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  1. I'm worrying over nothing then really? My husband has said the same,it's most likely a review.
  2. that's predictive text for you!! Was meant to say spinal! Corrected it now.
  3. I have received a letter from the local service compliance stating 'we're reviewing your benefits and circumstances, you must come to an office interview'. It further states 'we need to talk to you about some changes that may affect your benefit payments'. I am on ESA support and PIP daily rate, due to a hereditary condition and major spinal surgery and complications it left me with. I don't work and husband is my carer. I am worrying myself sick,as already suffer mental health and anxiety aswell as my existing problems. Neither of us work or had any change in circumstances that haven't been declared since my last visit. The reference on the bottom of the letter is FESL2T. Has anyone else had letters like this and shed any light on what it means?
  4. Thanks, but my surname has also changed too,how do I go about that?....send copy of marriage certificate?
  5. Hi I am wanting to claim back PPI on an old RBS mortgage, loan and Package bank account. The person I had a joint account with is now desceased and I have no paper work with any account numbers. Do I send a SARS first with a copy of the death certificate? Thanks in advance for any help
  6. The company that issued the charge (UKCPS) already have all my details, my name,address etc! Skypark Ltd do not have any contract of business with UKCPS. The whole point is that I refuse to ignore it, as I have in black and white,a written contract to have been parked at the date and time of charge. I'm not quite sure if my previous post has been mislead! The email received is from the company I paid to park my car for the week (airport parking) UKCPS are the company chasing me for £100. Skypark Ltd have no binding contract with UKCPS and I am not the only customer to have received an invoice for £100.
  7. I have this morning received an email from Skypark Ltd in.which I have copied and pasted and the contents are below. I had also contacted the wrong Skypark company hence why no details could be found. It appears Skypark International Business Estate, from within which we operate, has been subjected to a Rogue attempt to place Parking Tickets during the night, indiscriminately, on most if not all cars parked within the Estate without, we believe, any legal right or entitlement and, equally, wholly unenforceable. The Police have been informed and are investigating both the Company's right and validity to issue and the manner in which they are operating that appears to be both illegal and clandestine to say the least. We are taking legal advice on how best to deal with the matter and thereby advise and protect the several Customers of Skypark LIverpool who may be affected - which at present we can only determine once they email or contact us following receipt of the follow-up Notices such as yours now being issued. In the interim, to protect yourself in principle, may I suggest that you formally respond in writing to the Company - UKCPS - by Letter, keeping a copy togethr with a Certificate of Posting (an FOC Service available from your Local Post Office) and declare that at the relevant Date & Time your Car was under a Contract to Park with us - Skypark Ltd t/a Skypark LIverpool - and any commuincation or enforcement whether legal or not should be re-directed and addressed to us at our Head Office address - as set out below. Under no circumstances should you pay or offer to pay any Fine, but otherwise merely refer any further contact from the Company over the matter back to us without delay. We can only aplogise for any inconveneince being caused or created, but are of the opinion that we and the Estate in general appear to be the subject of a malicious, illegal, unwarranted and wholly unenforceable Parking Fine [problem]. Please feel free to pass this letter direct to the Company in question as both substantiation of your Parking Contract with us and our vehement reaction to the attempted extortion of a Parking Fine without proven or justifiable legal right or entitlement.
  8. It states it on the letter I received both the words PARKING CHARGE and FINE. I wouldn't even call it an invoice just a poor worded letter.
  9. Had a lovely holiday in Spain for my 40th! Booked the holiday through a travel agent including airport parking. Been home a month,and received a parking fine from UKCPS for £100. My car had been parked for the week on Skypark Liverpool and the reason for issue was WITHOUT A VALID PERMIT OR AUTHORITY. Apparently a notice was affixed to the windscreen of my vehicle, nothing on the car windscreen or was told about this by our meet and greet rep for Skypark. I have contacted Skypark Liverpool and their head office in Blackpool. No response from Liverpool but had a response from Head Office who can't find any of my details including car reg. I am now awaiting the travel agent to email the booking ref over. In the meantime I would need to appeal the charge to UKCPS. I want an explaination as to how I have received a parking charge when I have paid for a weeks parking? ! This was our first time abroad with my family. Has anyone else suffered at the hands of these charlatans?
  10. Hi Is there a letter template to send former employer requesting for wages that haven't been paid? Any help appreciated. Thank you
  11. Hi all to cut a long story short. Moved to a new build last year. Built in 2009 builder went bankrupt. Housing association took over property. Changed gas supply but couldn't do it as mpr no wasn't registered to the property called shipper who confirmed we had a crossed meter with another property over the road which was registered as a block of flats even though all are houses in cul de sac. Ahipper confirmed that all gas used would be abolished and no bill would be issued. I have all the old bills in the builders name dating back to 2009. Now British gas have tried billing us from last year but the date does not tally to when we moved in and it has now been passed to a dca. Any help on what can be done as hitting head against brick wall with this one?
  12. http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/d/fin_mortgages_ia_administering_regulated_mortgage_contract.PDF Take particular interest in page 6 RE securitisation.
  13. Who mentioned anything about money??? It's not about the money!! It's about somebody who can't do the job properly & by doing so will stop them from making the same mistake twice. Medical Negligence-they should really be struck off & prevented from practising medicine. Don't be so quick to judge that people only sue for the money.
  14. All family been examined for it genetically in the last 6 years since he was diagnosed. And as for suing quite a lot actually when your children have nearly lost a father due to the fact someone has misdiagnosed a condition,nearly killed with tablets he did not need.
  15. My OH was diagnosed with a 50% underactive & 50% overactive thyroid in 2005,in reality it should be normal,but it was unstablised. As it is supposed to be an hyreditary,no one else in his family has suffered from it. GP prescribed levothyroxine of 100mg,his condition got worse & the doseage was upped to 250mg. He started with really bad chest pains all down the leftside & when he went back to the GP he was told it was the side effects of the tablets & was prescribed co-codamol. The GP did not seem remotely interested when ny OH kept going back with pains as they still didn't get any better. Eventually he took himself off the tablets & managed to control the thyroid for upto a year. When he had to have a blood test his T3 levels were very low so he had to start taking the meds again on the high doseage. He wasn't very happy with how things where going with the gp so moved surgeries. When the new gp gave him an allover mot,he instantly lowered his dose & said it was to high,he told him about the chest pains & referred him to a specialist at the hospital. He had scans,ecg's done & was finally told the tablets were failing his heart,but as he had a thyroid problem would still need to take them. Back at the gp's they said it was difficult to stabilize his thyroid & they had never come across a problem like this before,but if he didn't take the meds is thyroid would fail,but it was also failing his heart at the same time. The only suggestion was tofind a dose that didn't give him the pains & to control the thyroid,he managed to do this by taking 50mg a day instead of 100mg. My OH also has suffered really bad migraines for years & has tried different diets,had mri scans & was told it would be something he would have to put up with. To cut a long story short,he had a neck & shoulder massage in jan this at a place called Dr Herbs. A couple of days later out of his nose dropped (what he could describe as chewing gum that had been soaked in water). I suggested he go to the Dr as it looked like a polyp,he was referred to ENT dept & it was indeed the biggest polyp they had seen & the pressure had caused a lump in the back of his neck. He had an operation 2 weeks ago & had it removed,the surgeon stated it had been there a long time & a whole mass of infection lined his sinuses & had blocked all his lymph nodes right to the back of his head & neck & that he didn't think he had a thyroid problem,as the lymph nodes had been pressing on his thyroid gland. Its been 2 weeks since he took his meds for his thyroid &what a different man he is,gaining weight & full of energy. Blood tests have come back with no abnormalities for a thyroid problem. So for the last 6 years he has been taking meds for a problem he has never had & which has nearly killed him with heart failure. If it hadn't been for the chinese guy who massaged his neck we would of been none the wiser. The headaches had gone on longer than the thyroid problem,surely someone is at fault somewhere?,but who do we blame for all the stress caused by all this?
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