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  1. From the other place Well done Richard Dyson of the Mail on Sunday. Well done for exposing Capstone. Well done for exposing their shameful repossession strategy which is not and never was a policy of last resort. It is a policy of first resort. It is their business model. They want to liquidate the mortgage book as fast as they possibly can. And that means charge, after unfair charge, after extortionate unfair charge, until they have the "grounds" for repossession. Now that a journalist with the courage and integrity to run with this has exposed the shameless and disgracefu
  2. Hi all... I'm Utterly frustrated here. The fact is that Capstone have been completely in disregard of any of their obligations as an FSA authorised company. Even any cursory glance at the postings here (unless everyone is making it up) would confirm this. So, in consequence can we agree, that CAPSTONE is an outfit which should not hold ANY authority from the FSA until it is proved FIT TO DO SO? Or is it always the case that the posters who essentially support these bastards, and who obviously have self interest at heart, will win the argument because any sustained opp
  3. Hi eagle If you were to claim in the county court with Capstone the defendant would be the OL SPML, SPPL, PML. However probably the best way to do this would be to file a counterclaim. Although you are out of time it is quite straightforward. Judges will not hear defences but THEY WILL hear counterclaims and are known to be quite sympathetic to the arguments. People's experiences in court are frustrating because the judges are sticklers for procedure. As a defendant in a repossession claim you have very little ground in which to make arguments but as a counterclaimant the court will open
  4. Eagle Insofar as barclays/ woolwich are concerned you now have all the necessary ammo for issuing claim in the County Court. My experience with them suggests it will go to the wire. Send them an LBA giving the 14 days to comply with and observe the FOS adjudication when they fail to do that it's time for your N1 claim. They'll back down before the hearing in most likelihood but it pays to get your arguments and evidence in order in case they actually defend properly. Keep the faith. EiE. You'll get plenty help with this I'm sure. Just don't take any assistance from betty. The
  5. Hi all and thanks to eagle and JC in particular It's more than apparent that "Our Betty" has completely shot her one and only useless bolt. I am not Ryde and Ryde is not EIE. The appalling and disgraceful attempt by this none contributor to muddy the waters, spread misinformation and distract everyone from the main task of fighting SPML Capstone etc clearly exposes bouncing Betty for what she is. A speculator, a liar and a fly by the seat of her pants guess merchant. WRONG WRONG WRONG BETTY. AND YOU HAVEN"T GOT THE DECENCY TO COUGH UP AND APOLOGISE. Do yourself a fa
  6. Oh dear. Bouncing betty has got her knickers in quite a twist hasn't she. Eie is not Ryde. Ryde is not EiE. EiE does not spam. EiE dies not encourage others to spam. Betty it seems is flying a kite in the face of facts and cannot admit she is wrong. Perhaps she would care to apologise?
  7. I don't know who the hell bouncing betty thinks he it she is but I want an immediate correction published. EiE (myself) us not Ryde. I have never used any identity for myself other than EiE. Any Reading of my posts will clearly reveal ( if you can be bothered to read them all) that the user Ryde and the user EiE are two seperate real life users. Many others will confirm this. I do not spam any site I use and do not encourage others. I want a full apology for your hasty and inaccurate conjecture and if I do not receive one that will say more about you than it does about me. Bouncing betty has
  8. Oooh. Now let me think..... JUST ABOUT ANYONE WHO HAS EVER BEEN INVOLVED WITH THE **** SUCKING PREDATORS Just a wild guess though. Mortgage Strategy "interview" with Amany Attia
  9. Pat I seriously would not worry about this. Let them explain why the agreement is not crystal clear so that all parties know where they stand. They have no right to insist upon insurance with them. It's just another one of their money grubbing tricks and likely to be regarded as unfair.
  10. Others may take a different view but I would regard this as sufficiently puzzling to launch a complaint with the Information Commissioner. Let them sort this out. That's what they're there for.
  11. Sue Just out of interest you would agree that PwC and the regulators are doing their level headed best to stave off an investor revolt? Secondly, following on, would you also agree that the most expeditious way of doing so is to pursue, through the likes of Capstone (look at Northern Rock) an aggressive repossession strategy? What sticks in my craw is the way in which the investors get looked after as best as (what goes up may go down) but the borrower (25 years not five) is getting stiffed royally here. No wonder the word mortgage contains within it the French word for dea
  12. Hi all The consensus appears to be that I have been a little hot headed and have been posting stuff that is unnecessarily hostile and provocative. I agree that this interpretation is justified and that (not for the first time) I got a bee in my bonnet. I wish to offer my sincere apologies for impugning the motives of individual members of the site team, and since the accusations were made publicly the best place for this apology is also in public. If anyone thinks otherwise, the fire has not gone out of my belly. But I'm driven mad by the sheer frustration of watching day
  13. I'm very sorry to hear that Dotty and as insensitive as my post concerning this was to the very real possibility that people such as yourself might have had first hand experience of this it also happens to be true. If the CAG team have access to PMs you can check this out. An appalling state of affairs. I'm disgusted that Martin3030 has still not seen fir to withdraw his comments or at the very least come up with some pathetic justification, no doubt employing the get clause "context".
  14. I've had PMs from people feeling that the only way out of this is to KILL THEMSELVES. This site relies on US to do the work for them whilst THE PAID moderators line their pockets. I'm fed up to the hind teeth of the MODS undoing all of that work because the very enemy the troops are fighting on a daily basis have a hot line to the CAG command. In the light of people posting desperate messages feeling that they must commit suicide to get out of their desperate situation does MARTIN 3030 STAND by his comments that this thread is the equivalent of threads elsewhere fighting parking
  15. If Martin3030 REALLY thinks that fighting these sub prime dogs is the equivalent of fighting a parking ticket I suggest he reaches for the drawer and gets a good hold of the pearl handled revolver. At least he'd be dignified in doing so. Moderators should have at least some clue as to what is actually going on. http://capstonemortgageservices.wordpress.com/category/capstone-mortgage-services-administrator-in-chief-for-repossessions/ I suggest he mugs up on the various TSC reports by Shelter Which and the TSC themselves. I must have missed their inquiry into parking attendants.
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