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  1. I have an hour ago received the following email following a complaint to the dps Hopefully the contents of the complaint will be used as part of the evidence by the new adjudicator Thank you for your email of 23 September 2019. I am sorry that you remain unhappy following my previous response. Having reviewed your comments in this email, along with the tenancy agreement an the adjudicator's decision, I am inclined to agree that the adjudicator has not full considered the terms of the agreement. I agree that this is important because the check out report did not
  2. I need some advice on where to go next. Sorry this is a long one. Basically we moved into a property in 2017 all was fine for a year or so but then the landlord wanted us out and started inventing various things we had apparently done wrong – all of which were false btw and only started when we asked the landlord to fix the faulty boiler. The boiler was faulty meaning often had no hot water or heating for months nobody was ever sent to this, we had a gas safety check by a different plumber to the one the LL uses and he found the fault and logged it on the certificate, the LL is no
  3. Agents terms of business as published on their website TERMS OF BUSINESS LETTING & MANAGEMENT SERVICESINTRODUCTIONThank you for considering * Estate Agents (the trading name of * Ltd) as the Letting Agent for your property. As experienced letting agents, we understand the importance to Landlords of not only securing an initial tenant for your property but also maintaining contact with the tenant with a view to securing renewal of the tenancy where required, thereby reducing the risk of rent voids. These terms and conditions set out the services available from us as Letting Agents. They als
  4. Hi all Having problems with a letting agent. We own a mortgaged house which we rent out with an agent, the rent doesn’t quite cover the mortgage + insurances, we told the agent that we might need to make small increase to the rent they were very pushy saying we can’t do this, the rent has never gone up since 2008. We struggled through and a year ago I emailed the agents telling them I would self manage and use them for tenant finding, I was told we couldn’t do this without paying a months rent, we couldn’t afford to do this as it would have meant we couldn’t pay that months mortgage.
  5. Thats what I thought it was when sabre commented to say that " What they did with mine was charge the premiums monthly to my current account. As a result no apr was applied to the loan premiums on the loan account." That made me think, (ok I know it doesnt happen often). They did the same here the payments came out of current account, not from the loan account
  6. I am looking at prepping POC at mo, It was the interest rate that stumbled me, I had added apr of the loan account onto the spreadhseet I sent to them originally (obviously at that stage I hadnt included stat interest) I am wary about adding interest now
  7. We had no idea it had been included, it was only going through current account statements a few years later my wife was wondering what this payment was for , it took a while to figure out that the 14 figure reference was actually the flexi loan sortcode and account number I have attached the response to which they said get stuffed basically
  8. Thanks, it is going to be a nightmare going through to see if the payments were taken whilst in overdraft
  9. Thanks DX I saw the upload pic box which asked for a url only way I could think of was to host on PB, sorted now
  10. I have tried but photobucket wont accept PDFs
  11. If using CC route do I include apr and then add 8% ?? I had left this dormant, however I think its time this was dealt with I sent a chase up letter to hsbc to see if they had changed their position and they still say that they stand by their original decision letter which i have hopefully attached
  12. Hi I have going around in circles trying to find this info out, is there anywhere to find the APR to include into spready Its for HSBC Flexi Loan taken out Feb 06 and still open, I believe the current rate to be 17.9% but no idea what it was when the loan was taken out
  13. In response to the points they have sent, they have admitted that Flexi loan was taken out in Feb 06, they have also stated that the Flexi Loan account included the optional insurance, this was not explained at the time, the benefits were not explained, they claim that this information is in the policy document and product information pack, which we do not have, no assessment was made at the time as to whether this policy was suitable or not, or what procedures were in place from employer in the event of sickness etc, the employment contract covers full pay for th
  14. We have a flexiloan account with HSBC, this account is about 8 year old and still live On the current account there is a monthly payment gos out called something like account protection, this isnt applied to the loan account. We realised that this is an insurance policy which relates to the FlexiLoan account. At the time of accepting the loan this policy was never mentioned, nor where any benefits. Wrote to HSBC and sent a cq with all the information last week received a phone call asking everything that was previously submitted in the cq Just received a without prejudice r
  15. Experian don't make the information up, its the companies who use experian who list the details, its these companies and only them who are responsible for the content shown on the credit file. Credit files are also a trigger that something is going wrong, there are many people who would keep getting new credit cards to pay old ones off or apply for countless loans and get in a horrific situation if they kept doing this, not everybody is perfect enough to say they havent ever had debt, but without controls such as those demonstrated by credit files they would just keep getting in ever incr
  16. Excuse me, but no it isn't always bad, I have found things on my credit file which were incorrect and if I hadn't subscribed I would have no way of knowing, correcting things that weren't right has meant I have put myself in a better financial position including a incorrectly listed default when the account wasn't in default, by not tackling things like this it causes further problems. They may not be perfect and of course they are making money, that's what businesses do and you may be surprised how many businesses are based in the states, this many many high street names, they have the r
  17. Mine went from I think 7.99 to 9.99 when they changed the prices in Feb 13 I have found the email they sent about the price change and it says nothing about insurance Dear ICY We are just getting in touch to make sure that you know about all the benefits of your new package, so that you can make the most of your membership. Your benefits at a glance... Weekly alerts when there are changes to your Experian Credit Report. We search the web, social media and public registers with Web Monitoring so that we can immediately alert you if we find your personal information o
  18. Same here, from reading the Mail article I can only assume that I didnt have it simply due to the monthly amount paid.
  19. I think i will just about manage to scrape through without it
  20. I don't believe it, all this time and I didn't see the obvious which was staring me in the face, one small formula error, from when I entered the interest amounts after the bogus balance transfer for some reason they weren't auto totaling, from 12/1/12 statement onward, hence the difference in figures, sometimes its the most obvious things. Glad its sorted now before I looked totally stupid in front of loads of people, oh, too late. :/ But wait, the balances don't tally, there's a difference I have £1,801.36 and they say I owe £1800.45 I want my..... Oh hang on a minute, lets leave it at
  21. The balances on my spreadsheet I have ignored the £1400 yes, The £1400 was paid back to my account on 23rd January 2012
  22. This is the reason I was trying to work out when and where they take there interest rates from so I could do it myself and see what I came up with, these figures are too wide apart to be just a slight miscalculation, santy claims £1800.45, my transactions and the purchase interest show £1348.61, something is seriously amiss I love her quotes "When your payment of £1400 was transferred to you, this should have not been processed as a balance transfer as you rightly stated" "I have set your account to 0% interest for the balance transfer until 1 August 2015" So they still think someho
  23. I have no idea, it makes no sense to me, I would have expected a bank to be able to get something like this right and be clear about it too, I have just gone through again and didnt spot that there are 3 cash transactions, something I am against doing there must have been no other options at all, they were 18th July 2012 £150 5th September 2012 £250 and 6th September 2012 £50 the rate on these is 2.07 monthly, although again it makes no sense as unlike the balance transfer there is no mention anywhere of cash transaction interest on my statements.
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