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  1. The correct number will be on any award notice, they'll check her Nino before she gets paid, it's no big deal tbh, they'll conduct a trace to confirm the Nino if there's any discrepancy
  2. is your mum receiving benefit?
  3. I also had kindle unlimited but I wasn't reading enough books to just justify the £7.99 a month subscription- so I cancelled it the other day, Amazon then restricted some of the books I had on my device as my subscription had expired
  4. I signed up for it last year, you have to provide card details, I didn't cancel in time and they too £79 off my card. The day before I thought the trial period was over - having said that I've watches loads of stuff on it last year but I canceled this years subscription x
  5. It's a shame ppl get the frighteners and pay up
  6. On the news today http://news.stv.tv/north/1322224-euro-car-parks-forced-to-scrap-fines-handed-out-at-sainsburys-in-aberdeen/
  7. Sorry Ford, been waylaid. I didn't get any of the stuff as it is covered by some other data protection.. There wasn't any PPI or insurance with the mortgage, the only thing I see is interest. The last payment was made 2012. I sent off a basic expenditure which I found online, it left £120 after all bills, they've either not received it or chosen to ignore it and have sent a detailed one of their own, they're asking for a wage slip to verify income. . Is that necessary?
  8. That 82k was a guesstimate - 87,400 was the actual loan amount. I'll have a look. The person who I'm acting for offered to pay £100 a month but tthr DCA won't accept it without an I/E sheet, which I refused to provide. I'll look at the ICO website, thanks Ford
  9. I don't know what initial capital means - the loan was for £87,400, the purchase price was £92,000 The mortgage lenders have said they are not obliged to supply details of and I quote..details of agents responsible for marketing/selling the property, copies of valuations, the selling agents report, and report to support the decision to auction the priority, details of charges and fees and details of handling and marketing the sale of the property, so basically nothing I specifically asked for
  10. Hi Ford, I have received all the stuff back from the mortgage lender - and a letter from the DCA asking what my intentions are... any advice?there is no sale receipt as such but there is an entry on the transactions stating 'possession credit' to close account of 58,943.93 and another credit of 41,574.20 redemption payment and redemption write off 16.48I am not sure how to proceed. there are a ton of charges added on to the account. thanks.
  11. That's fantastic Ford, tvm, I'll get it off tomorrow
  12. It was a joint mortgage, the house was repossessed - the loan was about 82k and they sold it for about 40k they're persuing him alone for 56k - I wanted a SAR to find out exactly how much it was bought/sold and any added charges. When I got the info my next plan was to come back here and ask for advice Ford
  13. Thanks Andy, I was a bit confused myself
  14. Who should I send a SAR to, the mortgage providers or the DCA who are chasing the debt? (repossession shortfall and charges) I've already written to the DCA on behalf of a family member, offering £100 per month (at his request) they won't accept this because I wouldn't provide them with I/E details. I'm a bit late to the table with help so don't know what's went on before (hence the SAR) Thanks
  15. It's legit - the messages are scheduled and are sent out automatically
  16. wait until the overpayment collections contacts you and then negotiate a repayment amount
  17. The HMRC will tell the DWP of any tax you've paid on savings/ISA etc - if you've still got an ISA or savings over the threshold, the tax paid on them is indicative of the amount.
  18. Beatrice the OP has told us it's a telephone interview so an interview is taking place and questions will be asked. PornBlue what I told you was personal experience, only a few months ago. Maybe they'll ask you to bring them in later or maybe they won't require any documents. The telephone interview will determine what happens next. If you feel you can't speak to them over the phone arrange an appointment to go in
  19. Customer compliance interviews are not indicative that your under suspicion or have done something wrong. It's merely a check that the payments you're receiving are for the same set of circumstances you declared - they'll ask to see proof of savings/bank statement, who lives with you etc x
  20. Sounds like a letter from tax credits - all you can do is tell the truth - you didn't realise. You'll have to pay back what you've received in tax credits for the period when the approved training ended. Looks like Sept 13.. What sort of training was she on from April - Sept?
  21. You're right about the fluctuation in wages but the issue is finalising your award. You say you sent it, they say not. I don't know if it's possible to check with the PO. My concern is the way the overpayments guy treated you. If that's true, it's shameful and I would rest my complaint on him not giving you the opportunity to provide the figures at your convenience. HMRC and Inland Revenue are one in the same, they can and do confirm earnings, what they they told you was also incorrect so you can use that as ammo in your complaint/appeal - good luck
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