bound to think its because I want to stay on benefits. My heads spinning with it all.
  24. I got my report and the DM letter. For epilepsy, psoriatic arthritis, genital psoriasis, depression, hypothyroidism I got 0 points. This is part of what was written- "her current situation as described is unlikely to be tolerated. anyone having frequent fits associated with double incontinence would be expected to seek further medical involvement." Also she goes on to say that my medication is mild to moderate, and Im not seeing the Rhuematologist till October which does not suggest intensive treatment. looks like Im snookered, I dont stand a chance, because Im not at the doctors constantly or seeing specialists Im fit enpough to work. So it looks like Im another thats getting shoved onto Jobseekers
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