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Negotiatioting with Payday Loan companies. **

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I have 5 payday loans at the moment that i am unable to pay the full rollover amounts on. This has been the case for the last 3mths. I am unable to pay the said amount due to a drop in income/salary. Listed below are the 5 loan providers that i have and each has been defaulted on.


Uncle Buck.

These have been the easiest to deal with, i set up via e-mail a 6 month repayment plan. They accepted no questions asked. They added 1mth loan interest only on the outstanding amount and freezed the remainder. Be careful they will set up a Direct Debit to try and take money from your account.



When they phone (American company) they are courteous and polite. But trying to nePayday Ukgotiate a repayment plan has been impossible to date. They will not accept any repayment plan i propose to them via phone or e mail. They just request i pay the minimun rollover amount.



Unwilling to accept a repayment plan based over 6mths to repay outstanding debt. Passed debt onto DCA after approx 50 days. I did try to negotiate a repayment plan by phone and e mail to no avail.



I have spoken by phone only. They have freezed interest but at this time are unwilling to accept a 6mth repayment plan. Occasional phone call on mobile and at work.



Accepted a repayment plan over 2mths (only owed them £100.



All of the above have had attempted negotiations to repay the full sum of the loan plus one months interest. I have not attempted to get the debt reduced. Hope this helps anyone dealing with these companies.






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Sorry to sound a bit silly but what do you mean that they wont accept repayment over 6months? are you wanting it to be longer or shorter than 6 months.


I have repayments with Paydayuk which will last around 10 months and a simular situation with 1 month loan (oasis) and both have kindly frozen the interest to enable me to pay them off!


I found paydayuk the hardest to deal with as they told me i couldnt afford to pay them but said i must offer a larger repayment offer! I had to bombard them with emails until finally someone accepted it and froze the interest.


I would suggest you hassel payday express until they agree to a repayment plan, and in the mean time whilst they have frozen your balance consider making payments to them to reduce the balance.


I personally have had no deals with uncle buck or quickquid but with regards to quick quid once again hassle them and threaten to report them to the OFT until you get the repayment plan you want!!


good luck

Please sign this petition - Asking for the government to drop the length of time credit ref agencies can hold data on us!!





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I had the full £750 with PDUK (owing them £937.50). They got Keyes Whitlock to threaten a doorstep visit via email so I emailed them back offering a six month repayment plan. Never got a response from KW & just received a letter from Mackenzie Hall.


Been through the OFT guidance & this looks like unfair & / or deceptive as the debt is "deadlocked" (i.e. I've made an offer which they've neither accepted nor rejected). Pretty mad at Muck Hall because they did a credit search on me prior to writing so rattled the sabre a bit & sent them a copy of the email to KW

"Evancosmo" is short for the evanescent cosmopolite.




1st Credit: CCA request sent

Cabot: failed to provide CCA - s.10 DPA letter sent

Capquest#1: failed to provide CCA - s.10 DPA letter sent

Capquest#2: failed to provide CCA - s.10 DPA letter sent

Abbey: on going

Equifax: "attributable data" CCJ removed - Aug 09


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I now have a collections office address for Quickquid if you want to send a letter to there to try and set up payment arrangements.


Get in touch if you do.



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