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Found 4 results

  1. Hi There Wonder if anyone can help please. We were on holiday with the family in Mallorka and whilst in Mallorka tried to book our flights back home to East Mids Airport. Towards the end of the holiday we decided to start looking for various flight options with different airlines and used ryanair, jet2 and thompson websites to compare flight times and prices. Thompson has shown available flight in the day on the 24/08/2014 and we decided to book it and stay a bit longer. Bare in mind we have tried booking Thompson on a few occasions for a couple of days however they were showing flights one minute and then once the page is refreshed they would disappear. We thought it was due to their own holidays not sold last minute they would sell flight seats to general public at a reduced price, but they would disappear because it would have been sold or something. Anyway, we we happy with the flight time and date and proceeded to booking it. Booked and paid. Thompson booking process took only a few minutes - we have paid with the credit card and it didnt even ask for the security letters or numbers. As we were supposed to flight out in 2 days we thought we would check in at the same time and this is when we have realised that the booking was made for the 24/05/2015!!! Somehow , somewhere in the computer world the dates changed during the booking itself. We have selected correct dates in the original search, selected correct time and date for the flight and booked. Confirmation came however for the date in future! We checked and Thompson is non refundable airline. We called credit card company and advised them of the incident. When tried to go back and rebook the correct flight ( Thompson customer service line was permanently engaged) - they were no longer available!! We had to pay for another tickets with Jet2 in the end. Once were came back home we have raised this issue with Thompson - however they did not want to know and not even interested in giving us a credit note or vouchers to change for another date or flight or location. We are raising complaint with the credit card under s75 of CCA1974 Ironic thing is - we cannot fly out of Mallorka on the 24/05/2015 at 12pm as we are getting married here in the UK at 2pm! So its not like we have made a mistake in dates or anything. We are desperate to get the money back or credit towards another flight or a refund as not really interested in Thompson flights at all at the moment. Can anyone help with any suggestions please? thank you in advance
  2. My Sister booked a Holiday with Thompsons to Sharm El Sheik for the end of May. She has just had her flight from Birmingham changed to Gatwick - and what is worse it leaves/returns 2 days later than she initially booked. Some of the party have had to book time off with work and may not be able to change their dates. Strange thing is - when I tried to book on the same flight for my family - so we could join her for her 40th Birthday - we couldn't because there was only 1 seat left on the plane. Why then has an apparantley full plane been cancelled?? Have they realy changed an entire plane full of people to other flights? This does not sound right to me and i intend to do some digging. Really the Holiday - as booked - no longer exists, and what she has been offered is a new/different holiday. When she asked Thomson if their was anything else they could do she was told no. This implies that she has to just take the new holiday. They did not mention a possibility of a refund. (She would prefer a holiday but it causes problems for some in the party). Any advice on what her rights are?
  3. Hi My wife and I booked a holiday on the web with Thomson just this week. The total cost was around £1800 but we took the option to pay a 'low deposit' of £150. It states the remainder of the deposit needs paying by start of March and the total by the end of March. Now the problem is, I'm an idiot (apparently) and made a mistake with my annual leave dates so we need to cancel. I can't just transfer it to another date with them because I no longer hav the time to take. I was prepared to take a hit on the £150 deposit we have shelved out but having read the small print more carefully, there is one line referring to their 'low deposit' which says in the event of a cancellation you will be required to pay the remaining part of the full deposit, ie £200. Can anyone advise on this. Yes I know I ticked I'd read the t&cs so technically that is the contract but it seems a bit much for a simple mistake. What would happen if I just didn't pay it? I'm told they cannot just take it from my card and so would they have to take me to court. Would that be small claims court and are they likely to do that. If they did, could I not argue that the relevant line in the T&Cs was so tucked away and not highlighted when I took that option? Or can I argue that their actual loss is well below the £150 they already have (it was all Thompson, no third parties) I'm not one for skipping on my responsibilities and I understand this is my mistake but I was surprised there is no cooling off period on holidays like there is on everything else and it seems a bit unfair (especially to idiots like me.....apparently!) I will give them a call to see what they say but from what I've heard they will probably just say pay up and so I'd rather go in knowing where I stand. Thanks PP
  4. Hi i have just found out that a hotel we were booked to go to is now being demolished, we canceled in march and lost our depoist due to unforsean health problems,( the hotel was known to be being demolished at this time, i found media articals about it in feb 2011) we canceled in march 2011 after the shop we booked it with kept telling us to wait to cancel. we booked for augest 2011 and the hotel was due to be pulled down in april 2011, and is at this time being torn down, to be replaced by a bigger better hotel. the shop never told us anything. also when we booked (this was before flights could be booked) we were told that if the fights came to more then 2 % higher then we could cancel with out losing the deposit. they kept telling us to wait untill theses details were relessed to cancel. when they were relessed they still kept the despoit, stating it had to be 10% for us to cancel anyway. i am very angry and p'd off. and also i only just recieved cancelation paper work last week! Do you think due to the fact it was known that the hotel was due to be demolished that i should have been able to keep my deposit, as there was not going to be a hotel to go to anyway? and we had no way of knowing that my partnars mechine would not work over there ( we only found this out in late 2010 when we took a trip to marocco, well after we booked the other hol) we had insurance but the shop said that it was due to a illness which was already known about so we could not claim, he had only just recived his mechine before we went to marocco, and did not have it at time off booking other hol, (this was for our honeymoon and it was a package hol with there worldwide booking, also we tried to change to another more suitable place, but there was not the dates we had booked with the hol, and we had to pay a change which was more then the deposit we were going to lose so we decided to cancel as it was cheaper in the long run and book with someone else and somewhere we knew the mechine would work.
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