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Hi all this is a long & winding story thanks in advance for your patience in reading it, ive tried to keep it as short as I can.


I have been using a local garage for years, the owner (John) became a trusted friend.


I needed a quad bike to help me get about my land, I asked John to help me look he insisted quad bikes are too dangerous & id be better with a tractor, between the John & my husband they persuaded me so I agreed to buying an old tractor & gave a budget of £1000.00 for an old working tractor.


John quickly produced a tractor with a topper and harrow for £1600, I reminded him of my budget, he explained this was a 3 way deal, the person who currently owned the tractor owed John £1600 & would give the John the tractor in payment & I would give John the cash, I refused the additional extras but agreed to the working tractor, once it arrived & after I paid the £1000 John told me it needed an oil seal & the clutch needed freeing off then I could have the tractor & he would do the repair in his spare time so I expected it to take a long time to do.


1 year later, still no tractor, I started to really complain at which point he demanded £500 for the job, not happy I reluctantly paid it as I had bought a working tractor which it obviously was not, 2 years on still no tractor, I started to make calls texts & visits on a daily basis & eventually I lost my patience & suggested we just get a 3rd party involved which then escalated the situation & John went into a free fall demanding to deal with my husband who gave him another £500 so the £1000 budget has now doubled! John presented me with a long list of parts he had bought a year previous & was now demanding the money for the parts & labour which he did without asking me yet the week before demanding this money he had told both me & my husband that he had replaced the oil seal freed off the clutch & only had to bolt the engine back together nothing was mentioned about the long list of parts which he is now trying to charge us for.


Before all of this became such a farse I had also given him my 4x4 along with a new engine to put in it, he didn't do that but decided to botch up the old engine using good parts off the new engine without my permission, he took it for a spin & completely wrecked the car all over again, we told him to replace the engine which he did but still no 4x4, it then transpires that the engine he has now put in is more powerful & he didn't take into account the extra torque thus damaging the clutch plate we are now coming into the 4th year of waiting for the two vehicles, both of which are loosing value, I have noticed the 4x4 dumped amongst the rubbish & scrap in the garage, the 4 new tyres have perished & are flat, scratches all over it & Mold growing on the seats, this was a beautiful car when it went in, each time we phone were told they will be ready by the weekend, we are being fobbed off at every turn, Im now at the end of my tether & have made a complaint to trading standards & about to hire a solicitor to take up the case but im now fighting against my husband who is worried that we will end up with nothing at all & thinks John will try to charge extortionate storage for the two vehicles, does anyone know what our rights are & can anyone make any suggestions as to what we can do. this is having a detrimental effect on my health & relationship with my husband & there isn't a day goes by without upset about this situation. Thank you for reading.

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