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  1. I’ve no idea why they did what they did. No matter how many times I ask myself. HBOS accepted £75, BCW took over, the amount stayed the same and IDEM took over and it’s stayed the same but the last week they’ve sent numerous letters and I&E forms FYI- I sent a letter to IDEM and asked them for a CCA which they provided. (About a year ago) I didn’t sent a CCA to IDEM so my question was ‘ do I need to complete an I&E form?’ if the answer is no, my OH is happy to keep paying £75. That’s his choice. Thanks for your help
  2. IDEM sent me the CCA at my request. I still don’t understand what you’re talking about. Crushed who in court and what for? It never went to court and he never disputed that he owed the money. Ive always used this name DX Im asking for advice, I’ve no underhanded reasons. Ive nothing to hide. I appreciate your help and you’ve given me advice in the past (maybe on other matters) I’m not myself at the minute and would appreciate some understanding/empathy
  3. It was the bank who started the collection. We banked with HBOS. He had asked them to freeze the interest and they said they couldn’t unless he defaulted. Their in-house collection team set up the £75 amount. I think it was Buchanan Clark and Wells. That was in place for a few years then it was transferred to briefly to another DCA, which I can’t recall then for the last 5/6 years IDEM. I don’t know what you mean when you say ‘crush them’ and ‘something smells’ Ps I asked IDEM for a copy of the CCA, which they provided Thanks
  4. he hasn't been blindly paying to be fair, he owed them £15k from a Halifax credit card, we did get the CCA and it was a signed credit card agreement. so a whiles to go yet before he clears it off as the o/'s balance is still around £6K.
  5. My oh has been paying IDEM for almost 10 years at £75 per month. He has paid it without fail despite being made redundant and out of work for almost a year. They send us letters to contact them periodically asking us to call and discuss the amount being paid. I got advice from here a long time ago which was a to only deal in writing and so each time they write I send this letter - re your letter - i have noted the contents and would like to reiterate that my circumstances have not changed, in fact I am in a worse financial position now than I was at the start of the agreement. I was made redundant in 2019 and furloughed last year. I still managed to make the agreed payments and would like to confirm that I will not be increasing the amount previously agreed nor will I be telephoning your office; I have previously requested that all correspondence be in writing. To this end and for my own records can you please send me a copy of the original credit agreement Please accept this letter as my consent for you to continue collecting £75 per month. This past fortnight they have sent 3 letters stating he does not have a formal arrangement in place and they have attached an IE form to be completed. He has since found employment but only getting back on his feet. Should he complete the IE or should i sent the same letter I have been sending?
  6. The correct number will be on any award notice, they'll check her Nino before she gets paid, it's no big deal tbh, they'll conduct a trace to confirm the Nino if there's any discrepancy
  7. is your mum receiving benefit?
  8. I also had kindle unlimited but I wasn't reading enough books to just justify the £7.99 a month subscription- so I cancelled it the other day, Amazon then restricted some of the books I had on my device as my subscription had expired
  9. I signed up for it last year, you have to provide card details, I didn't cancel in time and they too £79 off my card. The day before I thought the trial period was over - having said that I've watches loads of stuff on it last year but I canceled this years subscription x
  10. It's a shame ppl get the frighteners and pay up
  11. On the news today http://news.stv.tv/north/1322224-euro-car-parks-forced-to-scrap-fines-handed-out-at-sainsburys-in-aberdeen/
  12. Sorry Ford, been waylaid. I didn't get any of the stuff as it is covered by some other data protection.. There wasn't any PPI or insurance with the mortgage, the only thing I see is interest. The last payment was made 2012. I sent off a basic expenditure which I found online, it left £120 after all bills, they've either not received it or chosen to ignore it and have sent a detailed one of their own, they're asking for a wage slip to verify income. . Is that necessary?
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