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  1. This is regarding a Car sale , but the [problem] could apply ot anything. ( whats wrong with the word Sc@m ?? ) My Dad is 87 and a bit out of his dept when thing gets outside the simple Ebay type see /pay .buy /get delivered senario. He paid 3k to a Apparently legit Escrow comany ,based on an advert on Ebay , the advert got pulled the instant he asked about it and then went via thier messaging system . But it seems now he's been had , as part of a larger [problem] involving a number of websites , hacked and giving glowing referencesto this fake company . Actually on in
  2. My Single parent daughter (now with 2 boys) was made redundant a couple of weeks after she returned from maternity ( another thread on here:evil:). Since then she has been chasing all the gov /council departments for here benefits/credits etc , there has been a ridiculous amount of delays/backlogs in getting this resolved and its still on going. So My question is : .. during this time she has spent her meager redundancy pay and some family borrowing just keeping the council house and associated payments going, Should she not have her benefits backdated to the time of her orig
  3. Just had a reply from the company HR who say the Redundancy and Exs gratia have not been taxed but the Pilon has .. C.
  4. Daughter has finally received some payment in the post . Nice lack of detail in the attached letter. It would seem that she has been taxed on her PILON. Which I believe to be wrong, as there is no mention of PILON in her contact of employment. And from what I can see this means this type of payment is then classed as compensation and therefore not a taxable amount . Am I correct here ? bearing in mind the para below !! C. PS the only para in a similar view in the contract is : "If in the opinion of the company it is considered appropriate, the comapny r
  5. From scurrying around the web , it does seem that Pilon and or Holiday pay is a very rather grey subject ?.. Any opinons seem varied ? Even Gov's Business Link site tells employers to pay for holiday accrued to the end of the notice period whether it is worked or not? Also in the 1st letter ( 16th Jan ) , the invite to a consultation meeting , there is a statement .. to discuss "The amount of redundancy pay you would receive and any other relevant payments/deductions if relevant ( please note that for the purpose of calculations the date of the 2nd January 2013 will
  6. Looks like she did not get the new position .. So its back to sorting out the monies due to here .. Still no mention of the 30 odd days outstanding holiday .. by the company .?. C.
  7. Well there was a meeting today, And the the company are "restructuring " .. both at head office in London and down in this satelite dept in Dorset. 20 or So in London at risk and 4 down here . So here 3 jobs are disappearing and being lobbed in together under a new title. And this job is up for grabs and Daughter has been asked to apply for it , as she is the most qualified . At the other end of the scale .. the redundancy package offer is .. 5 yrs X 1 weeks wages Per .. standard stuff. an Ex gratia ? payment equiv to about 5 weeks salary Plus 5 weeks sala
  8. Actually the person who notifed yesterday said quite definitively " your job is now redundant"., and now there's the consultation ? ... Does sound about par for the course at this place .. C.
  9. Thanks for the reply , Typically .. just after posting this , an Email came through, with attached letter. Which give time for a meeting tomorrow (friday) , with HR and MD, to discuss , 1. the selection of the current role for redundancy 2. Chances of re-deployment 3 The amounts of R-Pay to be offered and any other payments Will see what is going on then ! . C.
  10. Hi all, Writing this for my daughter actually.. Yesterday , completely out of the blue , my daugther and 3 others were called to a meeting and told of their position ( in my daughters case, an assistant Editor) was to be made redundant. She has been in this post for the last 5 years. She was told that she could apply for voluntary, but this offer, with no details whatsoever is only available for about 24 hours or so . ?? So far there is no indication of any written notice appearing . The actual current editorial work is still on going and is most definitely going to to b
  11. Maybe its age thing ?? I just don't take any S**T from anyone these days I get MAD and then get even !! plus I just don't like ANYONE being treated unfairly , probably why I frequent this forum But when its family... it becomes very personal .. and the opposition better look out!! .. Plus being a part timer , workwise now , I've got the time . phew better go and sit down !! Chris
  12. She has been getting a stressed about the whole situation , esp as not being at work you just don't know whats going on !! And its only about 4 years since she had to go bankrupt, due to debts left by her previous partner. and she has been gettong on very well managing her finances up til now !! .. All not been helped by her phone line being down for the last week C.
  13. Well, Things have moved on a fair bit since, my last post. My daughter went to visit her line manager at work yesterday. NB Her line manager has been very supportive and has been furious about the whole situation .Especially as she was told by HR to keep out of it as “it’s a personal matter”. My daughter took a small “crib sheet” I compiled for her, I wanted to accompany here but decide for this visit to stay at home. NB the HR Dept is over 100miles away in London so a face to face meeting is not practical. Whilst at work my daughter spoke to the HR man
  14. the only notification of this witholding of SMP was in the letter mentioned in my first speel, that was laying out the very high payment plan they had come up with. . A very Basic precis of the letter is " you are at fault for not noticing the overpayments, we want you to pay it back according to this payment plan ,and we are witholding your June SMP until this is resolved ." As she is close to the minimum wage at her normal rates, SMP is a lot lower and they want to take out an extra 200 a month from this SMP !! . C. C.
  15. Just found out they are presently witholding this months SMP until this is sorted out ?? Unbelvievable ?? C.
  16. thanks for the reply, She does intend to return to work after this, before the SMP ends. she worried that if she sticks up for herself she will be seen as a problem employee and get stuck on the next trimming down list !! I've seen all about Estoppel, but really that's a last resort. I've calc'd that she would be below the minimum wage after a 200 monthly deduction . Its just their whole attitude to the affair, I'm actually slightly suspicious that HR are trying to bully her into paying it off quick so they can hide the cock up . Almost sure the HR erro
  17. Hello, I am looking for some advice on a situation that my daughter has found her in recently. She went on maternity leave at the end of Jan 2012 and is still continuing this still. She recently had contact from her Companies New HR manager saying they had no knowledge of this Maternity leave. So the company have been paying her full salary instead of the reduced maternity amount for 3mnths, also and in lieu of 1 month of SMP. As she was on supposed about 90% salary for the 1st 3 months (but got 100%) and now is on SMP which is about 50% salary. The amount owed to date
  18. Hi to all , Its been quiet for some time, since the court case got dropped. Seen off a couple of similar attacks from debt recovery .solicitors But now back with a question. The IVA has recently been adjusted for a changes in Income.. My daughter has a new boyfriend ( one we all get on with !!!) So . Q.. If he was to move in ?? what happens to all the IVA/ finances. She will lose the 25% single parent council tax allowance and the tax credits will go down again. so this how will this affect the IVA if its still going on . Would the new partner be
  19. Update.. Another gang of shysters have crawled out !! Just had a letter from a Debt recovery agency, which I've found out is part of HSBC, who wrote .. ref HBSC debt blah blah! we will be calling you on the 2-sept 8am til 9pm.. pity the letter arrived on the 10th Sept !! tossers! This is refence an small HSBC debt , again included in the IVA. Just sending a we are in an IVA now p?ss off letter. take care all ,, C.
  20. Update.. As of 12 today the claim is still active, counter claim in and confirmed its receipt with the NCC. Got the IP to ring the tozers again while I was on hold .. and the tozers .. said they had not rec'd any paper work ( chairmans report etc).. when reminded that they had already admitted receipt of the paper last week, it all changed to well we have all ready contacted the court etc etc .. Wot a load of utter liars .. well I just hope now it actually makes it to court as the NCC have told me after they rec'd a copy of the IVA chairmans report that the claim will be
  21. Well 1 day before the defence statement has to be in .. and despite mutltiple phone calls from the IP to the solicitors, them having a copy of the IVA chairmans reports sent etc. and 2 assurances to the IP that the action has been halted.. it still active.. what a load of lying.. oooh! words fail me, or rather I shouldn't type them here. defence now submitted anyway just in case they are waiting for it before backing off ?? we will see ...
  22. Latest ... these legal tozers... have been contaced by the IP and sent documentary proof of the IVa, , eg chairmans reports etc., and today the I checked with court and........... and ......................and ................... the claim is still active. So just writing out a defence statement to stick up them . wot a load of ?:*&&%£$ !!! C. PS. Just been re-agreeing a new statement of affairs with the IP and the Payment has dropped to under 200 pounds now.. and the IP has tentativley agreed that it will probably all go to the wall in a few montha
  23. Latest.. HAve been told by the IP the court action fiasco has been sorted out . But will monitor it closley , because as of today the Court claim has not yet been cancelled.. Worst case is we turn up submit the defence if here's my IVA, and get paid some expenses for a day out. ! Plus today another creditor ( from the IVA agreement) had started sending letters .. argh!!! take care all
  24. Hi t o alll, Currently involved with the IP to sort out the major changes in income, All pretty borderline to negative disposable at the moment and in 6 months the working TC's will reduce by close to 200 pounds, so the whole IVa will go down the swanny and the Big B looks the only option, NB on the creditor front despite reporting the Wonkers to the IP.. sorry for the duff speelling.. and phoning them myself , today we received a letter saying court action had been started and we also got a docs from N'hampton County Court. What are these tw*ts on.. No court action i
  25. Hi to all being a newbie to all this .. but searching for help for my daughter.. was wondering.. if this 3months +7days applies.. My daughter froze a joint account after her partner left ( Sept 07) Nothing was said of any OD.on it.. her partner blocked his imminent salary going in, (this probably caused the initial OD) nothing was said by the NW bank. then in May 08 she suddenly had a letter saying she had a large OD and needed to sort it ??? Seems without any communication since sept ..?? NW have been a slack !! but not in adding interest during that time [ any help advic
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