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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Sorry I know this has been covered numerous times before. I took a Cahoot FlexiLoan out in 2003 at I believe approximately 5.9% or 7.9% which then rocketed yup to 23%. I also believe that I was sold PPI with this loan. I took an initial loan out of 2500 and made my payments until 2010. I then received a letter from Moorcroft Group in 2012 collecting of this loan with interest at £4686. I have now paid the full amount off and feel that it was unfair and that ultimately due to the interest hike I was forced into Financial hardship. I defaulted in October 2011. I wish to complain to Santander the now owning body of Cahoot, has anyone had success with these complaints recently? Plus any help in how to go about it would be great. Regards and thank you in anticipation. Darren Oh, I have recently had TSB and Barclaycard review and refund their PPI and interest.
  2. Hey folks this is mainly for infomation, This is the second PPI claim I have done. Many years ago previously I had a graduate account and a large loan attached to it and was sucessfull in getting full refund of premiums paid PLUS interest and the remaining PPI removed from the loan. I have recently discovered evidence of PPI on my flexi loan from when I was a part time college student and before I took out the graduate Loan. (PS i was at college from 16-20 before some of you thin kI had a loan before I was 18) Details Below. Comments and Questions Welcome. -------------------------------------------------- 02/04/14 - Letter submitted requesting details of the flexiloan and all charges and information regarding it. Enclosed included the FOS PPI questionnaire completed, Copies of A statement for the flexiloan, A personal summary listing the flexiloan account number sort code etc, It also displayed the POLICY number. 14/04/14 - Letter Received saying they were unable to find the records I asked for from the details given. Requested I "Re Submit" the request with correct hsbc sort code and account number. 14/04/14 - Reply sent to HSBC enclosing the following copies, Original Letter of complaint, Their letter received this day (dated 04/04/14), Financial statements showing the flexiloan repayments, the financial statement showing the policy and loan. I also enclosed copies of additional flexiloan statements 09/10/03 to 08/12/03 and 09/12/03 - 08/03/04. Also enclosed 2 current account statements showing the flexiloan repayments and also charge for "Loan Insurance" In the letter I stated that my original request still stands and that this was NOT a resubmission. I also reminded them that they could get the information regarding the charges from the Loan insurance from my statements 25/04/14 - Letter dated 22/04/14 received from Ross Dear, Wealth Complaints Officer stating that my signature and address did not match and would not be able to investigate my complaint further until I proved my identity to them by going to a branch with ID and doing a sig change with proof of ID. I decided to humour them. (My HSBC account has previously been closed and along with my HSBC Credit card are being paid off £1 a month. Third parties and other inhouse agencies had been passed my current address by HSBC and had been happily to correspond and make arrangements to pay etc. Lady was a bit bemused. Filled out a signature thing and took copies of my id etc. Refused to give me any proof that I had been there and complied. Letter sent to HSBC same day. Stated that Under DPA/CCA I didn't need to supply signature. Added reference to my visit, named time date, branch etc. Challenged them on why they were asking for ID when Metropoliton Collection Services, a member of HSBC Group had been happy to correspond and make arrangements etc with me. I also enclosed copy of Council tax Bill and passport copy. Letter also told them I was getting Frustrated with HSBC continuing to use Various delaying tactics to avoid resolving my complaint and that I was sticking to the original timescales laid out in my complaint dated 02/04 which meant 8 weeks to resolve my complaint and 40 days for the information requested. Failure to comply would result in me referring my complaint to FCA and ICO So I expect to have the information by 14/05 and the complaint times out 30/05 Tick Tock Goes the Clock
  3. Mrs ICY took out a so called Flexxi loan in 2006, such a horrible system they use, knowing you will never pay the damn thing off, its just another account on your online account credited with £5000 you pay £200 a month back (they take £75 for themselves every month from this) the problem is the moneys always there and its always being used, it is such an expensive loan to use but because of the £200 going out to repay it really leaves us short it a trap. it was taken out in branch, when she went in they just asked if all circumstances were the same (she had been a customer for many years) they mentioned nothing about PPI but not only do they take £75 a month for the pleasure but they have also set up "load protection" at just under £17 a month, spreadsheet ready to be printed. Her work contract covers her on full sick pay for up to 6 month so there is no way any sickness policy would be needed and her job is extremely secure as she is responsible for funding so and would know a year in advance if her position were at risk.
  4. Hi, Following the advice from a previous post on here to send CCA requests to my creditors, I've had a response of sorts from Santander regarding my Cahoot Flexiloan account. I defaulted on the account 7 years ago and have been managing payments to them through PayPlan ever since. The Default expired on my credit file last year and I've stopped paying PayPlan (again, under advice) because they've been screwing up my payments and until I did some digging, I didn't realise their estimated settlement figure bears no relation to what Santander say i owe. I sent the CCA request on the 7th March and yesterday I got a statement with my last 9 transactions on it. That's it. Nothing else. What do I do now? I'm not paying them any more as I believe technically my account is still in dispute. I'm desperately trying to clear up my credit file (my mistakes were from years ago and I've worked hard to correct them and get myself straight) so I think I'm right in saying they can't default me again, but can they issue a CCJ? I can't start this cycle again. If anyone can help it would be hugely appreciated.
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