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  1. Evening, no i didn’t use them, I did send Moneybarn a letter myself without using them, the original email came from them. Moneybarn just are refusing to reply, as mentioned the 8 weeks is up next week
  2. Hi there Yh should have gave back story - The agreement is old, finished ages ago, over 6 years but was reading an email that was sent to me very recently and it was regarding affordability and checks they should have been carried out, So I wrote to them. The email was from a company that I signed up to a while ago , so not sure how they knew I had an agreement with Moneybarn. I sent the letter off to Moneybarn explaining what wasn’t carried out and sent them copies of the initial agreement and conversation emails from the start as per directions from the email. The car has been paid off, i missed no payments although i did write to them a few times throughout the agreement to try and VT as was experiencing money problems at the time, but kept on paying, and there were issues with payments going missing from their end from time to time, but thats all really.
  3. Good Evening I apologise if this in the incorrect place, feel free to direct me to the correct place if so, but would just like a bit of advice please. I submitted an affordability complaint to moneybarn almost 8 weeks ago, on 4 March 2022, they acknowledged receipt of my email and said it would be passed to the relevant team for response within 5 days. I wait …. Nothing heard for almost 3 weeks so I chase on 21 March 2022, again receive the generic email receipt and then I get copied into internal communication in error between staff basically saying they don’t know what happened with old cases, but just give me a “generic response.” I then responded making them aware I was copied in and said I don’t want a generic response but a thorough investigation and I received an email saying I shouldn’t have received the email and they cant find the documents as my account is old. I then reply the same day providing them with the documents needed. A further 3 weeks go by and I email to get an update and receive no communication from the complaints team so I decided today to email the CEO. I get the usual PA response saying they are looking into it, however the CEO then responds to the team and copies me in error again basically asking how come I received internal communication by mistake . I knew it was an internal comms error when the PA then sends a follow up email this evening at 8.01pm saying she needs to explain further and they will be investigating why and how I received these communication. It appears that they are more concerned with their staff hitting “reply all” then they are in actually addressing my original complaint and I wanted to know whether I had every right to refer this to Ombudsman when 8 weeks deadline is up next week. If you would like to see any communication between me and Moneybarn, Im more than happy to upload. Thanks
  4. Morning, thanks for your replies, I honest did not see the no right turn sign, surely it should be near the junction and not where it's placed, failing that do I have an representation challenge in the grounds it's over 28 days served? But surely why would Islington send it out if they know it could be argued. I'm not disagreeing with anyone whatsoever, it's just when I write to them I wish to be prepared for their responses
  5. Oh ok, thanks for that, however what about the delay in sending, the poor if not non existent signs well from my view anyway. Waiting for other half to drive me there now and take pics.
  6. Yes I'm about to drive the 9 miles and take some snaps, but to be honest how do I know that any signs that are there now haven't been erected since the alleged contravention? After all that was two months ago
  7. Evening all I require a little help please, I have received a PCN today from Islington Council, the 1st thing I'm confused about is the date of the alleged contravention is 29/9/14 however the notice is dated 26/11/14 nearly 2 months later. I have had the car for nearly 4 years and lived at my current address for 6 years so DVLA have had all the correct information on me. 2nd issue is, it states that I failed to comply with a prohibition on certain types of vehicle, now looking at the pics on the PCN they are saying I turnrd right and shouldn't have. The only signs I can see are the ones on the actual road once I've turned right, so how would anyone be able to see the sign of you have already turned right? There are no other signs prior to approaching the junction nor in front of my view. Would this make a success representation? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. In addition to the above, I have just literally received a further final demand this morning through my door from MKRR stating my account is with pre-legal and I have left them no option but to transfer my account to Raven Recoveries. This is soo confusing
  9. Good Afternoon Please accept my apologies for bringing up this old tired matter again, but further great advice would be appreciated. I checked my CRA file again today only to find that i have 2x defaults listed to MKDP LLP whom i have been having an incredibly hard time trying to shake off. They are chasing monies they say are outstanding for a HP agreement with WFS that I had going back to 2006. Looking back through this thread I started, I have continued to receive letters from the following DCA chasing this debt. MKRR, MKDP, Raven Recoveries and now back to MKDP. Please can i draw attention to a post i made on here dated 4 October 2012 where i uploaded a copy of an statement from WFS that states this matter was settled. Im trying to get MKDP to remove the information, but they just keep demanding payment and court action. I have been to FSA to complain who rejected my complaint, although they did say WFS did not follow correct procedures etc but im still at my wits end with this. How can they be chasing a £7k debt for a car I have paid and is only now worth £450.00. The car has been sitting in my garden as im unable to sell it, as it hp check shows outstanding finance. Please any further help would be much appreciated. Dee
  10. Afternoon Its been a while, been extremely busy at work with all these new benefit changes coming in and I have no free time at the moment As you can see from the latest letters (keynes being the latest), I have now been threatened with Legal Action from a company called Keynes, whom I beleive to be part of the compaines on the other letters. Would anybody be able to advise me what I should do next and whether now would be the best time to try and seek some legal help if I am going to court. I received the letter titled Feb first, then the one titled Latest and then finally this morning the one I called Keynes. Dee
  11. thank u so much, i will revert back shortly Dee
  12. Hi No the pension was first paid in 2000 and has increased in line with the rate of inflation. It fluctuates by a couple of pound yearly Hes found his p60 i will upload this by the morning and he was 75 on 5.4.11 He has to appeal or challenge the decision by 1:12;12 Thanks
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