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Found 14 results

  1. Hi all, i have just received a court claim letter requesting payment for what appears to be an old overdraft for just over 500.00 pounds. As far as aware i requested the account to be closed approx 6 to 7 years ago. Do not recall having letters from lloyds bank, only letters and phone calls from dcas. Can overdrafts be statue barred??? If so how can i find out?? No payment has been made to account for years. Also got letter from carters saying court letter will come and to call them to discuss? Are they bluffing? Any help advise please. many thanks
  2. I have had a letter from Brian carter Solicitors saying that a ccj has been entered against me on the 17 December 2015. I did get the court papers but stupidly ignored them after reading different things on the internet about not admitting anything. The bill is for £501.64 and he is asking for £50 a month which I can't pay. The letter says they will consider further enforcement action if the payment is not made. I don't know what to do. I have also received another letter from Lowell which says pre legal assessment threatening another bill being sent to their solicitors (probably Brian carter again) . The bill is for £836.77 and the letter talks about ccjs and possible bailiffs. I have absolutely no idea where I stand as far as bailiffs are concerned. I don't own my home. Do I have to let them in? I've seen programmes on bailiffs and the thought terrifies me. I realise this is my own doing but trying to pay rent and council tax as well as feeding 2 kids has been my main priority. I had these debts as well as some others with stepchange but the payments got too much and I had to cancel the agreement. Stepchange said one of the options was bankruptcy but I panicked and just left things. But because they have been paid a little bit, this is surely classed as acknowledgement of the debt? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm frightened of answering the front door. Thanks, Tracey
  3. Hi, Not sure if i'm in the right place. I have revisted an old property recently and found a ccj for an old orange debt passed to lowel. With Brian Carter acting on behalf of them. The ccj was issued in December 2014 for the debt of £733 and i was ordered to pay £50 a month. This is nearly 12 months old and Carter is in a right flap, obviously. The address correspondence has been sent to, i own, and is rented out. The tenants say no bailiffs have been around. I can't understand why?, if it's nearly 12 months ago. this is my second ccj the first one for £1000, i was ordered to pay it immediately. I didn't have the money so i ignored and heard nothing more about it. I owe around 40k to various, whom i have agreed repayment plans with. Anyone have an idea what Carter will do next if i don't pay? Can he get a charging order on my house? And why has he not taken more steps after nearly 12 months? Many thanks if anyone can give me guidance.
  4. Hi, I wonder if I could have some advice on the following. I checked my credit report for the first time in a while today, and notice that Lowell has added a default, dated 04/01/2011, for a small debt which is 'mail order'. Looking at the account start date of 2001, this is clearly a Littlewoods account which I stopped paying back in about 2006/7 when I got into significant financial difficulty and it ceased to be a priority debt. I've not paid or acknowledged the debt in this time, and it's almost certainly a) mostly made up of charges and b) statute barred or almost statute barred. I have received letters about this debt but have ignored then due to assuming they were phishing on a statute barred debt. Any advice on how I go about finding out why/how the default is there and how I get it removed, please?
  5. Hi, I am having a problem with Lowells, they have started legal action against me, its for £338, they reckon I owe it for an O2 contract from over two years ago. I had a disagreement with O2 as they gave me a duff phone, looks like they sold the debt but how do I know its kosha ? I now have to admit to owing it and pay, or admit to half of it or disagree with the claim altogether. In my defence (to be written on the court form) can I ask them to provide a consumer credit agreement ? Thanks
  6. Way back in 2007, before I discovered CAG, Carters instigated a County Court claim for £300 odd out of an alleged debt of several thousand. Having ascertained that they couldn't come after me for the rest, I decided not to fight it, and was paying them at a couple of quid a month (because I am on disability benefits that was all I could afford). That went on for 6 years until, presumably, the CCJ dropped off my credit file, at which point they stopped taking payments and cancelled the Direct Debit which was set up. Since the middle of last year, I have had a few letters, starting with Westcott, and then from Arrow Global who kept sending me Notices of Assignment to various DCAs and their pet solicitors, until I received the following letter: Clearly Brian Carter has sold the alleged debt on, but the question is can he do that where a CCJ had been awarded? And car Drydens Fairfax just take over a CCJ like that? I'd be most grateful for any advice on how best to proceed here.
  7. Hi I had a credit card with aqua which went to Lowell Financial Limited. This then went to a company called Fredricksons. I had a letter from BRYAN CARTER SOLS on 19 jul saying i needed to contact Fredricksons within 14 days (which I didnt) now received letter dated 9th august which says " we have been instructed by fredrickson international limited on behalf of lowell financial ltd to issue court proceedings on 23 august 2013 if payment of this debt is not received by us by that date" Question is what do I do?? I have never written or spoken to any of these companies. thanks in advance for any help ***Forget to say on letter dated 19th jul.. it says our client lowells, then asked by fredricksons to contact and on bryan carter headed paper ??? very confused..
  8. Hi,. I have had a debt with cap 1. This was for £2200. It was passed to fredrickson international. After several threatening letters I decided to phone them and I told them that I have had a hard financial period which included several months of unemployment. I said that I currently have a family friend who is williing to lend me money to pay off all my debts @ %40. I said on the phone that the £2200 was made up of approx £300 charges which were unfar in my view at £16. We came to a number on the phone of £1000, which the lady said she would have to get authorozied. She would phone me back the next day. In the meantime she said it might be a good idea to do an income and expendituture doc and send it to them. I didn't do this and she didn't ever phone back. This was a month ago. Now I have a letter from Brian Carter Sols acting on behalf of cap 1 wanting the whole sum in a week's time otherwise I go to court. Any advice please?
  9. Does anyone want to share their issues with Brian James Furnishings in Cannock, Staffordshire? Tested the water at the store last June and bought a great chair and was very pleased with customer service. I know the store had bad press with the ex-Director banned from setting up a company for a few years so I figured I would risk it for a biscuit. Bought a sofa bed in January this year and I'm now in dispute with the company. Occasional piece of furniture not sat on often and the seat cushions have proved to be unsupportive and give me a bad back because they sink into the frame. When tested in shop was great and I went back on 2 separate occasions and tried it for over 30 minutes each time. This sofa seems to lack the support of the one in the showroom. Anyway keeping a long story short Brian James sent out their delivery guy (who they call the inspector) and after a brief inspection he agreed with me there was a lot of give in the cushions. Turns out when he got back to the office his story had changed. He couldn't give me anything in writing when asked at the time. Brian James staff really defensive from day one of complaint and appalling customer service. Had to beg for the first inspection to get some help with the cushions. Anyway, they insisted on doing a 2nd inspection after virtually calling me a liar and the sales manager stood in my living room and told me that "this sofa bed is not made to be comfortable". I take this as an admission the sofa is not fit for its purpose and have written letters to the Director requesting a refund. Also the manager, took 10 minutes (much to his embarrassment) to fix the mechanical bed frame as it failed to spring out. Possibly caused by the weight of sitting on the sofa. It does make a fair old squeak when you sit on it and get up. The sales manager told me springs are designed to squeak and should be expected in all furniture bought from their store. I' m also checking out a possible section 75 claim with credit card provider at the moment. Has anyone else had dodgy after sales care with Brian James and wants to get in touch? Maybe together we can be stronger?
  10. Back in 2008, before I discovered CAG, I made a Full and Final settlement with Clarity over an Egg loan. I still have all the correspondence and the acceptance letter from Clarity. Then last week, out of the blue, I got this letter from Egg: And today I got this from Arrow: It will now be well statute barred in any case, so it seems to me that I'm covered any which way. Either they accept the F&F letter, or they don't and it's Stat Barred. Do you think this requires any sort of response at this stage?
  11. Hi. Thanks for taking time to read my post I really hope someone can help me as I am really worried about it and unsure of the best way to proceed. I received a claim form from Northampton County Court this morning with the following particulars: THE CLAIMANT'S CLAIM IS FOR THE BALANCE DUE UNDER AN AGREEMENT WHICH IS NOW ALL DUE AND PAYABLE THE DEFENDANT AGREED TO PAY MONTHLY INSTALMENTS UNDER ACCOUNT NUMBER XXXXX BUT HAS FAILED TO DO SO. AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS THE SUM OF 989.81. THE CLAIMANT ALSO CLAIMS INTEREST THEREON PURSUANT TO S.69 COUNTY COURT ACT 1984 LIMITED TO ONE YEAR TO THE DATE HEREOF AT THE RATE OF 8%PER ANNUM AMOUNTING TO 0.00 AMOUNT CLAIMED: XX9.81 COURT FEE: 55.00 SOLICITOR'S COSTS: 70.00 TOTAL AMOUNT: XXX4.81 I've worked out that this refers to an old Natwest credit card. There was no mention of this on the claim form. Back in June 2008 I sent a CCA request to Moorcroft who were chasing this debt at the time. I have the recorded post receipt. They sent a letter back saying they couldn't produce one, unfortunately I can't find the letter but looking through my computer records I sent them the following letter on 11th July 2008... Thank you for your letter dated 1st July 2008 regarding my request for a signed copy of the relevant agreement under the Consumer Credit Act. Although you state that you are unable to provide me with a copy as requested it is my understanding that under the new Unfair Commercial Practices Directive you have the same responsibilities as the original creditor to comply with my CCA request. I therefore enclose a postal order for £1.00, which represents the statuary fee and remind you that as I asked for this on 25th June 2008 you need to supply me with a copy before Monday 14th July 2008. I look forward to hearing from you in writing. Yours sincerely, A few months later (Sept 2008) I get a letter from Allied International Credit chasing money so sent them an account in dispute letter asking to return account to original creditor. I've not heard anything about this debt since, until today. I have had a look through some of the posts on here and I'm sorry I am still a bit confused about what to do next. I think I should go online and defend claim? The issue date of claim is 13th August but only received today - is the deadline tomorrow - 5 days? The other problem is that I am going on holiday on Monday for 2 weeks so am worried about potential time limits on dealing with this as I wont be home. Can someone please please help me with what I need to do next. I really appreciate any advice/help you guys can offer me. Thank you.
  12. Hi, I've been using this forum for years and have found it beyond helpful, but until now i've had nothing to add. Its a pretty steep learning curve and I wish I could have helped but it seems I may need some advice myself today. I've recieved a county court claim form (similar to some of the others ive seen on here from the same people) but Im unsure exactly how to set out my defence. There is plenty of info on here for the standard defences and I wouldn't normally ask but In this instance I really dont owe them, and in fact I consider orange (or whoever owns the account now) as owing money to myself. The amount is just a couple of hundred quid, and I could probably afford to pay it but I wont on principle. It relates to a mobile phone contract I had with orange which went bad 5 1/2 years ago (nearly made it lol). I kept eveything and remember all the telephone conversations vividly. The problems came from a phonecall I recieved from one of their indian call centres. I could undertand very little of what the guy was saying but he offered me £5 worth of free international calls for a month. I (stupidly) said yes. While he was in there, unbeknownst to me, he removed all add-ons from my monthly bill. This was around this time in 2006, maybe august (i have records at home). The phone was one of the original smart-phones and one of the bundles was for data. this was back when data cost a lot, maybe £5 per meg, and the phone was similar to a modern phone in how it used data so the bundle was essential. Typically my bills were around £52 if memory serves me. My bills were taken by direct debit and I didnt notice anything was wrong untill months later, perhaps november/december. In the mean time they had been taking £80-90 or more per month from my account. I noticed because my bank had sent me an unpaid direct debit letter. I rang orange and they demanded I pay this ~£80 bill. I refused, found out about the removed bundle and started complaining. They admitted fault and offered to refund one months worth of overcharging (I think it was £20). But still demanded I pay the £80 as the refund would be applied to my next bill. Even though they admitted fault they were unwilling to refund the full amount on the basis that I should have told (caught) them sooner. Its like saying: we know you're a mass murderer, but seeing as we didn't catch you earlier, we will only prosecute you for the last one! I said I was unwilling to pay and that they should disconnect me (I was out of contract). My phone was subsequently disconnected, incoming and outgoing, but they continued to bill me for a futher 2 months ending up with the total bill of around £200. This was for service I did not recieve. And the overcharging amount was well in excess of the £80 demanded from me initially. Hence why I believe they owe me. The question is, Im not sure whether to pusue this line of defence, or just the standard 'I know nothing' defence. I understand it may be more risky, but I see how much hassle the other stlyes of defence have caused people. I doubt they have any real records as its changed hands a few times over the years. I appeiciate any help you can give me, and you will probably see more of me in the coming months as a few deadlines are approaching nicely. But I would hate to have a ccj from the one debt I know for a fact I dont owe.
  13. Hi all, I keep getting text messages to my business landline, I checked the number and it appears to be this joker. I've already complained to the solicitor ombudsman. Staff and I have taken calls, long pause and then an automated message, starting off with call before you go to court, to you are now going into court today, to when they text to say they have put a CCG against me today. They have never written to me, neither has anyone else claiming I owe them money, which makes sense as I owe no-one nothing. Who the heck are they causing all this worry across the land, I wish they were just down the road as I would go and stick my foot up his backside and happily be arrested for it. [EDIT] eg those ones on telly that are walking down a flight of stairs and the solicitor lady actor in high heels falls over, saying see we have accidents too, and yes their game would then be to claim off some poor other bugger for their own stupidity, oh I fell over my own feet, who can I make pay for that, it's ridiculous. Back to this Brian character, I read some people say to respond and sort out a payment plan, others say to ignore it, I'm ignoring it and I'll see what turns up from this alleged court case I wasn't even invited to, I summons non payers and I have to obviously let them know throughout what I am doing, why doesn't brian, co's like his should be shut down, and he should be ejected from the UK, I'll help by using my foot and kick him to the continent. Thanks for any info!
  14. That really is sad, one of my favourite groups of all time: R.I.P. Big boy - you brought a lot of pleasure to a lot of people and will be sadly missed not least by me.
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