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  1. Hi all this is a long & winding story thanks in advance for your patience in reading it, ive tried to keep it as short as I can. I have been using a local garage for years, the owner (John) became a trusted friend. I needed a quad bike to help me get about my land, I asked John to help me look he insisted quad bikes are too dangerous & id be better with a tractor, between the John & my husband they persuaded me so I agreed to buying an old tractor & gave a budget of £1000.00 for an old working tractor. John quickly produced a tractor with a topper and harrow for £1600, I reminded him of my budget, he explained this was a 3 way deal, the person who currently owned the tractor owed John £1600 & would give the John the tractor in payment & I would give John the cash, I refused the additional extras but agreed to the working tractor, once it arrived & after I paid the £1000 John told me it needed an oil seal & the clutch needed freeing off then I could have the tractor & he would do the repair in his spare time so I expected it to take a long time to do. 1 year later, still no tractor, I started to really complain at which point he demanded £500 for the job, not happy I reluctantly paid it as I had bought a working tractor which it obviously was not, 2 years on still no tractor, I started to make calls texts & visits on a daily basis & eventually I lost my patience & suggested we just get a 3rd party involved which then escalated the situation & John went into a free fall demanding to deal with my husband who gave him another £500 so the £1000 budget has now doubled! John presented me with a long list of parts he had bought a year previous & was now demanding the money for the parts & labour which he did without asking me yet the week before demanding this money he had told both me & my husband that he had replaced the oil seal freed off the clutch & only had to bolt the engine back together nothing was mentioned about the long list of parts which he is now trying to charge us for. Before all of this became such a farse I had also given him my 4x4 along with a new engine to put in it, he didn't do that but decided to botch up the old engine using good parts off the new engine without my permission, he took it for a spin & completely wrecked the car all over again, we told him to replace the engine which he did but still no 4x4, it then transpires that the engine he has now put in is more powerful & he didn't take into account the extra torque thus damaging the clutch plate we are now coming into the 4th year of waiting for the two vehicles, both of which are loosing value, I have noticed the 4x4 dumped amongst the rubbish & scrap in the garage, the 4 new tyres have perished & are flat, scratches all over it & Mold growing on the seats, this was a beautiful car when it went in, each time we phone were told they will be ready by the weekend, we are being fobbed off at every turn, Im now at the end of my tether & have made a complaint to trading standards & about to hire a solicitor to take up the case but im now fighting against my husband who is worried that we will end up with nothing at all & thinks John will try to charge extortionate storage for the two vehicles, does anyone know what our rights are & can anyone make any suggestions as to what we can do. this is having a detrimental effect on my health & relationship with my husband & there isn't a day goes by without upset about this situation. Thank you for reading.
  2. Hi Yes im in Scotland. the breakdown was around £230 court costs, which Im dubious about and over £1000 seperately in interest as awarded by the court at 8%, I get it to about £300.
  3. Hi, Ive been paying a debt of £3320 to 1st Credit through Yuill & Kyle at £50 per month, ive never been late never missed a payment, I got a letter from 1st Credit giving me an anual statement, it says i only owe £320, I rang Yuill & Kyle to confirm the total final amount, they said £1320. Ive asked them to send me a full break down of the remaining amount and why such a differance. It seems in short ive been charged over £1000 in interest. This Debt originally went to court and the court awarded them 8% but no matter how hard I try I cannot calculate 8% of £3320 and reach a similar total. Can anyone claryfy because this sounds a bit fishy to me. I understand I have to pay court costs and some interest but not over £1000 of interest.
  4. My partner has a trust deed, we were forced into debt by a set of very unlikely circumstances, we both became very ill because of it and we decided to go down the bankruptcy road, we were advised to think about a trust deed. After looking at it he decided to do the trust deed, for us it has improved our lives no end, when you enter a trust deed, you cannot accumulate any debt, but you pay an affordable payment based on you current income and required outgoings, its a monthly payment for 3 years, he still has a bt phone but he pays it monthly, same with electricity and other regular bills. We also no longer have letters and phone calls bombarding us, no threpts no demands and if we get anything we just call our trust deed people and they kick ass for us. We own our home and the and of the td the only downside is that when we come out of our trust deed they may make us sell our home to release the equity but its not looking likely due to economic down turn, however we are prepared and the upside is, regardless of what happens we are both much happier, we have between 1 and 2 holidays per year (not big expensive ones) we can afford to go out for a nice meal or day out, we can do fun things, we get on better and our health has improved so much that my doctor has stopped treating me for high blood pressure. Trust deeds are not for everyone but for us it has been up to now the best thing we could have done. If you think you may want to do a trust deed my advise is to shop around for a really good company, take a very long list of written questions, we stayed for 4hrs asking questions when most preople take lest than an hr, dont be pushed into anything, dont be afraid to ask your questions and leave to think about it, you need to remember that this is a bussiness to them and they make money from your debt. They take a payment, alot of it goes to them, the rest goes to the other creditors, so you are a customer of theirs as well they will be there when hour ready. Good luck and try not to worry, if your in Scotland there is alot more protrection for you, make sure you get really good help from the best companies you can, if any of them try to rush you, run, if they are happy to do all they can for you good, if you go into a trust deed you are signing up for 3 years, you dont want a people you dont trust working for themselves and not for you.
  5. Hi Yall. I'm back, I have followed all the advice to the letter, kinda; I printed the letter out and put it in the envalope, I kept forgetting to post it but I'v realised, I havent heard a dicky bird from them. Now I'm thinking, just sit up and shut up and dont tempt fete, dont remind them i'm hear. I'm wondering if because they havent heard from me they decided I'm too much trouble and handed the debt back, or could this be the calm before the storm? I just wanted to update you as youve been so good with your advice and help, I didnt want you to think I had just taken what I could and run off. I hope ruthbridge think I have, he he he!
  6. Thank you for the letter, Im starting to understand how things work a little better but im still a little confused with some things so thanks for beidng so informative. Im not sure if this debt is Statuate Barred, I have tried to settle terms with everyone but none of them wanted to know they just passed on the debts, we got so many letters that we didnt know who was chasing what and very often there was no indication as to what the debt was for. All of our debts are from about 7/8 years ago, but as I think back I got very angry with a company who kept threptening to send doorstep callers, I wrote back and said please do send the caller as I would like to discuss the issue further and to let me know aprox what time to expect the caller: they never wrote again and they never called. Can I confirm please the debt becomes Stat Bared 5years after the last payment and its not the case that its 5 years from the default and if the company hasnt taken legal action within the 5 years then it becomes Stat Barred. Im just trying to fully understand sorry for being a thicko, once i start to fully understand it I pick the rest up quickly.
  7. Thank you ODC, Im busy looking for legislation so I can construct a good letter, unless there is already one on the site that I've missed of course, I'm looking as we speak. Regards
  8. Yes in Scotland. I will edit the letter accordingly, it wont have the same punch but WILL have the same message. Thanks so much.
  9. Thank you for the letter which I will send tomorrow and then wait for onslaught. It seems the debt has been bought from Cabot and I see they are also a terrible company too, thanks for the letter. I have another Question as im a little confused, I thought the limitation for debts in Scotland is 5yrs and 6yrs in England, could someone clarify for me please.
  10. Where can I find the Statue Barred letter, its probably under my noise but I just can find it.
  11. Thank you everyone for your replies, I think Im starting to formulate a plan of action. I will write the Subject Access letter and confirm if the debt is statute barred or not. Then write a letter of complaint to the OFT about the letters Ruthbridge have been sending. Thanks everyone I will keep you up to date, I will obviously be getting more letters.
  12. Yes im quite confident its statute barred but i think i will make bsolutely sure and get an experian report that would tell me wouldnt it?, I have one from a few years back and there isnt anything on it about this debt, the debt would be older than the report. I once dealt with money matters, they tried to contact various DCA's to sort it out but no one replied, money matters said if they dont get intouch within a few more months they wont be able to chase the debt at all and to lie low, that was almost 2 years ago. I think i will get the experian report to confirm then write once i feel more confident, my health suffered so badly last time im not sure i can face all of this again. Thanks for your support and help, i am making donations to the site as the support it offers and the peace of mind it is bringing me is priceless.
  13. Happy New Year All. Well Ruthbridge have contacted me again,(nice start to the new year) I haven't seen this letter or one like it on the site yet! I have ignored them so far and will for now continue to do so, but I find it a little confusing that up to now they have written to the occupier, then have written threptening me with door step collectors and are now playing all nice offering me help with a small thrept at the botton of the letter, and a range a ways to pay but demanding a substantial minimum payment, the letter is as follows. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear xxxxxxxxxx You Account has been referred to out Debt Counselling Service, where our trained counsellors will be able to assist you in negotiating an affordable repayment scheme. This servcice is funded entirely by Ruthbridge Limited and is provided to you absolutely free of charge. To take advantage of this opportunity, we ask that you telephone our PRIORITY DEBT LINE. Our team of experienced counsellors are waiting to offer you helpful advice. To assist us in making as assessment of your financial situation, it would be helpful when calling, to have details of your income and expenditure available. HELP IS ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY Sould you chooose to ignor our final offer of assistance, we will have no alternative but to refere you accounct to our Debt Enforcement Division. The letter then goes on to offer a range of payments with a substantial mimimum. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Thanks Guys I really apreciate support and your prompt resonse, which keeps me from clinging to my sealing. I will take your advice and I will clean my doorstep.
  15. I cant halp you or give advice as Im a newbee but would like to say that there are many here who can. Ive just been stung by Ruthbridge, i have been following the advice given to me and everything I have been told has come true. Keep coming back I thought I was going to have take another walk through HELL with Rudebrige but the people on this site have been extreamly supportive, I feel as if I have a fighting chance. Thanks everyone..
  16. I'm gratefull for the support this site has offered me so far, but need more pls. Ruthbridge have contacted me again, I have ignored them thus far, this new letter is as follows. Dear xxxxx You will shortly be contacted by our Doorstep Recovery Agents, with a view to arranging a convenient time to visit you, in order to discuss repayment of the above debt. This action is necessary, as we have not receivd any response to our previous correspondence. You should note that the above amount of £xxxx is a principle sum, which may increase. However, as a final opportunity to avoid one of our Doorstep Recovery Agents calling at your property, we are prepared to accept a lump sum payment of £half the amount.00, which must be received in our offices no later than xx.xx.09. This sum would be accepted as Full and Final Settlement of your liability and will also ensure that you are not persued for the remaining balance, at any point in the future by us or our client. As an added incentive, once your remittance has been received and cleared, our client will update the credit reference agencies to mark your debt as satisfied'. Please not that your cheque should be made payable etc etc.......
  17. I got a letter from Ruthbridge two weeks ago, it was addressed to the Occupier and read, "please contact us as a matter of urgency quoting the ref number" A week ago I recieved another letter addressed to me personally in forming me they had been appointed to collect a debt of around £4000 from me and that if they do not hear from me within 7 days they will send a doorstep collector to my house. I'm not sure how old the debt is but I know its older than 5 years (Scotland), I havent to my reccolection made any payments to it. I did however seek advice from scottish money matters who wrote to several creditors none of whome replied to date, I was advised that every attempt had been made to the creditors but they were about to run out of time, that was several years ago. Ruthbridge is completely new to me! I really dont think I can face going through hell all over agian and I have heard this company is very bad to deal with. I need to find out exactly how old the debt is and if they are legally entitled to chase me for the money should I send a Phishing letter or ignor them?
  18. How do I get onto the Scottish one please. Im based in scotland and apparently there is a scottish part to this web site but Im not sure how to get onto it.? could you help me please. Thanks.
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