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  1. Hi Guys, I'm not sure whether this is the correct sub-forum, but here goes. Are there any regulations concerning the height of front garden boundary walls/fences? Does it vary from area to area? One of my neighbours has just doubled the height of the boundary wall/fence between our 2 properties without any consultation whatsoever.
  2. Just been looking at holidays, as it happens. I haven't had one for nearly 20 years. Thanks everyone for your input so far. Any further input would, of course, be welcome.
  3. No, not the same property. The property currently being sold was my late mother's and is free from mortgage or any other charges. It is my house that has the mortgage and 2 restrictions. I'm a little confused. The £10k is with a high street bank, the £25k is with a DCA/ debt buyer. Neither produced validly executed agreements, but in both cases, this was ignored by the court. At the time, I didn't have the time or resources to challenge it further.
  4. That seems to be in contradiction of post #10 above. In addition, I have about £9k outstanding on a 1st mortgage and I have already told the lender that this will be redeemed once I receive my money. I tried to apply for equity release a couple of years ago, but was turned down flat because of the restrictions.
  5. I wasn't thinking of selling my house in the short term. I just want to get rid of these restrictions.
  6. I was hoping this would apply http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=1839539
  7. So does that mean that on the death of my wife, the restrictions automatically became charging orders?
  8. The wife has no other beneficiaries. The restrictions, and the CCJ's which led to them, were registered well over 6 years ago. I am aware of this: "There is case law to suggest that 6 years is enough time for a claimant to enforce a judgment debt. In Patel v Singh [2002] EWCA Civ 1938 and Duer v Frazer [2001] 1 All ER 249 leave to enforce these debts were both refused. The reason being is that it was held that the general rule is that the passing of six years is sufficient in itself and the court would not extend time unless there were exceptional circumstances and it is demonstrably just to do so. It would be for the creditor to argue the reasons for delay and argue why they should take the case out of the general rule." What sort of percentages should I offer? I was thinking of 10%.
  9. My wife didn't leave a will. I haven't applied for probate (letters of administration) yet.
  10. I believe they are called "K" restrictions. The house is not shared ownership. It is in the names of my late wife and myself as tenants in common.
  11. I have 2 restrictions registered at the Land Registry on my house. Both in respect of old credit card debts. One is circa £25k, the other circa £10k. I will shortly be receiving some money from the sale of an inherited property. I am wondering whether it would be advisable to make full and final offers for reduced amounts to get rid of these restrictions. If so, what sort of percentage is likely to be accepted?
  12. Not so. I worked in the insurance industry for 20+ years. "Cancellation Fees" were never heard of . This is something recent.
  13. Not sure if this is the right place http://www.omg-facts.com/Business/Bank-of-America-agreed-to-pay-410-millio/60958?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter&utm_content=second
  14. I have already sent a LBA in the style of the step 2 letter above. Why do you guys think they are saying the UTCCR cannot be applied?
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