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  1. 10 out of 10 for me. I'm going to reward myself with a nice cup of tea now
  2. Thanks for all the excellent replies everyone I paid £2 per month for 6 years from the date of the judgement, so roughly £140 was paid. I estimate that around £200 is owing. Carter stopped taking payments as soon as 6 years was up and the CCJ dropped off my credit file. The remaining amount would have become Stat Barred in 2009, aside from the unlawfulness of splitting the claim.
  3. OK, thanks very much for that, I hadn't realised that Cyclone were Arrow. I will compose a suitable letter to Drydens tomorrow and see what they have to say for themselves. I have little doubt that they will give themselves a bit more rope to hang themselves with. I would be grateful if somebody could point me to the relevant piece of legislation regarding the unlawfulness of split claims, so that I can gen up on it a bit.
  4. Carter's clients were "Cyclone Asset Management". Arrow Global have only entered into the picture recently (within the last 6 months). The figure given is not the couple of hundred quid left of the CCJ, it is the original full amount. Which leads me on to what was going to be my next question, whether I should now report Carters and Drydens to the SRA?
  5. I've had another missive: I really need to know if a CCJ can be legitimately transferred from B Carter via Fredericksons, Westcot, Arrow Global and now Drydens? The answer to that question will depend on how I respond to them. I have never received any communication from B Carter or the County Court since Carters arbitrarily stopped taking the monthly payments and cancelled the Direct Debit. That being the case, my inclination is that the CCJ is nothing to do with anybody else, but I really need to know for sure.
  6. Way back in 2007, before I discovered CAG, Carters instigated a County Court claim for £300 odd out of an alleged debt of several thousand. Having ascertained that they couldn't come after me for the rest, I decided not to fight it, and was paying them at a couple of quid a month (because I am on disability benefits that was all I could afford). That went on for 6 years until, presumably, the CCJ dropped off my credit file, at which point they stopped taking payments and cancelled the Direct Debit which was set up. Since the middle of last year, I have had a few letters, starting with Westcott, and then from Arrow Global who kept sending me Notices of Assignment to various DCAs and their pet solicitors, until I received the following letter: Clearly Brian Carter has sold the alleged debt on, but the question is can he do that where a CCJ had been awarded? And car Drydens Fairfax just take over a CCJ like that? I'd be most grateful for any advice on how best to proceed here.
  7. FWIW, the reason why Enterprise wanted the credit/debit card details was probably in case the car wasn't returned with a full tank. My Motability car broke down a few months ago, and while it was at the dealers they hired me a car from Enterprise, but I still had to give them my card details on the understanding that it would only be debited in the event of them having to put fuel in. I returned the card with a full fuel tank, and they didn't take a penny from the card.
  8. £6000 odd. Carter wanted about £350 for his part. So when I found out it was unlawful to chase the rest, I considered it quite a result at the time. I couldn't care less about the CCJ, I never want credit again, and I'm too disabled to work again, so it hasn't affected me in any way.
  9. I suspect that they don't know about the existing CCJ, but I think they are under the impression that I have been paying off the £2 per month as a voluntary arrangement. I did tell Wetcloths about the CCJ, though they probably just filed my letter in the waste paper bin. I'm sure if I try and say it's stat barred, they'll then say it isn't because of the monthly payments. It did occur to me though that the rest of the amount must be stat barred, even if it could be lawfully split - it's well over 10 years since the last payment, apart from the CCJ.
  10. I need to resurrect this one, unfortunately. I never did hear anything back from the letter that was sent to Wetcloths, and it went quiet after that. Today I have received a NoA from Arrow Global to say that it has been assigned to Restons Solicitors. I hear they are nasty, so I want to head things off if I can. I propose sending Both Carter and Restons a letter stating that this is subject to an existing CCJ that I am still paying, and to sort it out with each other. Does that sound like a good plan? I'd be grateful if anyone has any further advice.
  11. Thanks guys. I'll sent Wetcloths a letter telling them to *&%$ off. I might just report B. Carter to the SRA as well while I'm at it, not that I suppose it will do any good
  12. Hi all, Back in 2007, before I discovered CAG, Brian Carter obtained a CCJ against me for a few hundred quid (out of more than £6000). Once I discovered that split claims are not lawful, I decided it was a good deal, and as I never want credit ever again, I couldn't care less about a CCJ. Because I am on disability benefits Carter accepted a £2 per month payment and I've been paying ever since by direct debit. I has a couple of letters from Arrow Global saying that Fredericksons were no longer dealing with it (which is the first I knew that they were dealing with it). Today I have had this missive: I have no idea how to respond, or even whether to respond at all. The "payment plan" they refer to is a CCJ which has damn all to do with Wetcloths .I'd be eternally grateful for any guidance on how best to proceed. BTW, now that 6 years are up on the CCJ, am I obliged to continue with the installments? I had assumed that I would just continue until 16 years was up, or I die, whichever is sooner, but I'm starting to wonder now.
  13. I am getting DLA Middle Rate Care and Higher Rate Mobility, and am in the ESA Support Group. Some time ago, when I was transferred from Income Support to ESA, instead of getting the Severe Disability Premium, I started getting a "Top-up" payment instead. I was reassessed for DLA at the end of last year, and was re-awarded the same level of DLA for an Indefinite period. However, I am still getting the top-up payment with the ESA rather than the Severe Disability Premium. Since January I have sent two separate IS10 forms, one with a covering letter, plus another letter a month ago asking to look again at the ESA payments. One IS10 was sent recorded delivery, and I got Certs of Posting for the others. They have totally ignored all correspondence, and I'd like some advice on what to do next. I'm being underpaid by over £30 per week by my reckoning, and I'd like to get this sorted out ASAP.
  14. I had thought after hearing nothing more that they had seen sense, and that it had finally gone away. I should have known better I never did bother with Clarity, though I will certainly be writing now. Do any of you feel that I should respond to Frauderickson's idiotic missive? I feel that I've stated my case and that there is nothing further to say to them, personally.
  15. Please could somebody confirm that this is still the address for Belfast BDC? Belfast BDC PO Box 460 Belfast BT1 4WP I'll write a letter as well as phoning, because my experience of the telephone is that it is a device mainly used to fob people off Hopefully a two pronged request will get some results.
  16. I discovered that I filled in an IS10 way back when I first got DLA. I also found the letter where the DWP sent the form automatically. Clearly with ESA they don't tell you that you need to fill in another one, presumably in the hope that you don't claim it, just like I didn't I've hunted high sand low for the form online, for all the govts claims that everything is to be done online, they seem to want to hide this one. I can't even find out where to get one. Do you think the JobCentre will have one if I call in next week?
  17. Many thanks for that, Liverbird. I'll get the form and fill it in. Why they have to make things so damn complicated is beyond me
  18. Many thanks, that explains that one then, as I am in the Support Group.
  19. Hi all, I was awarded DLA with Higher Rate Mobility and Middle Rate care for 5 years in 2008. At the time I was also on Income support, and so started getting the Severe Disability Premium. I was then changed over to ESA early last year, and placed in the Support Group. The letter awarding me the ESA at the time, had dropped the Severe Disability Premium, and paid me a "top-up" premium instead. As the money was the same, I didn't think too much about it at the time, and I assumed that the SDP had been done away with. I have now been re-awarded DLA for an indefinite period, at the same level, Higher Mobility and Middle Care. Today I got the ESA reassessment letter, with the same "top-up" premium. However, when I went online to check the rates, I find that the Severe Disability Premium is still showing, so I'm wondering if I should have been getting it all along? According to my calculations, if I was still getting the SDP, I would be about £13 a week better off. I'm also getting a "Disability Income Guarantee" payment of £14.80. Can anyone shed any light on what that is, please? I can't seem to find anything much about it by Googling.
  20. I sent B. Carter a letter pretty much as Brigadier suggested. Today, I got two separate replies from Frederickson, dated and posted the same day, in separate envelopes. They really do like to play mind games, don't they? I'm proposing to ignore their request for proof of payment, if they want to try and claim that no payment was made, then this alleged debt was Stat barred in 2009. If they accept that the payment was made, then I have the letters to show that it was in F&F settlement. Unless anyone thinks I should take a different course?
  21. I meant to mention, that the last time I checked my credit file, which was 2010, this alleged debt was not showing. It dates from 2000, and would have been SB'd in 2009 had I not made that F&F payment I know one thing, I'd never make another F&F, nor would I advise anyone else to do so. Even though I hadn't then discovered CAG, I still knew that DCAs weren't to be trusted I'm going to send off for a new copy of my credit file, at the same time as I send the letter.
  22. The wording on the Clarity letter is as follows: I have a further letter acknowledging receipt of the sum, and stating that the account is now closed. It doesn't specifically say that they won't sell the balance on, but the reference to their client, who would have been Egg at the time, should make life hard for them in court I would hope. Do you guys think I should also send a letter to Clarity at the same time?
  23. Hi all, it's been a while since I was last here, as pretty much all of my stuff went SB a while ago. However, I have a bit of an unusual one here, in that there was one alleged debt (Egg loan) that Clarity chased me for a while back, before I discovered CAG, and I ended up making a F&F payment in mid 2008. I still have the correspondence (I've learned from CAG never to throw anything away ). I naturally assumed that was the end of the matter, until 2010 when Arrow Global claimed the debt had been assigned to them, and then I started getting the usual threatograms from various DCAs - it has been through at least half a dozen. I ignoredf them, TBH, since I have the F&F letter from Clarity. However, on Staurday I got a LBA from Fredericson, and today (2 days later) another LBA from Carter. Since I know what Carter is like, I think I do now need to write something, so I'd like some advice on the best way to proceed, please.
  24. Thanks much for that A home visit was already asked for on the ESA50 form. And I already supplied most of that as supporting evidence. I can't lay it on too thick though, as I have a Motability car, which they presumably would know about through my DLA payments to Motability. At the end of the day, if they want to waste my time and theirs with a medical, I suppose it's up to them. I can't walk anywhere near 50 metres without stopping, and I haven't been able to for the last 5 or 6 years, so that's 15 points right there.
  25. 24 hours was a typo, I meant 20 hours a day, I don't know if that makes any difference. What medication are you on? I'm on Spiriva, Symbicort and Mucodyne, which have really controlled the coughing fits, which was the nearest I used to get to blackouts. I can't walk far at all, and everything has to be done extremely slowly, but now that the condition is stabilised, I manage to muddle along OK really.
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