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  1. Yes, I’ve checked with him and it was that form and a £50 fee. The court said it’s agreed and she would sent letter confirming this to his new address (so they dog doesn’t get to eat them) , May well have been that this is what the letter said anyway but was difficult to read any of it after the dog got his teeth into it.
  2. He had already filled out the paperwork and sent the fee to ask about paying £X amount monthly so they had all his up to date details. Would that have been the N245?
  3. Thanks for response..he rang Northampton who told him it’s now been transferred to his local court, so he has called in there today and explained all about his divorce etc and how this debt appears to have been overlooked when he cleared his DMP. Anyway they have accepted his monthly payments and he’s happy enough with that. i did say I wish he had told me about all this years ago as I could probably have helped him with CCA stuff etc but obviously he’s admitted the debt now..it was originally a halifax debt and looks like it was sold on to Hoist. He will repay it monthly and hopefully he will be able to clear it quicker than planned, in good news he was still able to rent the property he was after with a larger deposit. appreciate all the help and advice.
  4. Quick update....he sent off forms to court offering to pay what he can afford, he did all that and sent it off with relevant fee... he’s received a letter but his friends dog ripped it up so he’s not sure what it says piecing it together he thinks it’s saying he’s got to pay it all in one go, which of course he can’t afford...would that be correct? I’ve told him to ring the court as soon as they open to ask for another copy of letter. .he’s worried they will apply for attachment of earnings etc but if they do surely they can only take what he can afford to pay? Any advice I can pass onto him? thanks
  5. Thanks you, I will tell him to ring and ask for copies. it was a debt which was included on a DMP, when they split he renegiated the DMP and he paid it off with some compensation he received. Unfortunately he thinks he forgot to include this particular debt when he renegotiatd the DMP and therefore it never got included and thus was never paid off with the others. He will have to negotiate monthly payments (via the court?) to start repaying it off, I know the CCJ will stay on his credit file foe 6 years. I’ve told him to set out all his monthly bill payments including maintenance and I’m hoping they won’t make him pay more than he realistically afford (which won’t be much).
  6. Thank you for such a prompt reply. He may be better just leaving it then and paying it off at a set amount each month? He couldn’t afford much as has maintenance plus his rent and outgoings etc to pay out. Thankfully he was offered the house he wanted at an enhanced deposit so he hasn’t lost out on it, he doesn’t use credit now apart from a tenner a month on a credit card for petrol to try and get his credit score up a little. He has a decent job, I’m just cross he got lumbered with all the debts when he split with his wife
  7. Hello, not been in here for a while but hoping for some advice. I may be in the wrong section, if so can someone please move it over for me. My stepson split from his wife 3 years ago, they had a debt management plan which was in his name although the debts were joint. To cut a long story short, he moved out and they divorced. He thought the DMP had been paid off but when he went to rent a property recently he failed the credit check because of a CCJ registered against his name, He knew nothing about it, never received any reminders or court papers. He is going to ring the court tomorrow to find out as much information as he can. He doesn’t deny he owes the money and will repay it but if possible he wants to get the CCJ set aside. Is this possible using the defence that his ex wife didn’t send post onto him? Any help or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks
  8. Yes and it’s not the first time he has gone into liquidation to avoid paying his debts..thankfully we won’t have to have any further dealings with him and his name has been dragged around through local media which hopefully will stop others being ripped off by him.
  9. I sent an official complaint to Aqua last night by email and today, surprise surprise, they have emailed back saying the amount will be refunded to my account in the next 3-5 work8ng days Thanks you all who have helped and guided me on this, it’s very much appreciated.
  10. Just checked the FOS website and it says I can’t raise a complaint with them until I have a final response from the company?
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