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  1. thankfully mate , there's forums with fine people like yourself that can help ! and with nearly 150K posts you been keeping a lot of people on track over the years !
  2. you wont remember mate , you help hundreds of people , but I have had bit of thing with HSBC and then cabot and I successfully defended a CCJ , with Andy torches help. , it could be them again stranger things have happened
  3. Well now that would be ironic , after all these years the CCJ was stayed and then to re-appear and try again. I will find out , no global yet just the friendly letter from search squad, there is a global reference number tiny writing in the top left hand corner .
  4. Cheers I have nothing on my credit files need to find what debt it is first
  5. No I haven’t I moved in 2019. No payments have been made in the 7 years prior to 2019 taking it too 2012 so can’t ccj a statue barred debt after how does this back door ccj work ?
  6. evening everyone Just a bit of advice please what do Search squad / Global debt recovery specialise in ? I received a fishing letter asking them to help trace a person you know the rest blah blah I had a parking charge in 2019 , which was due to over stay , and I ignored. So do Search squad do parking charges OR is it more an old debt these critters prey on. If its old debt , mine was statued barred in around 2008 and have successfully defended a CCJ against cabot , so am in not in slightest bit worried . Either way am not replying , but if its the parking charge am going to be watching my credit file like a hawk.
  7. Thanks Mate , at least the soft search did impact my credit rating , I will give them a wide birth for another 17 years LOL
  8. Both mate HSBC’s I had 2 - one successfully defended in 2013 against a ccj - the other I pay £15 a month but I don’t miss that first direct was also at the same time and never to this day have I had Any collection or enforcement action I stopped paying in December 2013 due to the payments being returned
  9. Hi there I had a First direct account I Defaulted on 2002. around 3k. I kept payments up on account till October 2013 when the declined the payments from my current account. To this very day I never had. single letter from any DCA or been chased for payment , unlike the others I want to go back to first direct its been 17 years , However Do FD hold a black list of ex customers ? My credit score is excellent , high income and low debt ratio and low utilisation of credit. I have checked on their overdraft checker and it said extremely unlikely to offer an overdraft I checked on their overdraft checker for HSBC and I said extremely Likely to over and overdraft I currently bank with M&S bank part of the HSBC group Any ideas whats going on
  10. Hi All If FD merge my overdraft , credit card and loan I into 1 debt . Does this make the debt unenforceable ? Many thanks
  11. Thats good news Bazooka , did you pay anything during that time?
  12. I did a data subject access on a debt from cabot last year , HSBC credit card was sold on and the loan CCJ is still being paid 14 years on. I guess does M&S bank access group HSBC records? it would be interesting to see what the decline letter looks like LOL
  13. Hi All In 2002 i defaulted a lot of debt , HSBC etc and most of which i never repaid. Now 16 yrs on , I am back on my feet have a good credit rating during this time , I avoided HSBC due to the "debt" My question do bank holds personal black lists of customers from year dot that havent repaid . Or once you have defaulted sold the debt on etc thats it I know barclaycard accepted me , and that was 16 years on , I applied for a M&S current account and realised after it was subsidiary of HSBC . What does the esteemed group think ?
  14. i will make a donation as form of thanks. I will start up a new thread about the 8k Loan with HSBC which is I have being paid as a CCJ for 15 years, at 15 a month. There is a 3k PPI attached.
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