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  1. I have just found the letter from the Investors Compensation Scheme dated 8 Oct 1999 and was awarded £8,093.57. I consider I must have been badly advised as the difference between Sun Life and BTR is £56 a month
  2. I was advised by the Pensions Administrator at the Company I worked for. At the next company I worked for the broker sourced some companies they were all much the same so I went with Sun Life. About 12 months later I received a letter saying that I may have been mis-sold my pension and did I want them to investigate. The outcome was that I was and a further sum was paid into the Sun Life pension. It was around £5000. Even given this the Sun Life pension still falls short of the BTR one.
  3. thank you for response but complicated issue. My previous employment advised me to have a buy out on leaving and I was told that the provider BTR would also freeze half of the pension until retirement this was in 1987. I had a buy out with Sun Life and the money was transferred from BTR but apparently this was the full amount. I have been receiving £74 a month from Sun Life and this does not increase but the BTR one is £130 and does increase in line with inflation. I am annoyed as the advise was flawed and I would have been better off leaving it with BTR. They have p
  4. Any advice on this issue. Apparently I have been receiving a pension pay out from my previous employers pension scheme since 2005 when I was 60 and they have now written to me saying that I have been overpaid by £28,050.93 however they will only be recovering the last 6 years total of £9,068.24. They have proved it was their error but I was completely ignorant of this until it came to light on investigation 3 months ago. Is there any redress I can have in this case as with the loss of the income of £130 per month then to come to a repayment plan would leave me with little to l
  5. I can empathise with you going through something similar in our family but If you were feeling really malicious! you could always ring the local housing office up and advise them that your mother had passed away and that the property was empty. If its anything like our local council once you tell them someone is deceased they give you a week to empty the property. I don't know if all councils work the same but unless your name is on the tenancy agreement then the property does not automatically come to you even if you are residing in it. Hope this works out for you I know from experience wh
  6. Just an update. Received the letter following our conversation and they are doing nothing wrong! Replied, then received a further phone call and they stated she has 2 options, pay £10 a month to have the account controlled or go back to a cashcard. I discussed this with her and she will have a cashcard. They gave me a number to ring, telephone banking, in order to do the change but they said she needs to go into the branch they can't do it there. Its a joke. She has incurred bank charges from 9/12 Feb of £46 but they are waiving these. So if they are doing nothing wrong wh
  7. I actually forward the CEO a copy of the original authorisation for me to deal with the account dated June 2007. It did state due to mental health problems. It was just after this time when Lloyds only allowed her to draw what was in her bank. This ws also the time whem I went to the MP as Lloyds allowed her a credit card which she couldn't pay. I complained to them at the time for allowing her to have a card given that she was only receiving benefits and it was clear she was struggling financially. My complaint was upheld and they wiped the debt off plus she had all her bank charges
  8. There is no overdraft allowed on it. I remember many years ago she asked for an overdraft and she was turned down.
  9. Thank you oleg, I can understand what you are saying and one of the many underlying issues she has is the lack of concentration and has difficulty in taking in what is told to her this is why I manage her affairs and why TSB allowing her to overdraw is creating a problem because I don't know what she is spending until it appears on her statement. She does have a CPN and I have discussed this matter with her and she was going to try and discuss the importance of budgeting with her.
  10. Thank you for your response. She had a pyschotic breakdown in 1996 at 25,since been diagnosed with schzophrenia and depression and basically lives in her own world. She has no concept at budgeting. What is really annoying is that when Lloyds and TSB merged I had already involved MP and FOS and reclaimed charges and they did stop her overdrawing. The situation has come about because of the change back to to TSB. I'm just amazed that they won't stop the overdraft now they've been told again. I did tell them that I had every intention of continuing with complaint to the FSA and FOS as I
  11. They did say they would put the conversation in writing so will wait for that but I really wanted clarificaation on whether they should be allowing soneone to overdraw on a basic account without an authorised overdraf.
  12. I emailed the CEO originally quoting BCOBS who passed the matter to his executive team hence the phone call this morning. I was told that BCOBS didn't apply because it was in their t&C's.
  13. My daughter, who has mental heatlth problems, recently discovered that she has been able to use her debit card and go overdrawn although she does not have any authorised overdraft. Therefore, charges are being incurred. I have today had a conversation with one of the executive team who have said that it is in their T&C's that if a Visa Card is presented for payment then they will honour the payment. I thought the whole idea of having a bsic account with no overdraft facilities was to avoid this situation arising. She only receives benefits so I was disgusted with TSB toda
  14. May I suggest that all those having problems with any bingo site that they write a review on Which Bingo Alll sites are listed and you can write a review be it a good or a bad experience. There are other similar stories concerning this group. I have previously used Which Bingo to check on sites and I was glad I did. Good luck .
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