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  1. Renegadeimp, did you notice if it hindered your credit file? I put a dispute notice on a few years ago, and found it stopped me getting any kind of credit (was trying to get broadband at the time).
  2. Echinus have you forwarded copies of the email to the cra's so they remove your default?
  3. It's only on my experian file and that agency won't act as middle man for complaints (they said I have to go direct to Cash Choice) but struggling to located an address that I'm sure is them!
  4. As cash choice were taking the money off my debt card each month I assumed when they stopped the account was paid but according to the credit file this isn't the case... I haven't had any letters or notice of default to tell me I owed any outstanding money!
  5. Afternoon All, I've got my credit file this afternoon and discovered a default by Cash Choice UK. I have a payday loan with them in 2010 and agreed a repayment plan which they took by debit card before stopping. I havent heard anything since, until finding a default for an outstanding amount of £430.00. I'm trying to write to them to try object and get the default removed but cant find the address. Does anyone have the address and have anyone got any advice/tips of anything i can add to my compliant to give it a push?
  6. Morning, UB came back to my email confirming that the account had been repaid. "It seems that your account was caught up with the transfers and this will be rectified, we can confirm your account was repaid in 2011". I dont think it will hurt too much for me to send a complaint to the OFT!
  7. Surprise suprise it does! I've emailed uncle buck with the dates and they have agreed its been paid and are stopping the action! prob just tyring to [problem] some more cash!
  8. Hi, Does this sound ok? Is there anyone i can possibly report them to? I havereceived a letter stating that I owe you £65 for an Uncle Buck loan. I disputeand do not acknowledge and debt to uncle buck or Motormile Finance UK, as theloan was fully repaid to Uncle Buck on 29th June 2011 & 4thJuly 2011. I expectto receive absolute proof of any alleged debt.
  9. MMF sent it! I'm a little nervous as i can't find any proof of the debt being repaid, but i know i did for certain.
  10. I'm just putting together a letter to Motormile fianance. Does anyone have an email address please. Also any suggestions i can put in the letter?
  11. Afternoon, I had an uncle buck loan approx 2 years ago which was repaid (i paid througha debt collection agency). Today a letter has arrived through the post explaining my debt for £65 has been sold to Motormile Finance and they are taking court action against me. I can’t find the original doc's so panicking! any advice please?
  12. Just a thougth, best mention that the debt has been "sold" onto motormile fiance.
  13. Afternoon, I had an uncle buck loan approx 2 years ago which was repaid (i paid througha debt collection agency). Today a letter has arrived through the post explaining my debt for £65 hasbeen sold and they are taking court action against me. I can’t find the original doc's so panicking! any advice please?
  14. Our company car park is now being run by a private cark parking company. We have been given parking permits by the building's landlord, however a colleague has been "fined" today becuase his permit had been moved out of view by someone else. We believe the fine isn't enforceable but wanted confirmation that he wont get bad debt/mark on his credit rating if he doesnt pay. Can anyone confirm this please?
  15. Afternoon All, I’m trailing the net but not having a lot of use trying totrack down any definitive procedure a creditor must follow before applying adefault notice to a credit file. Can anyone help please?
  16. Morning! Sorry if I'm in the wrong section, but my phone wouldnt show me the full groups! Back in 07 my other half and his friend used a together mortgage to buy their first home (although both claim they weren't aware that it was a risky "together mortgage" at the time). 5 years has now past and both want to move on with girlfriends etc. We're looking to buy his mate out and have looked over the mortgage docs to realise there is a secure and un-secure element. To re-mortgage both amounts would need a 95% mortgage however to re-mortgage the secure amount thankfully make it so we'd need 89% LTV which is do-able and is within the affordability calculators. Has anyone had any success at de-linking the two parts. We understand that the unsecured rate would rise but feel that as we could get a 90% mortgage with a lower interest rate than the current 6+% of the current one (the fixed deal finishes this month) and have a bit of agreed overtime for the next 6 months we could make a dent in the unsecured element before looking for a personal loan (if needed) to clear the remaining balance. Staying with the nram mortgage isn't really an option. They want rid so won't allow us to change names (came back on affordability but we're higher wage than ever) and the mate wants to buy somewhere new so doesn't want to keep his name in and let us pay (can't blaim him!). All in all, can anyone tell me if they have had any success de-linking the two elements to allow a re-mortgage?
  17. I got a halifax basic account, and they arent that bad!
  18. Morning! I've had a nasty suprise this morning when i found my bank account £100 short. I telephoned the bank (RBS) and they have informed me that i have authorised a debt card payment to Conrwall Connections on friday afternoon. I have never heard of this company or its sister company Loancentre.net and i have never provided them with my banking details. As the £100 is still "pending" my bank wont stop the payment, nor will it treat this transaction as fraud or refund me my £100. Has anyone got any advice or know how which i could use to clear this mess up?!
  19. Hi Peanut! Keyes Whitlock is payday uk! They make out that they are a debt collection agency but they aren't so be careful! When i was dealing with them, they kept claiming they hadnt received my emails so i copied them to keyes whitlock and payday uk until i got a responce! Try to avoid calling them as they were very agressive and rude with me on the phone!
  20. Wonga wouldnt set up a payment plan for me without have a payment upfront so if they ask for an additional payment you can tell them they have already had it and stole it from your account!
  21. Hi Bennett Thanks for the advice! Suprise suprise Capital finance one havent respond (apart from to issue a £10 fine!) therefore I've sent them an email this morning and cc'd the ombudsman!
  22. Sorry to be dumb, how do i do that? is that teh one where you send them a cheque for £10?
  23. Hi I've tried to email COF through there website and on there customer service email address, however they dont respond apart from with emails informing me that they have fined me £10!!! Anyone any advice!
  24. Can anyone help please? i've getting charge £10 per day because these jokers wont respond to emails or letters?
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