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  1. My Sister booked a Holiday with Thompsons to Sharm El Sheik for the end of May. She has just had her flight from Birmingham changed to Gatwick - and what is worse it leaves/returns 2 days later than she initially booked. Some of the party have had to book time off with work and may not be able to change their dates. Strange thing is - when I tried to book on the same flight for my family - so we could join her for her 40th Birthday - we couldn't because there was only 1 seat left on the plane. Why then has an apparantley full plane been cancelled?? Have they realy changed an entire plane full of people to other flights? This does not sound right to me and i intend to do some digging. Really the Holiday - as booked - no longer exists, and what she has been offered is a new/different holiday. When she asked Thomson if their was anything else they could do she was told no. This implies that she has to just take the new holiday. They did not mention a possibility of a refund. (She would prefer a holiday but it causes problems for some in the party). Any advice on what her rights are?
  2. really need to see the agreement. place a piece of paper over personal details and then take photo.
  3. Have had a contact from freds in recent times telling me that DWP over payments are not stat barred. Alleged over payment was made in 2000 - only just heard from them. But according to freds DWP sent letter demanding payment to my old address in 2011 - so if that is their first demand for payment - would take this up to 2017 before it becomes SB? We left that address in 2007 - so even if they sent a first request for payment, the day after we moved out it would still be 6 7 years after the original debt. So how long do they get to send the first demand?
  4. Thanks Ell-enn Strangley enough they had a letter from Acenden arrive this morning teeling them to ring them if they wanted to cancel the visit, (at a charge), even though the visit had already happened. Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.
  5. What number post is it in? - sorry i can't find it
  6. That agreement should be 6 pages long - it states at the bottom of each page 1 of 6 - page 2 of 6 - have they sent all 6 pages? Did they also send you a statement with agreement? Have you offered £100 per month as mentioned by AS above? Can you afford this? if so what was their response?
  7. Without wishing to sound like a broken record - have you made a formal CCA request - which will not only give you the answers to your questions, but if they fail to respond with the correct information, you are then protected by the fact that a court can not enforce the debt untill they do.
  8. Have you got any PPI etc on this loan that you may be able to claim back, along with any excessive charges? It may help reduce the overall balance owed. Also don't deal with your local welcome Branch - only deal with their head office. But as has been pointed out - as this is a secured loan it may be in your interest to send them the statements they have asked for - especialy if this proves your financial situation.
  9. Hi has anyone heard of a company called DMS (Debt Services management Ltd) their letter head says they are members of the association of arrears mediation. First thing is - is this kind of service any good and will it help. Bit of background. Have a friend who is in arrears to the tune of about £1,500 on their mortgage due to short term problems - they did bury their heads a bit. They brought a letter round to me this morning from this DMS stating that they would be calling in the next few days to discuss their arrears and possible repayment plans etc. that is affordable and agreeable to the lender. the letter was dated yesterday. i said to leave it with me and i would try and find few things out. After he got home from seeing me he had had a letter pushed through his door from the field agent of this company. (Bit quick) The couple concerned are now both back in full time employement and able to afford to pay their mortgage and a little extra to clear the arrears - though this will take a little time. Any advice on what they should do? I could do a repayment plan for them or is it worth using this DMA firm - or is that a no no and rip off, (as my instinct tells me it is)
  10. make sure you update your complaint regularly - it is the weight of complaints that go against these companies.
  11. If they send you everything they have then they have complied with your SAR - the problem is that Welcome used to lose a lot of paperwork, (convenient ?) They have been fined £150,000 for their lapse practices. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-18723038 The Default Notice is not compliant - it gives you 14 days - but it must give you an actuall date to remedy by. That means that the Court cannot enforce the debt until they send you a compliant DN. That is a total defence in Court (see Brandon v Amex). Also, as it stands, that CCA response is not compliant - how can you read the terms and conditions with that big notice obscuring the middle of it. if they did not send you a statement as part of their CCA response then it fails for that reason also. I can't see a right to cancel either the agreement or the PPI.
  12. Dont assume the Judge would query the 12% - The Judge may not be an expert on the CCA. The 12% claim is actually fvery naughty- as explained to me by someone at the OFT - you must complain - this is one of the practices that got HFO in so much trouble.
  13. From what you are saying it appears they have not fully complied with your CCA request. To comply they need to send you a legible copy of the agreement A legible copy of the terms and conditions ( can you upload the T&C's they sent you? - Welcome do not keep copies of the back of the agreements - I have a statement from their head of compliance saying as much - so we need to see if they are the correct ones) They also need to send you a full statement of account showing all charges and payments made. Here is a copy of what they need to send to comply. Can you also upload the Default Notice - if it does not comply then they cannot enforce the debt. S.78 request requirements.pdf
  14. What exactley did they send you in response to your CCA request? Did they send you any terms and conditions? Can you post up everyhting they sent in response so we can see if they have complied or not. Do you have a copy of the letter you sent to them making your request?
  15. In Post number 7 you have uploaded a copy of the agreement - was this sent to you in response to a CCA request, or is this a copy you had?
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