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  1. Absolutely and many thanks for the suggestion. The researching will now commence
  2. Good point. It had only been recently that i had become aware that the original creditor did not add the default themselves. I had 5 defaults in total from Motormile, i managed to get 2 removed as they were for statutory barred debts that i had already payed off to other DCAs, who then sold them on to MMF.It takes a lot of effort/time/stress to get defaults removed.
  3. Recently checked my credit report and noticed that my 3no Defaults with Motormile have dissapeared from my Credit report. From reading other threads i have noticed this has happened to others as well. Just to let everyone know that my 3 defaults from Motormile, contained incorrect default dates and were entered onto my credit report by them and not the original creditor. They have been deleted in the last 7 days. I may now finally be able to get a blooming mortgage!
  4. MMF have recently sent an email regarding an old PTP debt to myself. I owed and still have paperwork £200 they now want just over £1200. Again this debt goes back to late 2008/09 and will soon be stat barred.Word of warning though MMF do enter Default Notices with credit agencys where the original lender failed to do so. I have 4 defaults on my credit rating from MMF, they all expire within the next 18months, so i wont be losing too much sleep. However they did issue a County Court Claim against me in respect of one debt which i had sett aside. So be very careful, they may get a CCJ against you in particular if they do not know your current address or if they register a claim against you at a previous property you have lived at.
  5. Congratulations Pippa!! I have heard absolutely nothing from MMF/Optima, although i found some paperwork from mine which showed approx 60% of their claim is made up of unknown charges. Makes you wonder the reason why they have discontinued proceedings, maybe their claims under say £1000 are not worth them perservering with (time/effort/costs) if the Defendant enters a defence. But there is probably a large percentage of individuals whom pay up or enter mediation when they receive a county court claim against them. Have you checked your Credit Report? As MMF have listed a default against me, mine dissapears in 2years so it will not have any implications on myself.
  6. Andy Just to confirm is it because you are acknowledging the debt via the County Court Claim prior to the 6years that it is not stat barred?Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi Pippa. I have not received anything from Optima at this moment in time. But im pretty sure something may arrive soon as the debt will be stat barred in 9months.
  8. Hi Pippa Im in exactly the same position as yourself, i have not heard anything back. the CC action is on hold, i do not want to tempt my luck by applying for a stay. Reading on other forums, MMF have issued quite a lot of court claims recently. It could be the case, that 90% of people just accept the claims and pay up or get a CCJ against them and if the other 10% put a defence against their claim, it may not be worth them seeking judgement as they obviously have some kind of issue with their paperwork. It is also worth noting that Quickquid are an American company and when me and you applied for these QQ loans 3-5years ago, maybe the paperwork we signed/electronic signature although compliant with USA law may not comply with UK law. Just a thought.
  9. Just an update. MMF/Optima legal services have yet to respond to my CPR31.14 request.
  10. Thanks CB!! Its a waiting game now. Thanks for earlier advice, i've certainly learnt a lot in the last few weeks.
  11. My defence needs to be submitted by Wednesday, so will undertake that duty tomorrow. The defence will be very short and will make mention that i am unable to plead as the claim is both vague and generic. The Claimant has not provided information under CPR 31 .14 for copies of all documents mentioned in the POC. Therefore the defendant believes that the Cliamant has issued proceedings without legal basis and in this circumstance, the claimants actions are wholly unreasonable. I will also mention that the Claimant has not complied with Sections iii and iv of the practice direction on Pre Action Conduct, as they have sent correspondence to an incorrect address. Im new to this and i feel im getting this almost right, so if im doing anything glaringly obviously incorrect, i would be grateful if you could respond. i will post my Defence tomorrow. Best wishes.
  12. Letter received from MMF solicitors stating they are contacting MMF in respect to my CPR31.14 request. But nothing received after the 7 days. Do i now have to submit a Defence to the claim as there is only a few days left to undertake this? Be grateful for any advice.
  13. Acknowledgement of service filed 24/07/2013.CPR 31.14 sent by 1st class recorded delivery (guaranteed next day) 24/07/2013.Be interesting to see what they come back with in respect to documents and info relating to the particulars of claim.
  14. Many thanks CitizenB, i will have a good look at what you have suggested over the weekend. Just out of interest would you know if it is possible/advisable to contact Motormile Finance directly and suggest a repayment plan over 3 months to stop court action?Or is it possible to get the claim sett aside due to the inaccurate address (i live at flat 4, the mail they have sent to me has been addressed flat 2-4 and has been delivered incorrectly)?Again i appreciate your help.
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