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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All If FD merge my overdraft , credit card and loan I into 1 debt . Does this make the debt unenforceable ? Many thanks
  2. Mistakes were made when i was younger and i got myself into debt. When couldn't pay them have come chasing, and me being stupid ignored them, they been round in circles for years now. Usually i bin the letters (stupid i know). owe to different creditors, 8 in all. 3 to Lowell i think. The smaller of the 3 has come to light £900.18. I'm starting to panic, as this seems pretty serious now. Letter reads: We have been instructed by Frederickson International Limited on behalf of Lowell Financial Limited to issue court proceedings on 07 Feb 20114 if payment of this debt is not received by us by that date. If proceedings are issued, solicitors costs, court fees and interest will be added to the amount you owe and will be enforced against you if a Judgement is subsequently obtained. You must contact us on *number here* before Feb 07 2014 to make payment if you wish to avoid the matter going to court. And you know the rest. I think the last payment i made to the debt (don't even know if it was Lowell as its been passed around) was around April 2008. What do i do? Many thanks, Tim.
  3. Hello… I wonder if there is anyone who can help with this, please? Years ago my husband who is financially naive, (to say the very least), was sold several pensions, life insurances, annuities, etc., by an IFA. Amongst other things there were two pensions with Sun Life, (why he was sold two policies with the same pension provider is a mystery, but the IFA probably got paid commission for both of them). For several years they were paid in by direct debit under the two different policy numbers, then, when my husband was made redundant and stopped paying in, it would appear that at some point both pensions merged into just one policy. He was not informed of this, or if he was, they may have written to the wrong address as we moved a few times. Both pensions were quite small and under the rule of triviality, he would probably have been able to take the money from each without having to buy an annuity, but by merging the two, it increased the amount of the pension pot to more than £30k. The pension pays about £130 per month. he could really benefit from having the cash as there are no savings and he could pay down the mortgage as it won't be paid off when it ends soon. The IFA is still in business and I tried to contact him to ask about the portfolio he set up, as there may be an endowment which could help as well, but he won't answer my emails… Should my husband contact Sun Life and ask why the pensions were merged and if there is no good reason, would he be entitled to claim what's left in the pot, even though he purchased an annuity? Or will the new pension rules allow him to do that anyway? There was talk last year that people who had bought annuities would be entitled to their money but would have to wait an extra year for it… I've not heard anything since...
  4. Hello, I'm new to the forums, but if this is in the wrong place then could you let me know and I will re-create the thread. I was living in Australia for 16 years(I was born in the UK and moved to Aus when I was 6). I had a rough time and didn't have a job until I was 20. I never had credit before. I opened a bank account in Australia and got offered a credit card, which I accepted. I then applied for a online course, which was a monthly payment of 60 AUD. Once signed up I had realised this course that this company heavily advertised was a [problem]. It was the same course a student in a free study College could do in his spare time on the internet. I had disputed with them about leaving, however they said that I would have to pay the outstanding amount of 4695.00 AUD. From that point I had stopped communication with them. My father passed away in February last 2014 and my mother and I moved back to the UK. I had left an outstanding balance of 500(Maxed out) credit card from the bank and I also did not pay the company who was chasing me for 4695.00 AUD. I've received plenty of emails from this company recently, I had no communication or emails from them since July 2014 and in the last two weeks I've had 24 emails and unfortunately a phone call. They tracked me down. Apparently this company AusDebt has been in contact with me(They have not). I first received an email 2 weeks ago stating that "As per the request of Open Colleges we have come to a conclusion and you are now only required to pay 1408.63". I then received the same email 2 times a day for a week, I will attach this with the post. It states that "As per my request" they are willing to settle with the amount mentioned above, which I think is being used as their tactics? because I haven't been in contact with them at all I assume as I've read online after 5 years the debt gets statue barred? I received a phone call yesterday asking for me, I said no I don't know anyone by that name that lives here and the lady said "That's funny since we've checked records and it seems only yesterday you applied for a loan and we also know who you bank with and that you drive a ford focus". How are they getting this info? She then went on to say "We will be getting that money back off you very soon, my associates look forward to seeing you in person have a nice day" and hung up. Does this mean that they have transferred the debt to a UK company? can they actually do that ? Any advice on this? More facts about the account, I had only logged into the online portal twice, and not even attempted the work because I had found out I could of just went to a local free college and got the course for free. Yet when trying to cancel they blocked access to the online portal and demanded payment off me.. s there any way I can fight this? Thanks P.s I am living in the UK now.
  5. Just looking for a bit of clarification on which type of debts dca,s can and can not merge to create a larger debt when going for ccj bankruptcy etc ??? I am sure i have read on other threads but can not find it now that there are certain types of debts that can not be joined together when taking court action. Thanks
  6. Hi all, I have an unusual scenario. I am the freeholder on a house converted into 2 flats. I currently own the 1st floor flat and sold the ground floor flat sometime ago. The ground floor flat got repossessed. It would *seem* though that an error occurred on the initial purchase or during the repossession as the lender does not have a charge over the freehold title for this flat (standard criss cross lease arrangement). Presumably the lender has to find the evicted owners take them to court and acquire the freehold?? Is this not an expensive option?; what happens if they cannot locate them? Could they not 'somehow' sell me the flat with the lease 'error' (I assume it's not a real issue for me except if I wish to sell it); presumably saving them time and money? thanks in advance
  7. Law firm Shoosmiths has merged with Edinburgh-based Archibald Campbell and Harley in a move intended to expand the debt recovery capabilities of both companies across the UK. The new firm will be known as ACH Shoosmiths in Scotland and will go live in the autumn subject to regulatory approval. Shoosmiths is established across England, while Archibald Campbell and Harley was founded in Edinburgh over 100 years ago. Both firms intend to establish a UK-wide recoveries presence while challenging the market in Scotland as a result of the deal. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/14133/online-news/merged-law-firms-create-nationwide-recoveries-unit
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